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Poems On / About SUMMER  10/31/2014 5:45:47 PM
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Summer Romance

The sky melted into summer,
when i met you with your friend
and you were like no other
so we met up again.
Inseperable after a week,
and the memories we shared
like when you kissed me on the cheek
and whispered that you cared.
A summer in the wood
making passion under stars
i never knew you could
make me love you so so hard.
While summer slips away
and winter's seeping through
our romance on last days
next Summer i wait for you.
Sofia Darling

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Solstice - Summer

Solstice of the new summer
Hear the golden drummer

Is it really such a wonderful day
My hands are full of dirty clay

Love affaires are blooming
Cameras eyes zooming

Solstice of the new summer
Hear the iron hammer

Is it really the longest day
Hope you will come my way

Love is like a huge wave
Can anybody be save

Joyful sounds out of the chamber
Keep on the turning tumbler

Solstice of the ending winter
Solstice of the new summer
Morhardt Carmen Mencita Monoi Angel

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Love is Summer

Love is Summer
Warm, Bright and Fulfilling
The time we spend
Is rewarding
We laugh
But yet
The summer ends

And autumn
We break
We cry
And start to grieve
Over the sun
That we loved
Winter comes
The worst yet
No warmth
No memory
Just pain
Waiting for it to end
We heal
For another Summer
Another chance of lasting

But that summer
Is gone
The time
Like sand
Like water
In cupped hands
Drip out
And leave
We can always fill up those hands
And try again
But never being guaranteed
The sand will last
We have memories
But what good are those
To dwell on the past
And hurt
Fiona O'Connor

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Glowing Warmth

Glowing Warmth

By Lance Gong

Summer is the warmth in the heart

A god drawing his beautiful art

Everyone sees its magical start

no one can pull love,

and summer apart.

Summer is like a radiant dove

flying over the sky and above.

it spreads its wings, the feathers allp glow

the beaming rays shining so low.

The Rivers flow

the canoes row

drifting as they go

Summer's awesome

nature's blossom

glows as the sun

gives Earth's fun

out to EVERYONE!
Lance Gong

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