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Poems On / About SUMMER  7/23/2016 11:52:20 PM
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I walked summer through winter and handed her my coat to keep her warm
summer wanted to find her heritage
so we began a journey that took us back to a time before she was born
I found that summer didn't ask to be adopted by winter
she was left with no choice, summer got used to the cold,
refused warmth, with that she handed me back my coat
I can take you places, I promised, it won't take too long but won't be too soon
summer, we'll go back to spring and when we do, summer, you will bloom,
and when we walk through autumn you'll never fall
because the summer I've found never leaves
we will walk through winter again
owning up to being cold you will wear my coat this time round
we'll get through winter together, and my summer, you will be found.
Daniel McCann

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Once Upon A Summer's Day

Once upon a summer's day
The fire of the sun raised flowers
Once upon a summer's day
He tossed and turned, in heat for hours
Once upon a summer's day
The people where all abound
Once upon a summer's day
I couldn't find peace around.
Once upon a summer's day
Walking on the beaches open lands
Once upon a summer's day
The child learned what the adult understands.
Once upon a summer's day
How lovely she shines on
Once upon a summer's day
The heat would go on till dawn.
Josh Alfred

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My Summer Days ≪3

Summer breeze blowing the grass around,
whirling my hair in every direction.
Summer sun kissing my face,
Leaving me red, and all sunburned.

Summer warmth hugs me,
Every time I walk out the door.
Summer rain dances with me
Who could ask for anything more?

Summer brings swimming,
And long walks on the beach and in the park.
Summer days leave and bring starry nights
So we can stare into them after dark.

Summer gives me lazy days
To hang out with my friends.
Summer nights bring the crickets,
To sing with when the day ends.

Summer brings yummy sweet tea,
And reading books under the sun,
Summer comes with lots of things,
But most of all, it brings fun for all!
Ashley Meyers

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Summer Dream

As I sleep under the summer sun I dream of a maiden of beauty
I see the wind in her hair like that of wind moving the summer grass in a field
I see her eyes that sparkle like that of sun gleaming off the lake on a summer day
I see her warm face like that of a summer white rose, soft and beautiful to the touch
I see her lips sweet and red like the berries on the summer vine
Then as I wake I see your beautiful face and know you are my dream

Timothy Honeycutt

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