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The work is finished not when you can add
for once there’s nothing more that you can say,
to cut, not paste, should make you feel most glad,
for best fast food for thought is take-away.

John Updike reviews the new collection of Isaac Babel’s stories edited by his daughter Nathalie and translated by Peter Constantine (“Hide-and-Seek, ” The New Yorker, November 5,2001) . Cynthia Ozick compares him to Kafka but Updike feels that Kafka could invent whereas Babel could only describe without making an imaginative conversion. He marvels at Babel’s cheerful descriptions of the sun. “The sun hung from the sky like the pink tongue of a thirsty dog” (Lyubka the Cossack”): “The sun…poured into the clouds like the blood of a gouged boar” and “The sun soared up into the sky and spun like a red bowl at the tip of a spear” (“Sunset”): “The orange sun is rolling across the sky like a severe head” (Crossing the River Zbrucz”) . Babel’s far-fetched tropes include” “The stars scattered in front of the windows like urinating soldiers” and “The velvet tablecloths knocked his eyes right off their feet” (“Sunset”): “I sat to the side, dozed, dreams pouncing around me like kittens” (“Italian Sun”): “A sour odor rose from the ground, as from a soldier’s wife at dawn” (“Sasha Christ”): “Caught between these two men, I watched the hoops of other people’s happiness roll past me” (“Di Grasso”) .

I particularly like the following obiter dictum quoted by Paustovsky: “Your language becomes clear and strong not when you can no longer add a sentence but when you can no longer take away from it.” Apparently he used to get up in the middle of the night and reread three or four pages of what he had written that day and throw out a few unnecessary words with malicious glee.

gershon hepner

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The Last Star In The Morning Sky

As the stars lose the battle to the morning sky they fall like flies eating raid the bug killer.

When the sun rises more and more only the stronger and brighter stars stay.

Until there is only one star left in the morning sky.

All alone in that big blue sky as if it’s the only one in existence.

It too starts to fade away losing its battle to the mighty bright sun.

The higher the sun goes the less bright the lonely star is.

The star is all alone and it’s sad as it watches family and friends fade away like many people see their family and friends fade away.

The lonely star is losing its battle and is falling to the suns powerful bright light.

Then the sun sets and the stars come out to play and light up the night sky. Then the cycle starts all over when the sun rise in the morning.

This is the life of the Last Star in the Morning Sky.
Dustin Hoffman

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when one is happy there is sunshine when one is sad there is rain...why is the weather just like everyones emotions? when one is angry the air is hot when one is depressed it is foggy....why is the weather like evryones emotions? the answer lies within each person when it rains one becomes sad because there is no sun to enjoy when one is happy they are happy because there is a time to enjoy the sun and go to the park when it is foggy one is depressed because they cant see the sun that they know is up and warm when the air is hot one is angry because they must use the fan they thought they wouldnt have to use.
trevor adams

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What Will Happen If The Pretty Sun Rises In The West?

If the sun rises in the west and Sets in the east, then what Will happen to our earth anytime? NASA is the most trusted agency on Earth noticed that there might be Something like that anytime... Normally the sun rises in the east And sets in the west regularly anytime... It is a big thing to notice a phenomenon Like this where the sun does an unusual thing... A big disorder and a lot of chaos will follow This huge happening, so Are we ready to see that thing anytime? ______________________________________________________________________

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