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Poems On / About SUN  8/23/2014 2:16:19 PM
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I want to be Mercury
To be close to the Sun
To feel the Sun's warmth
More than anyone

I want to be mercury
Rising with more Sun's heat
To peak at the top
That none could defeat

Don't want to be Pluto
Icy and cold
Far from the Sun
Not a real planet I'm told

I want to be Pluto
To be very last
'The last will be first'
Sun said in the past

I want to be Mercury
Not just being in front
It's the warmth from the Sun;
That's what I want

I want his great warmth
You really can't see?
The Sun's great warmth
Is His love for me
Sam Hoover

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Car Sun Visors (Fun Poem 65)

Every morning I have to drive towards the sun
just as the sun is about to rise.
You pull down the car sun visor,
but it is always too short
and the sun gets in your eyes.
You cannot see the road ahead,
just yellow blobs before your eyes.
You keep blinking until they fade away.
One day I wish car manufactures
would road test their cars in the morning sun.
They then might make
the car sun visors a little larger
to stop the sun getting in your eyes.

11 February 2008
David Harris

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2 IN 1

I thinkabout the sun
from sunset to sunrise
like hideand seek, this celestial object
hides from me, and when the sun leaves
the moon peaks from behind the darkness

i stay outall night just to harnest,
midnights beauty, she's sucha beauty
the stars make-up the midnight sky,
like make up they shine when she blushes

Likea shush, the darkness remains silent
at midnights still, the wind blows
and you can feel, the touch of beauty
as the light of the moon shines on the concrete
to reflect hidden sunshine
afterall the sun hides behind the moon
likea celestial game of peeka boo,
then the sun rises to takea peak

Dont stare to longas beauty can blind
and then you willonly beable to feel
the warm embrace of the sun
as it shines over your bodyand
it kisses your cheek puttinga smile
on your face, a smileonly the
sun or moon can make you display,
as it is for the glow of the moon
or the suns rays
Clinton ricks

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Sun, You!

I should explained that my face was burned for a sun
I should explained that my eyes was failing for a sun
I should explained that my back was scarred for a sun
I shpuld explained that my body was festered for a sun
I should explained that my leg was paralyzed for a sun
I should explained that my heart was broken pieces for a sun

I should explain that the sun is you! !

That you made my face burned of missing you every single minutes
That you made my eyes failed of being freak to love you
That you made my body festered of being hurt hoping you
That you made my leg paralyzed of being tired cathching you in dream
That you made my heart broken pieces of keeping this love seed!

You! ......You! .......You! ........You!
dian hayati

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