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Best Poems About / On SUN
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The Sun Is Not Just A Special Star

The Sun is not just a special star
Huge balls of hot gases are stars spinning in space
So big so hot and giving heat and light to the Earth
Larger than one million Earths is the Shining Sun in front of our face.

We must never look directly at the Sun
Cos it's not fun its brightness will damage the eyes
The Sun gives lives to all creatures on Earth
To all births, animals, human beings n natures when Sun shines

The stars shine all the time day and night
The Sun's so bright, it hides the light of the other stars
With a steady light's broken up as it passes through the Earth's atmosphere
Oh my dear, how beautiful they look, sparkle twinkle little stars.

The Earth spins or rotates on its axis
In geographic, we have...night and day, who wonder how?
The axis is an...imaginary line, going through the centre of the Earth
Taking 24 hours at once for the Earth to spin around.

At night, one side of the Earth moves away from the Sun
That part is the darkness..as the sun seems to sink below
Look at the horizon, the darkness is starting filling the dawn sky
With the rich dark beautiful colours, changing to night time very very slow.
Rae Christensen

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Summer Rain

Once there was a rain during sun’s shine.
How beautiful was the rain along with grass vegetation receiving light from sun’s shine.
How beautiful was the summer rain during sun’s shine.
Underneath land glittering in sun’s shine, due to water droplets on the grass lawn
How beautiful was the rain which pierced through the air and came to make the grasses dance in fame.
How beautiful was the water droplets on the grass lawn due to rain.

How beautiful was the rain
The water droplets on the grass lawn appeared like glittering diamond thrown on grass lawn.
How beautiful was the summer rain during sun’s shine.
Narendra Kuppan

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Wild Love

What reason justifies our continuing existence daily? What power powers the energy of the Great old Sun of Earth to arise and shine bright daily? What keeps the waves of the seas from breaking it's bounds and disobey like everyone else? Daily? My body is old and weary of stress, the child that dwells within me is young and wild searching for wild adventure. I'm tired on the outside but restless desperation eats me from within. They say that someday when dawn sleep past her wake and the cheerful morning sun in his path is late to you awake. One can hear voices of long dead ones they knew some past days.The darkness is cold and rather unusually very long when your dawn awaits, then the grim reaper awakes, with his dreaded toy. I hear voices of transiting souls of sheol, whisper saying lo, When it comes you begin to think like a boy, behold, Old lonely heart within the chest dies out, consumed by its unwholesome carnal desires. Suddenly like a tree in a storm, the steadfast winds of adversity blows then ur hidden roots shall be discovered. Alas this primitive pottery called body, suffers a crack when the golden bowls of clay tilts after the silver chord breaks above the spinal chord. Then the child(soul) within leaks like water thru a broken cistern.I found answers by Wisdoms' counsel that LOVE rose the sun daily and powers it! I found LOVE to be the force that blocked the waves from flooding civilization! Thus confused as i am I found freedom in LOVE!
Courage Ghandih

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Renewal Of Earth

Rain falls darkening the sidewalks and streets. Creating rivers that travel through meadows to the lakes just beyond, watering the grass and trees as well. Birds sing as they dive and skim across the lakes surface causing it to ripple. A boating dock rests near the water, its platform running just a little ways over the lake, posts planted in the ground of the lake. A girl with angelic features wearing a pair of blue jeans and a silk blouse sits on the dock. Hands griping the edge of the wooden planks and legs swinging back and forth causing the water to splash. She's calm, her blue eyes watching ahead as the sun begins to shine and a rainbow forms its arched beauty of colors. The sun pouring from between the clouds casting its warmth over her translucent body, she turns her face up soaking up the heat as if it was her life's only mission. Her body humming and filling with solid colors, her strawberry blonde hair blowing wildly in the wind as it begins to caress her face with feathery soft strokes. Her blue eyes light and full of wisdom as she looks out ahead, her lips curved in a smile as she sees the rainbow in its own beautiful glory. She begins to stand taking one last look at the rolling hills and the glass surface of the lake. She takes in the wild flowers tossing softly in the wind, and the birds nesting in nearby trees. Her eyes traveling seeing every detail as if it were something you rarely come across. Tilting her head she hears the happy chirps of baby birds just waking up to food, she hears squirrels and chipmunks talking to one another. She smiles brighter as she feels the suns warmth kissing her face, and the winds soft blow through her hair. As she turns to leave she begins to remember that the earth looks graceful but bears scars from other people, however it still manages to move on and still look beautiful no matter what. After she remembers that she walks back home with the strength that earth had instilled in her by the graceful glory of God.
Jessica Gabanyic

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