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Best Poems About / On SUMMER
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Summer! ! ! ! !

Oh It's here
The summer is here
The hot and sunny days that I am eager to have
The kids in the beach
The splashing in the pool
Now that's what i call the fun

Now parents you listen the summer is here
So get prepared for the buying and selling
I want you parents to make your children's dream
come true so you start selling or start earning

Where there is hotness, sun tans, The bucket full of water,
The seashells, the laughter, Happiness,
Lastly the air filled with joy

The summer is when you mostly have...
Your Vacation
Your nice cold lemonade
No homework
And obviously can relax on your bed and be lazy

Now you kids better behave out there and have the best summer ever
Noralis Almonte

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Summer Break

I long to be with you
But summer has built a barrier between us.
I use to wait for summer to come and free me
But now I search of a hammer to break down its walls.
Summer’s walls, however, have not the ability to stand for long
If I can endure the struggle to tear them down
My strength shall come from the memories
We’ve shared and my thoughts of what God has in store for us.
My sweat from summer’s heat shall symbolize my love for you
As it pours off my brow
And the blisters that wear on my hands
Will remind me of my fear of not seeing you again.
So that I might work even harder to overcome Summer’s
Obstacle and hold you in my aching arms.
Richard Noggin

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Swallows in the summertime

Swallows in the summertime

The swallows have returned again,
Reminding me of those halcyon days of my youth,
Many years have passed since those blissful days,
I would spend many happy evenings watch them dart around.

The swallows always return each summer,
Spreading their joyful wings over England's green and pleasant land,
Every summer I wonder how many more times will I see the return,
Although it's summer again, I ‘am approaching the winter of my life.

When the swallows return again next year again,
I wonder if I will still be here to see them again,
Flying on the wing under the clear blue skies of summer,
If I ‘am, I will sit by the babbling brook and watch their dance once more.

If I see the swallows return once more,
I will remember those summer days of long ago,
When I was a lad and the countryside seemed to go on forever,
And in my mind I will be young again.

By Christopher Tye
Christopher Tye

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Summer's Embrace

Summer’s bright beautiful hues

Softly floating pillowing cotton white clouds

Clear glistening transparent diamond drops morning’s fresh kissed dews

Flowers of bright vibrant colors of yellow, pink, purple, red and orange dancing in mulch crowded, secluded crowds

Grass softly painted upon a canvas of different shades of bright and dark green hues

Children laughing,

Children singing

Feeling their sinking bare feet from their tossed canvas laced shoes

With the summer’s winds pushing them higher and higher climbing with the wind kissing their toes.

They laugh.

With thoughts of schooldays and schoolbooks pass at last the fresh taste of summer on their lips.
They embrace summer’s sun kissed arms flirting with her charms.

Of more days of swimming,

More days of playing,
Beneath summer’s sun
Patricia Kelley

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