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The sun starts off bright the sky turns vibrente pinks scourching reds and firery oranges the sun turns goldon yellow with sparks around earthy green shines bounce of the reydient sun as it melts into the backround blue waters shimer in its light as the sun falls darness aproches as quickly as the sunset came as nightfalls the darkness righns wance again.
Ethan Clarke

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Can, T Find The Sun.

i went down the road to have. some fun. and look around and there is no sun i said to myself that a son of as gun. cn, t have no fn when you can, t the sun and it, s only a half past one. you can, t do anything without the sun. they don, t what to do. because no one can find the sun so i went home when the day is done.

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When the sun rose, the eyes of half of our children were closed to the sun.
When the sun rose, the other half mourned against the sun.
When the sun rose, mothers mourned against our beautifull sun.
And we learned the shinning path to emancipation.
hosein shafiei

p.s: It is not about politics.
hosein shafiei

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The Stars Of Respect Is The Sun Of Happiness.

For a day so beautiful and yet one think of a good cup of fresh coffee but to see the sun thus the sun shall warm once heart but when the night slip in for one shall see the stars or respect for the night breeze whisper the name of Star bucks that has fresh cup of coffee.

Thus every moment that the sun shine for one shall feel the touch of respect from the sun that been touch by the stars of respect every cup of coffee that one have been fill with respect for the family of Star bucks respect is special to the family of Star bucks.

Where there a angel of respect for there the moon light that will shine upon one face and yet one wish for a good cup of coffee every min one wait the more one wish to taste a good cup of coffee night after night the star of the night will twinkle in once eyes.

Yet the sun is like a warm smile that says welcome to Star bucks or every star is the angel of the night for who's heart will feel the touch of respect just to fee the sun is like feeling the lovely smile of the angels of Star bucks.
Raymond Sawyer

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