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Poems On / About SUN  11/24/2014 2:01:34 PM
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Cloudless face
Resembling an auroral portrait
She's smiling

Trees glisten in sun shadows
Beams touch homes
She's smiling

A rhyming breeze makes a rustle in the grass
Tiny leaves swim in the breeze
The Earth is smiling

Storm clouds gather
But do not cover the sun
Earth's smile straightens

The sun hides
And rain falls
The Earth is frowns

Thunder approaches
Winds lose tunes
The Earth is angry

Rain subsides
But the gloom still wanders
Earth is saddened

Rain stops falling from an exotic color
Sun shadows come back
Flowers bloom

And the Earth is smiles again
Areese Woodson

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The sun

The sun is bright
The sun is round
All of its light reaches the gound
It's in space so it makes no sound

When it goes down there is nothing but night
It gives us all one great fright
Come back sun, shine your bright
Rays down unto us

Give us warmth, give us light
Make us revel in your sight
Man, I love the sun!
D.M. Sita

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Sonnet for the Sun

Like the shining sun you light up my day
Your sunlight is my heart's constant desire
To breathe it is your beams that I require
So to the sky I turn when miles away

This false sun must suffice to my dismay
For no light burns as does your tender fire
And no other sun lifts my spirit higher
Than you whom I could never repay

Time, Space, and Distance are against us dear
Yet I worry not, for I have the sky
To remind me of my sun and make clear

That his streams lift me up, carry me high
To again be with him, nothing to fear
For our love is a limitless supply
Rose Whittington

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The Sun Is Smiling

While watching
the back of the peach maker
the sun is smiling.

While listening
to the voice of the singing gardener
the sun is smiling.

While touching the gentle grasses
as they sway in the wind
the sun is smiling.

The sun is smiling
and it made me smile too.
Marites C. Cayetano

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