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Every Twinkle Is The Twinkle Of Star Bucks.

For every moment one smile so shall the sun that will warm once heart with happiness yet when one feel the touch of the sun for a rose shall bloom in full but yet just to feel the sun one feel every twinkle is the twinkle of Star Bucks.

Thus when the breeze whisper the name Star Bucks the more one see the twinkle of the stars of Star Bucks but just to see a warm smile thus it says welcome to Star Bucks oh what a feeling just to see a twinkle in once eyes that twinkle in the night.

Every twinkle is the twinkle of happiness where there happiness there love for every rose that one see is the rose of Star Bucks and yet when one think of coffee thus one think of Star Bucks that has respect every winkle is the twinkle of Star Bucks.

Star Bucks sweet Star Bucks for how lovely to feel the smile of the stars of Star Bucks thus or every min one dream the more one hear the name Star Bucks yet for Star Bucks that twinkle is once yes with respect the more one smile the more the sun shine.

Night after night one wish to be a star of Star Bucks that show respect for respect is like falling in love just to hear the birds sing is like dancing under the stars with he twinkle of Star Bucks for every twinkle is the twinkle of Star Bucks.
Raymond Sawyer

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Under The Sun-Blinds

Under the sun-blinds
Rested tired eyes
Under the sun-blinds
Rested dreary eyes
Under the sun blinds
Rested saddened eyes.
Under the sun-blinds
Rested a restless Soul.
Emmanuel George Cefai

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Sun Over My Skin....Eva Tortora

a little sun goes a long way....so i'm writing poetry today......a rainbow over my way.......a little bit of sun goes a lotta way.
Eva Tortora

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Sun Always Rises

At night here
The sun lights the Caucuses
At night in the Caucuses
The sun lights Alaska
At night in Alaska
The sun lights the Himalayas
At night in the Himalayas
The sun lights Olympus
At night in Olympus
The sun lights Sanine

At night
The sun always rises
Fuad Rifka

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