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Poems On / About SUN  10/10/2015 5:57:32 AM
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As The Sun Rises

As the sun rises and I sit here all alone, I wish you were next to me So I could feel your warmth, your love. If you were here, there would be no more hesitations, I would look you in the eyes and tell you that you've got me so in love with you. As the sun rises, I sit here all alone, wanting your gentle touch. I look up at the sun and wonder if your watching too. The winds blow my hair to the side and a tear slides down my cheek. I've grown to love you that much is certain, I pray that you can return the favor, cause I can't get you out of my head. As the sun rises, my heart beats faster with every memory of you. As they flash through my head I smile and can't stop. Your not like the others, you care what I do, my dear, I've seem to have grown quite fond of you. As the sun sets the night winds pick up, and I suddenly wish I could feel your warmth once more, the feel of you next to me, the softness of your touch.
Jessica Elizondo

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The Busted Lightbulb

It was like when I was young, and my mother would screw in a lightbulb after an old one had just busted. It had popped and flared and fizzled; it had rattled out. A scary surprise, then quiet darkness. A childish scream, dark silence. Quietness too quiet/darkness too dark. Unnatural. For a moment there was darkness, but then there was illumination. It was too bright, like the sun. The sun in the night. The sun had risen, and it was God-bright. It was uncomfortable, like Hiroshima lighting up the night sky. It was unnatural to see such brightness at night. It was like the sun in the night. The dark in the night, the light in the night. The light in the dark in the light in the night. It was like God shining in the night. Human beings were not meant to live this way, night was supposed to be dark. And darkness is black. Sun black goddess. Things were bright. Too bright. All along the watchtower, far too dark, then too bright.

Godblessyou amen
Samuel Stuart Pennell

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Sun Sun Sun

Sun sun sun
Rising sun the creator
Mid day blazing sun the destroyer Rudra
Setting sun the maintainer and continuance
Greatest of all
Sun sun sun.

The sun is invoked
For getting rid of diseases
For wisdom
For salvation
For wealth
For fire.
gajanan mishra

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Mighty Sun

Sun so hot, our desserts sear, give struggling life so much to bear.
Sun so bright, you clear our skies for us to see with sparkling eyes.
Sun of violence: in great warfare you lash afar with solar flare.
Sun so kind, you keep us warm, and dry us aft of squally storm.
Sun of power, driving flora food of life for grateful fauna.
Sun of beauty: paint our morn to mesmerise with blushing dawn.
Sun mystique: electrify our lofty sky for Northern Lights to beautify.
Sun of calm: give hazy days to doze in shade of lazy rays.

O Sun, you mighty Sun! fire your furnace just for me
Those flames of giants must always be!
And awesome though you truly are,
I pray, remain our blessed star!

Copyright Mark R Slaughter 2009
Mark R Slaughter

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