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Poems On / About SUN  1/30/2015 6:44:05 PM
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The Great Yet Greets Us All

Sun greets you every morning
to cross an ocean stormy and terrific
to combat its inevitable hazards
greets to make you fit to fight with adverse

every morning reigning the sunbeams
coming out to the cross-road to steer
own way to track existence well to implant
offspring own to flag mankind

Sun generous equal to all
simply we differentiate shadows
never we bow to the great who extinguishing
every day to keep us alive on the surface

Sun greets, yet
Sun is the source of life!

Pranab k c
Pranab K. Chakraborty

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The golden sun
That shined above us
Keeps the hope alive and strong
Make the life on the planet
Glow and flow along the time

The golden sun
treat us all same
gives the light and the life
So we cherish
To enjoy the life

Its true that
The glimpse of hope
Of a paradise for us
Is still in the horizon
Thanks to the golden sun
Can we just sit back and relax
Hoping that the paradise
Will come to us?

Lets take the path
Shown to us by
The golden sun
Make it a reality
That we reach the paradise
Of hope...........
Avanthi Jay

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Australia land of beauty,
Beauty of men & women,
Beauty of fauna & flora,
Beauty of landscapes.

Australia land of hope,
Hope of life,
Hope of love,
Hope of new beginning.

Australia land of love,
Love for people,
Love for environment,
Love for history.

Australia land of the sun,
Sun on land,
Sun on the bronze bodies,
Sun on the best beaches.
Corey Fauchon

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As Long As The Sun Sets

As long as the sun sets,
my heart will belong to you.
As long as the sun sets,
I will never be blue.

But when the sun rises,
I will start all over again.
Surrendering to your love,
as long as the sun sets.
Yashika Virvez

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Poems On / About SUN