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Poems On / About SUCCESS  2/13/2016 11:51:45 PM
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Best Poems About / On SUCCESS
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People I Admire

I do not admire people for their success
I admire them for their guts to believe and follow their dreams
Archana Sridhar

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I have had many types of jobs in my short working life.you have to find a job you desire to do.It has to be something you enjoy or you wont live a happy life.I know this because i have done both.I work a job i did not desire to do.it paid my bills but at the end of the day i thought another day wasted..Then i had a job i desired to do and at the end of the day i found myself thinking wow i love what i did today.that is the difference that makes your life better.now for me it stinks because. i finally found that job and i can not do it anymore.I love my life now.I am back in god's presence.I stopped living the word's way and i am back on the right path.I dedicated my life to the one and only living god.My life is just started.I have many years of success and happiness ahead of me.Thank you god.
timothy langley jr.

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Addict's Cry 2of2

Watery eyes display the after effects of a chemically infested disease that capture all possibilities of a endless death.Have I again placed my trust in a powdery substance which throughout time has haunted the mental, mentality of every human race, tall or short, black and white. Years of emotional abuse brought forth a mental pain that boils the inner depth of a lost male character, once again resulting back to his childhood.Hoping to shield the burden of adulthood which forces him to succeed, into success, but self pitty became a way to denie what reality has always shown me through a reflecting mirror, that I'm lost, mentally. So the challenge is not with the world, but truely within himself as he rebuilds his character so that he will be acknowledge without flaws.Do he not know he is a produce of mistakes or will he ever agree with the concept of self inflicted pain, which creates sunshine from rain.
wallace eaton

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I so lonely. Its eating me through the skin of my pores, draining down the sorrow of my soul. My heart is hurting through the flow of blood, it fills me with cold depression eating its way to success. Endless nights awakening my death. No way to turn to, for my direction to a path of sure life does before the endless road. We yearn for all, to treasure our souls. I a fool for all to gain power, i'd kill upon myself, for i seek but still do not find, i gather that i am of the unwanted
Poetical Joanne

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Poems On / About SUCCESS