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Poems On / About SUMMER  7/23/2016 11:53:33 AM
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My Summer

my summer is boring
my summer is wake
my summer is harebell
my summer is stupid
my summer is in my sisters house
my summer is in a sweet 16 prates
my summer is in my cozens house
my summer is away from my house
my summer is just dome
my summer is boring
my summer is messing my men
my summer is the worst summer of my bf
i wish i was whet my men this summer
i wish i was happy in the summer.
my bday is in the summer
this summer is just this summer: (
jencelyn marin

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Oh those summer days, We use to climb trees and swim in ur pool. Oh those summer days we got in so much trouble both our moms thought we always be together. Oh those summer days we carvey our initals into every tree we could. Oh tohse summer days at the park we we'd tell each other everything. You were and alway will be my bestfriend. Then one summer you tell this is it, the last here with me. I cry so hard when you say this. Oh those summer days we spent meant the world to me.

Oh how i wish i had those summer days and you back.
oh how i wish i had those summer days and you back.
Breann Vilsack

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Summer is hot season.
Summer is a really wonderful weather.
Summer is when you eat a lot of ice cream because it cools you off.
Summer is when you can lay out to get a tan.
Summer is when school gets out.
Summer is the season for swimming.
Summer is the season for vacation trips.
Summer is when you have lemonade.
Summer is when you have parties and sleepovers.
Summer is when the pretty and wonderful flowers come out.
Summer is when you work out in the yard or outside.
Summer is a happy and fun season.
Summer is when you wear shorts and sleeveless tops.
Summer is when you wear sandals.
Summer is when you can relax.
Summer is when you hang out with your friends.
Lawanna Holt

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Just Loud Enough For Me To Hear

Bikini tops, tanned leggs. flip flops & keggs. party all night sleep all day summers finally here so lets get lost on the bay. summer sand, waves crashing in, finally you take my hand, and than i catch a grin. i smiled back than you looked away, baby its fact summers here to stay. lay on dock stare at the stars fingers still inlocked knowoing we both live far. Like Danni & Sandi a summer fling lips like candy a summer song i shall sing. everything feels right. sand between our toes you holding me tight. throwing off our cloths. breaze so soft it feels good. while we sit next to the fire wood. summers flown by. the breaze starts to kick up the fire starts to die. we both know its now time for the break up. time to go our own ways we knew it would come one of these days. we say good bye one last kiss of summer, as i start to cry i hear you say 'god what a bummer' as i start to walk away you pull me near, wisper in my ear 'i love you' just loud enough for me to hear.
Melissa Hamilton

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