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Poems On / About SUMMER  2/14/2016 10:54:39 AM
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Summer Days

Summer days are warm, and wonderfully long.
Deep down, within my heart, I feel a joyful song.
Gone are winter days, with their dowdy browns;
The trees and flowers now wear coloured crowns.

The natural world displays its bounteous beauty.
The soft, summer breeze is fragrant and fruity.
Bees, butterflies, and other bugs, now take flight.
Days of summer, feel so very cheerful and bright.

The days of winter can be so deeply depressing,
But now, their true selves, plants are expressing.
Suddenly, the world feels like a much better place,
And the happy smiles are evident on many a face.

The world, all about us, is given a golden glow,
Which illuminates Mother Nature's vibrant show.
Following the winter months: all dull and dreary;
We're treated to a display that's much more cheery.

Winter woodlands appear so very bland and bare,
But, come the summer, they look fabulous and fair.
Shafts of sunlight shine down through the tall trees;
The leaf laden branches rustle in the summer breeze.

Some secretly wish that summer could last forever;
That, all year round, we could enjoy warm weather.
Once summer is here, you hate for it to have to end;
You warm to it, as you would, to your dearest friend.
Angela Wybrow

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This Is What Summer Means To Me

A warm summer day
without a cloud in sight
A baby bird
Taking its first flight
This is what summer means to me

Trees full of leaves
Giving me shade
My dad and I
Fishing in the glade
This is what summer means to me

Watching my daughter
Play on her slide
And how She will never
Want to come inside
This is what summer means to me

See how she enjoys the day
Until the very last
Just like me as a child
Long ago in the past
This is what summer means to me

The distant roar
Of a neighbors lawn mower
Unruly grass be gone
For ever more
This is what summer means to me

The smell of charcoal
And good friends all around
Birds singing in the trees
What a lovely sound
This is what summer means to me

JPM 5/25/2008
Jim Milks

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When I Was Young In The Summer

When I was young in the summer,
I would go swimming with my family, in the pond
We would all swim way out and come back in,
The fish swam below us, carefree.
When I was young in the summer,
The days were rarely below 100 degrees,
And the pond in the front lawn was dry
Almost a puddle instead.
When I was young in the summer,
I would play in the sprinklers to cool down,
The sprinklers were like a big rainbow to me.
The water hit my back with a gentle touch.
When I was young in the summer,
I played tag with my brothers and sisters
With the roar of the mower going
In the front lawn.
When I was young in the summer,
I would ride my bike to the bridge
And go rock hunting for my moms flower beds
The pretty rocks lined the beds with a soft sparkle.
When I was young in the summer,
I would drink water from the well
The water had a rich taste,
Not at all like city water.
When I was young in the summer,
I would play for hours on end
Playing helped the time pass quickly
For a new day to come
I never tire of summertime.
Kellei Marie

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When We Meet Again Sometime This Summer

i tell you, i do not like winters, and i do not wish
to go where winter lies. I am intolerant of anything
that freezes me, that thaws, that gives me frost,
that bites like an ant, that solidifies me like
refrigerator ice.

i like summers. Flowers blooming. Green grass
spreading. Butterflies in different colors in the garden.
Bees just enough for the buzz. I love trees. I love
rivers, and springs and creeks.

Bamboo trees beside the rocks beside the pebbles
beside the river. I like the songs of the rivers. Lots of rivers.
Gentle rains. Hush winds. Cool shades. Shadows of mountains.

When we meet again, i like it to be this summer.
Lots of sun. Warmth., Sweat. Perspirations. Palpitations
of the hearts of the young on summer time.
Under the cool shades of the trees on summer nights.

I always remember summer nights.Strong summer winds.
Flown hair. Drying pants and underwears. My legs exposed
Beside the brook. I like being naked. I like being on top of

With you, on you, by you, within you, in your mouth all over your face.
Oh summer breeze. See you. Feel you. Love you.

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