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Poems On / About SUCCESS  8/29/2014 9:23:29 PM
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Best Poems About / On SUCCESS
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# A View from the Top-Haiku

Flushed with success
looked back to share the moment-
why is there emptiness...
Mamta Agarwal

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Junior Basketball Season





Loss of Breath

Hard Work

Team Work



And above all...

A waste of my time
Nick Mengerink

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A full clapping laugh
I had as I thought
People base their idea of success
On what situation they are in
At the time of their death
Anthony Fortunato

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What is more important

Migrating for success is not a must,
To another part of the earth's crust
As humans it's important to be just
Humanity should always come first
Bindu Vidyadhar

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Poems On / About SUCCESS