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Time & Love

... As the sun dawns
Love is brighter than before

As the sun peaks
Love will not leak

As the sun fades
Love is yet to be made

In the solace of night
Love may yawn, but as the sun dawns...
Kaio Clark

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When Sun Was Shot Dead

Sometimes when sun forgets the cold and rests
Shadow raises up, surrounds the earth
Some years ago, a man shot our town sun
There was shadow on his head
He shot the sun in our minds
He passed away his son then rose
Instead of sun we have his son
Kianush Maleki

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1980 Cordoba

the sun overhead is noticably upset.

the sun is late in the evening raging
through its galitic colisack.

round and round it goes.

the sun is a 1980 chrysler cordoba.

the sun has an eight track that plays
lou rahls 'love is a hurtin thing'.
nathan martin

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A Love Of Four Seasons

I want to kiss you in the rain and hold you close to me with these swift winds in this drenching down fall.

I want to hold your hand and squeeze it tight, locking our fingers together as if they were meant just for one another.

Every hot sunny summer day I was to be the one who who walks in front of you blocking the sun as my shadow casts over you.

Every brisk fall evening as the days become shorter as the sun sets sooner and it starts to get cooler in the late after noon I want to be the one who walks trough the park with you, giving you my hoodie, making sure your warm and showing how much I care for you.

Every winter morning I want to embrace you tight, surprise you with breakfast in bed, and go have snow ball fights, as you lay down in the freshly fallen white powder I tell you snow angles aren't needed if you want to see an angle you should see what i'm seeing or just go look in the mirror cuz you are an angle I love you my dear.

Every spring mid day after noon after the sun starts to come out and flowers began to bloom as the snow piles start to melt and the seasons cycle is once again at its birth I want you to always know I love you with all my heart and you're the one who makes me sprout, you're my rain, my sun, my snow, and fall, you are my cycle the one who makes my world go round......I Love you
william ster

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