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The Sun Is Smiling

While watching
the back of the peach maker
the sun is smiling.

While listening
to the voice of the singing gardener
the sun is smiling.

While touching the gentle grasses
as they sway in the wind
the sun is smiling.

The sun is smiling
and it made me smile too.
Marites C. Cayetano

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The light creeps through the clouds
Showing promise of a better tomorrow
There is nothing like seeing the sun
After a week of rain
My heart fills with joy and my lips with a smile
My eyes glisten with the reflection of the sun
Then the sun hides its light again waiting for the right moment to appear again
The promise it brought was close to my heart
Bye for now sun until that day comes
Amber Kangas

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Gary Swift

Hello, how you doing Gary Swift?
Just to let you know the sun is shining
I want to make certain you get my drift
Here in Birmingham the sun is shining!

I repeat, the sun is shining in Brum
I bet it's not shining in Manchester
And if it isn't, I bet you'd keep mum
The sun shines in Brum - did that register?
Elia Michael

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Embrace The Beauty

we speak of the splendor of the flowers when they wither
in spring there are too many of them for us to praise
a day when the sun shall seize to shine
we will speak of its warm tender rays

we might learn to live, with no sun overhead
and make own our sun, that gives its flame
the things would change, in time to come
our hearts no longer would beat the same

no singing birds, might then be heard
all mountains tall, might one day fall
the flowing rivers, one day would dry
our gleeful heart someday would sigh

embrace the seas, the blowing wind
embrace the birds that gaily sing
embrace the glory of the rising sun
things might change in time to come
kanav justa

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