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Today, The Sun Rose...

Today, the sun rose for us alone.

I sat neath the old cherry tree, the soft grass around me was littered in white and pink blossoms as I stared into the horizon and witnessed the creation of a new day. Scarlet rays weaved in and out of the endless golden fields before me. Colors melted into one another, illuminating the distant forest. Wind, so warm and gentle against my back. Hope... Finally, I can feel it. My heart burns so suddenly with such passion that I had long since forgotten, I've never been so happy to be proven wrong. Her bare feet bend the grass she delicately steps on as she approaches me so quietly. I can feel her warm presence, like feeling the sun from both sides at once. We sit together, silent, words aren't necessary at this very moment. She glows so sweetly in the morning light, a single beam catching her woodland eyes. So beautifully they shimmer. My arms, once so tired, wrap around her waist as our eyes meet. The distant sun bathes us in such a surreal bliss as our lips finally collide so softly. I can feel her gentle heartbeat... She can feel mine...

...and we both can feel the heartbeat of our beautiful child...

The sun... It has risen for us alone...
Zach Stahle

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Cobbled Pathway

'Click clack' 'Click clack' my heels roll along the smooth brick.
Trees enclose myself and thoughts seem clear like air over the blue sky.
A brisk breeze catches my trilby off my head. I catch it by my side and stop.
I lean on old wooden fence looking out onto the never ending pure green hills.

The sun glows out to all its faithful.
Warmth and sense of youth rush over me.
I feel the nag of modern world buzzing in my black jean pocket. I take it out and throw it blissfully into the sun. A tear rolls down my cheek and lands elegantly on my rosemary beads. If god made this it can surely make me live just a little longer. I only want to enjoy his creation. The sky is Turning orange and red and the sun sets lightly into the earth. My eyes seem as heavy and a feeling of dismay sets in just as hard. Sun now banished from the heavens and i sigh with my final breath. Is this the will of god i think finally.
Rather Dead Than Cool

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The Sun

The sun is there to
give us light

The sun is there to
heat us up

The sun is there so
bright for a walk in the park

The sun is there
for joy
yohanes nyama

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Every Twinkle Is The Twinkle Of Star Bucks.

For every moment one smile so shall the sun that will warm once heart with happiness yet when one feel the touch of the sun for a rose shall bloom in full but yet just to feel the sun one feel every twinkle is the twinkle of Star Bucks.

Thus when the breeze whisper the name Star Bucks the more one see the twinkle of the stars of Star Bucks but just to see a warm smile thus it says welcome to Star Bucks oh what a feeling just to see a twinkle in once eyes that twinkle in the night.

Every twinkle is the twinkle of happiness where there happiness there love for every rose that one see is the rose of Star Bucks and yet when one think of coffee thus one think of Star Bucks that has respect every winkle is the twinkle of Star Bucks.

Star Bucks sweet Star Bucks for how lovely to feel the smile of the stars of Star Bucks thus or every min one dream the more one hear the name Star Bucks yet for Star Bucks that twinkle is once yes with respect the more one smile the more the sun shine.

Night after night one wish to be a star of Star Bucks that show respect for respect is like falling in love just to hear the birds sing is like dancing under the stars with he twinkle of Star Bucks for every twinkle is the twinkle of Star Bucks.
Raymond Sawyer

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