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Tale Of Two Stars

The mind of Sun smiles from the centre
The mind of Moon beams from the corner: they seek
Body to put on the Beam Bang to ensure a universality…
Moon says to Sun “you are hot” And Sun says
To Moon “you are cool”. Sun without quenching glow
Asks: What bores you Moon” Moon replies “a Sun that
Is dull” Sun asks “can a Sun be dull” Moon retorted
Oh, so you don’t have this coverage”

Sun opens instantaneous hotline “sorry, I thought a
Sun radiates on halos like you”. Moon twirls, the toss of
Blondeness touching Sun’s brunette! Then asks Sun “what
Drink would you like” Sun replies, I am a ‘totaller, Orange
Thanks! Thru flagrant osmosis Moon presses keys that
Titillate like “the IQ of zebras will be great on a Mensa…
And Sun lifts his voice and sings an Akan drum
I call gold—gold is mute—I call cloth—
Cloth is mute—It is humankind that matters”

Sun buys Moon glass of her choice boasting warmth
Still they throw topics along osmotic understandings
Then Moon brings out a house of wrapped tobacco
And asks Sun “do you want to stick with one? ”—
Sun replies, “I am a Non-smoker Thanks”. Sun
Watches Moon cover the mirror with…then Moon
Turns suddenly to Sun and asks in an unshakable
Diminuendo—Are you a boring Sun? ”

The DJ releases Marley—the legend wasted no
Time to charge the floor with positive vibrations…
Sun vibrates warm with the One Love Consciousness…
And bubbles of sweats of Sun’s Afro reflect the lights
Extra curvy stars speed grace the shaking floor
The galaxy of curvy stars form an orbit around Sun
Their rotations tantalizingly passionate with Sun

Hastily Moon gather steps and reggae thru the orbits
Her feet dactylology like Adowa dancer catches Sun’s eyes
Then Moon explodes genially on eardrums of Sun
Thought we could see through our multicultural
Osmotic discourses somewhere quiet we two? ”
Sun cogitates on zebra, the Akan drum then glows green
Moon soliloquises with palpable royal splendour: Eureka!
Gabriel Eshun

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The sun starts off bright the sky turns vibrente pinks scourching reds and firery oranges the sun turns goldon yellow with sparks around earthy green shines bounce of the reydient sun as it melts into the backround blue waters shimer in its light as the sun falls darness aproches as quickly as the sunset came as nightfalls the darkness righns wance again.
Ethan Clarke

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Can, T Find The Sun.

i went down the road to have. some fun. and look around and there is no sun i said to myself that a son of as gun. cn, t have no fn when you can, t the sun and it, s only a half past one. you can, t do anything without the sun. they don, t what to do. because no one can find the sun so i went home when the day is done.

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When the sun rose, the eyes of half of our children were closed to the sun.
When the sun rose, the other half mourned against the sun.
When the sun rose, mothers mourned against our beautifull sun.
And we learned the shinning path to emancipation.
hosein shafiei

p.s: It is not about politics.
hosein shafiei

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