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In My Room

In my room I sit and learn, and tomorrows sun I always yearn.

In my room I sit and read, and the stars come out, the moon in lead.

In my room I sit and play, and wait for the sun of better days.

In my room I sit and cry, and wait for the moons time to pass by.

In my room I sit and bleed, and the sun has rose and done its deed.

In my room I sit and die, and the moon and sun do not know why.
Faith Grayson

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And The Sun Remains

The squirrel was nibbling the sun
The tree was watching.

This is a poem I wrote in 'Tamil', my mother tongue. The word 'sun' in this poem means 'the sun light and the heat produced by sun in the day time'. I found it's the unique word in my mother tongue and we don't know how to translate that exactly with its feel. Let me know if it is correct.

Title: ???????????????? ???????

????? ?????????? ?????????????
???? ?????????? ?????????????.

Translated by my husband Mukundh Nagarajan.
Karthika Mukundh

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Gary Swift

Hello, how you doing Gary Swift?
Just to let you know the sun is shining
I want to make certain you get my drift
Here in Birmingham the sun is shining!

I repeat, the sun is shining in Brum
I bet it's not shining in Manchester
And if it isn't, I bet you'd keep mum
The sun shines in Brum - did that register?
Elia Michael

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Oh, Glorious June Morning

Oh, how refreshing, after so many dark and gloomy days
To wake up with the sun flooding my room with a golden yellow light.
Oh, what a relief, after so long the somber sky did cloud my weary gaze
To bask in eternal summer! I had forgotten that the sun could shine so bright.
Oh, glorious June morning, you have saved us from the rain's monotonous drear!
For all too long, in the shadow of sky, we had lost heart.
Let the sun blaze forth again, whose revitalizing energy renews our hope and brings us cheer!
For Earth and Sun were never meant to be apart.
Victoria Robbins

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