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Poems On / About SUN  5/22/2015 6:30:34 AM
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My Dreams Are The Sun

See that golden hue
Burning in the west
My dreams are with that color
My dreams are the sun
The sun always sets
But never seems to rise
That sun carries my dreams
Slowly out of my reach
I watch it slide away
Leaving me behind
The color disappears
My dreams are with that sun
Whenever the sun sets
It rises in another place
A place blessed by that light
My dreams are hidden in that light
At my window seat
I watch the sun take it all away
My dreams are with the sun
My dreams are the sun
Dawn Michelle

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The Sun

I went outside to see the shining yellow sun
As when I look up its blinding my eyes.
Going outside is alot of fun
but only when u can see the sun.
The sun is yellow and huge
and has fire all around it.
The sun's job is to shine everday
Even when I drive to go fishing down the bay.
The sun is so beautiful as it shines
I could only wish it lasted all the time.
Andrew Laguna

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Bright shining sun,
Lighting the world,
The world revolving around you,
My world revolving around you,
Too much sun will burn,
Leave scars,
The scars heal in time,
But not enough sun,
Can cause near irreparable damage,
That can only be fixed by the sun,
The ever burning sun,
Who outshines the moon and the stars,
Who is not always good for me,
Not always best,
But the sun is what i need to survive,
So I must deal with the burns,
Heal within the light of the sun,
To see what is beyond,
I must have the sun,
To guide the way
Mandy Author2

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The Sun Is My Friend....

The sun.....
The sun is my friend also warm....
Heating the earth and me....

The sun is my friend....
Also bright Showing my way through the day....
The sun is mystical....
Shining Down on the World...

Keeping the World alive....
Where would we be without the Sun? .....
Lisa Bray

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