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Poems On / About SUN  12/19/2014 9:39:44 PM
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Sol solis quod luna (Sun and moon)

The burning light of mighty Ra
The brilliant shine of our own star
The all Seeing Eye, the sun above
Watching over war, peace and love
In tranquil calm and blazing inferno
The sun burns on with dull bravado.

Another orb of colour white
Burning with an angel's light
Fractured mirror, broken face
Comet craters like tattered lace
Fiercest night and calmest day
The moon will catch the suns last ray.

the sun and moon dwell together
In the heavens now and ever.
Mackenzie Desil

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* Good Morning From Sun

Good Morning From Sun

The Sun, bring me, - Good Morning,
And you accept, Sun, mine smiles
Let's look field mails of meadows,
Let's listen to shining windows now..

The lost dreams come back... maybe all,
Maybe, confused homeless letter live
Came back home from oblivion, happiness,
The sun, give him- Good Morning, please...
Tsira Gogeshvili

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~Misty Moon~

The mist rises from down below
hanging upon sun's everglow,
My moon is waning to and fro
ride rays, into the sun I go....

With welding power of his rays
burn through these dreams again today,
A crescent heart is burning black,
within my night his sun retracks.

And so on silver the night will play
his gold is fading with the day,
This power rules the tides and you,
his sun holds warm yet burns one through.
(still working on this, will probably delete)
Sinnaminsun Sinnaminsun

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Ask the sun

Ask the sun
The sun will
Tell You
How the sun is
Taking light
From me
The sun will
Tell you
How all radiance
Are mine.
gajanan mishra

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