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Poems On / About SUMMER  5/1/2016 8:23:46 PM
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Its Summer With Heat On

Its summer with heat on gulmohar trees are blooming on their best,
giving shed in the heating sun
environment is as dry as a person without love
everywhere hot air and dusty storm
making summer more tedious and strong
everywhere there is restlessness all wants some shade of cold
all eyes are waiting for clouds of rain but its summer it will long for its time to bring rainy days more pleasent and calm
hemu gupta

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The Reign

In the reign of summer our beastliness makes the perfection,
Two daggers missed the creation so solid and true of illness.
Tell of the weapon best reserved for death, solutions are here,
A moment ago, the weapons of the kind we love resulted.
I have seen the waiting of the spring and winter, but not summer
Nor autumn, the will of a nature causes the seasons to change.
You thought of higher results so plentiful in the seasons of joy,
The reign of summer reasoned with the cold, and the hotness of joy.
Naveed Akram

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summer is a bore
i thought summer was to be a galore
chocolate, ice cream and candy
they're all not in my sight
What should i do?
What is next?
I know i'll cry
Just because it's summer time.
Mei Leine Santos

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I Saw

I saw the birds find a new place-
the clouds vanish from the sky.
the sky was summer, summer in the spring.
All along the way the swallows sang.
I sat upon the beach, in the park, and drew some pictures,
of the nearby bay. The ice has melted away.
Flowers told us the winter had flown.
Now comes the summer sun.
Marilyn B. Rutter

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Poems On / About SUMMER