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Poems On / About SUMMER  12/1/2015 7:32:13 PM
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Last Week Of March

School was over,
student rest from hung over
summer is approaching,
sunlight glisten on
frozen asphalt,
I shiver an squint.
It's hot to walk at ease,
benevolence of nature
beams and glimmer,
flowers are deigning,
trees are undressing,
withered leaves are falling
they fling in many places,
on the road,
on the house top,
on the window sill
here and there,
beat by beat.
yellow trees lavishly blooming
like yellow ribbons
and yellow laces.
seasons of summer
fills the heart and soul
with laughter
hot summer will wind
the faves and feelings to unwind.
summer season,
warmest of all seasons.
summer holidays are
the times of our lives
summer, summer
what a season to remember!
Cyrus Diaz

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Under The Summer Rain

Drops rippling
In the lake where we were raised,
In the place where we met each other
Under the summer rain
Thunder cracks
Lightning threatens
Shadows on the dock, silenced
Calm, listening
To the summer rain
A splash in the distance
All of us wondering what emerged
Through the summer rain
The woods where we play empty
Heeding directions we've heard all these years
Under the summer rain
The time goes by so fast
Wasn't it yesterday when we were
Six, seven, eight, listening
To the summer rain?
But we're just as beautiful now
Peaceful, with everyone watching us
Through the summer rain
Don't tell us we're not like we used to be
We want it, we can't help it
But we're just as beautiful now
Watching the summer rain
Maya Hanson (mye3)

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A Lazy Summers Day

As summer opens before us.
Behind us spring must close.
The grass grows tall.
The lawnmower stalls.
But that's how summer goes.

The garden is going strong now.
The flowers are in full bloom.
Father's in his favorite outside chair.
On this summers afternoon.

Mother's making lemonade.
The dog runs around the yard.
The sun shines warm, and soothes the skin.
The wind blows, But not to hard.

I can smell the neighbors barbecue.
I can see their kids at play.
And hear their laughter fill the air.
On a lazy summers day.

With the evening comes the beauty of sunset.
Then the stars all come out bright.
And few times will you ever sleep in peace.
Like on a quite summers night.

My dreams are filled with good thoughts.
And memories of the passing day.
But mostly of the morning to come.
And the hope that summer is hear to stay.

by Patrick G. Ivey

Patrick Ivey

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Haiku- Summer

Haiku- Summer
- - - - - - - - - - -
During summer
Even the sun enjoys rains
Here and there

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