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Across The Lake Unto The Sky

Across the lake
Unto the sky
There bloomed a rainbow
To feast my eye

That late afternoon
After a brief spell of rain

When my heart was still
Entangled with the lake's heart
There the sun rushed in
Leaving the lake half-thirsty
The archer hiding deep under the lake
Aimed and shot an arrow
At the unruly sun and left
His bow across the sky
As if telling the sun 'beware! '

Lo, vanished the sun in fright
The lake had its fill!
Do you hear the clouds applaud?
indira babbellapati

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Why Birds Mock MY bull

My giant bull has colours
Has this colour
Has that colour
Have teeth of wolf
Has own moon
They have their months
The months of birds
The months of animals
Why birds mock you
Of your colours
It's God who give you
This colours
The birds mock you
That's why the bat
Swear before God
That the sun can't give
Birth to calves
And the moon shall
Gives birth to stars
The sun got angry with bat
God put red line between
Bat and sun
By separating day and night
Sun moves in day time
Bat moves at night time
David Aoloch Bion

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Everyday the sun rises,
And the sun sets.
But what happens in between?

What about all the births,
And the deaths,
Hearts broken,
Lost and Found?

What about all the little people
Who walk upon this earth
Each thinking it revolves around them?

No matter what happens,
What is said or done,
Everyday the sun rises,
And the sun sets.
Lucy Westmacott

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Yet To Shine

You tell me the sun will rise,
you tell me it will all be fine.
The sun has yet to shine.

I am wandering in the blackness,
I don't know where to run.
The sun has yet to shine.

I stumble and fall,
I sink down into the abyss,
Is there anyone who notices this?

Still the sun has yet to shine.
The Queen's Dagger

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