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Mighty Sun

Sun so hot, our desserts sear, give struggling life so much to bear.
Sun so bright, you clear our skies for us to see with sparkling eyes.
Sun of violence: in great warfare you lash afar with solar flare.
Sun so kind, you keep us warm, and dry us aft of squally storm.
Sun of power, driving flora food of life for grateful fauna.
Sun of beauty: paint our morn to mesmerise with blushing dawn.
Sun mystique: electrify our lofty sky for Northern Lights to beautify.
Sun of calm: give hazy days to doze in shade of lazy rays.

O Sun, you mighty Sun! fire your furnace just for me
Those flames of giants must always be!
And awesome though you truly are,
I pray, remain our blessed star!

Copyright Mark R Slaughter 2009
Mark R Slaughter

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Thought Of A Beautiful Angel As Her.

your like a rose in bloom u grow and sprout on a spring day in the midafternoon the sweetness and the warmth of the sunrays as the sun shines jus like the twinkle in your beautiful eyes your smile radiates love and warmth the sun goes down and warmth in ym soul leaves stars come out and dance the night away unto midnight hour a shooting star passes on by you wish a secret wish if it happens or if thats just a fools notion i see the ocean the calmness the ever lasting stillness the cold wind blows against your cheeks freezing u making u wish for a springs days warmth may darkness lift and sorrows melt away unto twilight hale the victory song of a heros parade a sweet smell of a spring day the flowers in blossom a sun sets sweetly o' er horizon the waves crash loudly on the rocks below sea gulls flying about the moon rises takin place as sun goes once again e'er darknight falls the wonderous noise at night your heart beats it pounds in this beautiful moment your mind falls on thoughts of her and her beauty the love you have for her in your heart a beautiful moment
dorian suchelle

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Love Lump

The sun had dreams of my hair shimmering in its light, and on the morning of my first date with him, this dream was for the sun and it was wide awake this mornings night.

Asleep it was until i walked out my door, and it caught its reflection right off the face it adores, smiling so bright it takes me to the cafe bringing my mind to this morning night.

As the sun lay awake and it shone down upon me i wondered how it dreamt when it was not asleep, how did it see this daydream and why was it because of me.

Id arrived just about the same time as you did, we shared a cute moment where it felt like the suns adore had spread through my midrift, straight from my heart through to this day i was wide awake.

You ordered some coffee i ordered a tea, we sat and laughed and smilled and both the sun and i enjoyed your company. This went on till mid morning and i remember quite famously you gave my heart flutters and it was a little love lump so it seems.

It started a little bit lower then my heart it started close to my lung which was full of loves laugh, id have giggled so many times id almost lost track, then the love lump climbed up my back.

It twisted and it twirlled right up my spine, leaving a trail of goosebumps closely behind. I was feeling all warm and fussy, and the sun was on our brows, it blinded me for a moment and when my sight came back, it was your face and this love lump had settled right on my heart. It was you and the sun who had me right from the start.

It was amazing to watch it grow but it was from afar, just like the other love of my life the sun and its heart. Id try to get closer to what i saw as beautiful but much like the sun id have been safer off from afar.

So the goosebumps you gave me were a early sign of the heat and the passion that had been hidden beneath. It seem like a sign of the future we could have but id been blinded by the suns love and the warmth it transpired, for your heart was not a great ball of fire. Its flame was not rekindled by my fire so id have moved on, and this is what i desire my love lung was no longer yours to hire.
Victoria Slyderink

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For Every Sun Raise There The Moon Of Respect.

When the sun raise for the birds will sing for the touch of respect and yet for who's heart will feel the touch of respect but to look to the sky thus one will see a star that will sparkle in the night but every star that one see is the family of Star bucks but for every sun raise there the moon of respect.

Where one feel the sun light is like being on a moon light walk under the family that has respect thus every min that one see the moon the more one feel the light of life just to feel the touch of respect is what the family of Star bucks have and yet for every sun raise there the moon of respect.
Raymond Sawyer

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