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Poems On / About SUCCESS  7/27/2016 6:31:32 AM
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Best Poems About / On SUCCESS
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Of Our Own Making

We stand on mountains of our own making
and wonder what to do next.
The mountains represent pinnacles
of our defeats and successes.
If it is one of our defeats,
we should climb down and start again.
If it is one of our successes
we should stand and admire the view
and hope we can build a bigger one
the next time we start a new.

5 February 2009
David Harris

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Wisdom ***** Railroad Of Life

The railroad of life
is heading into
2 ultimate destinations

the failure and
the success

and along the journey
of time

I know my wife
is waiting for
my success
full of hopes
and searching happiness
Rommel Mark Dominguez Marchan

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The Burglar Is My Best Friend

lovers are nothing but thieves
an effortful attempt to attain a goal
success yet again. success yet again!
my body has fallen asleep now

my heart had run out of bandages
and my piggy bank has run dry
yet disapproval just makes you proud
laugh now but keep it to yourself
my character flaw is your lucky day.
Samantha Millard

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My Rose Garden

Three little rose bud's that grew from a stem of thorns,
thriving from the earth of sweetness, the summer breeze
that tipped each bud into a curtsy, to the warmth of the sun,
as the gentle raindrops softly kissed each bud, so like a mother's love.
All blossomed into a beauty of it's own, as trailed away two,
from the vine, to sweet success. As the last of the beautiful roses
trailed away, how so very hard it tried, but sweet success was adamant.
Its vine could no longer withstand the elements of the world.
Neither the gentleness of the rain, the summer breeze, or
the wrapping arms of the sun could strengthen, for God needed
in His garden, the most perfect rose, Eden. Paradise.
Ardella Rae Campbell

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Poems On / About SUCCESS