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Poems On / About SUMMER  7/23/2016 11:52:02 PM
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Summer Time

Summer time is when the sun comes out.
Summer time is when school is out.
Summer time is when the sun shines as far as he could see,
As i sip upon my sweet iced tea.

A breeze of hot air flows through your hair,
While vacation time is near.
Afternoon sunsets are great,
Until it get's to late.

Sitting by the window, with nothing to do,
Stareing out in the ocean's view.
Summer time sha'll be hot or cold,
But it is pretty as White Gold.

As long summer is here to stay,
Hope you have fun on that certain day.
Flower Girl

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The sun shines bright,
Giving you a tan,
But in my case a sunburn and a tan three days later.
The hot weather gets me motivated to do everything.
The summer is the perfect time
For the beach and time with the family.
Summer time equals friend time.
Pool parties, vacations, swimming, fun and summer love.
Summer love is the best out of all.
You could spend all day every day with them
And not have to worry about school the next day
or any homework you didn't do.
No school, no homework, no tests, less stress.
Summer time is my time
Jasmine Malave

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Collected Verses On Summer

1 Summer is hot all around
Trilling on a grass tip
A bit of breeze snared

2 So so is even tasty food
Sour turns even fresh milk
To summer-scorch all abound

3 Ring of fire east to west
On bon voyage set ablaze
Ice-cream, soda all cool blest

4 Summer heat is prickling heat
Rashing salving prickles all
Sunscreen on scene clean and neat

5 Tonsured, shortened..summer style
Summer-cut to head's convenience
Ruling head's power cut..ruling style
Indira Renganathan

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My Little Flower

As I sit here on the ground leaning against a tall pine tree looking down into the meadow and watching the cattle grazing, and looking at the crops and the wild vegeation and to my left and to my right I see beautiful green pasture, then there was a ray of sunshine in my eyes, like a narrow beam of light, It was you My little flower your face is like a petal on a rose, so soft and so smooth, My little flower My little flower, you put a ray of sunshine in my heart. The sun shining down on my little flower as a soft summer breeze blowing on my little flower swaying my little flower from side to side, then a warm August shower coming down so soft on her petals, the soft rain and the August sun bring out her beautiful smile on her face. The rain drops falling on her lips to make them soft and prett like a petal on a rose, the soft rain makes her eyes twinkle like a star on a warm summer night. My little flower My little flower. Donald Lee Robbins Sr
Donald Robbins Sr

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