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Poems On / About SUCCESS  5/29/2015 9:18:44 PM
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There are many things I climb there are climbing for a goal climbing for success but the one thing I love to clime are trees. I feel like I can climb to another world a place where I can be free where I can be myself. I'm up there for hours when in reality it's been minutes. I sleep up their live up their I feel like I'm alive up their my mind is free my soul is complete. Time flew and before we knew it, it was time for me to go home. In a tree is the only place I can be myself.
alex alvarez

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Away From The City

Away from the city there arises a world of stars and fireflies which glow their light in the field of freedom. Where there is no one except yours. Where every thought has an end. Where the feeling of silence arises. From the mountain when you look at the city, it gave the look of new bride full of life but when you enter it, it gave look of the devil. Though my journey and my path both are endless but now there there is moment of stillness which i yeans for years. Where my defeat and my success doesn't matter. where you accept me just like a mother take it child to its heart. takes its child to its heart.

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Amongst The Quicksands Grasp

Step inside the quicksands grains, feel the glooming shift of the sands... Deep down where the lair of darkness lingers, a door opens and the light starts to diminish all around the happy room in the heart. A sense of fear enters the pupils the same color as the black hole that enters the mind, Everything starts to frail into nothingness, all success hits the point of suffocation. Frantically trying to catch a breath to start anew, clawing everything trying to find the way back to the shine of good fortune. Yet, The way is barricaded... The shadow of doubt becomes the new form. Terrorizing every notion to reverse the curse, until the time enchantment strikes and a rush of enjoyment exercises the soul. While waiting in the sands sinking serenity... The feast of the succumbing spirit looms. Into the depths of the winding caverns of time... Another scar to the collection, a deja vu experience while gazing into a reflection. Lost.
Matthew Jelly

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Poems On / About SUCCESS