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Poems On / About SUN  10/7/2015 3:30:28 AM
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A fruit tree stole light from the sun, and thus it soon became renowned, of its fruits was a sweetest one, which had no rival to be found. It became the sweetest girl known, once it had fallen to the ground. The girl was sadly all alone, but soon learnt to shine on her own. With an allure that was immense, the girl could steal hearts with a glance. Her siren call was so intense, it could dangerously entrance. Though most did love her elegance, and would praise her at every chance, one didn't like her brilliance, because it caused much annoyance.

The sun envied the girl's beauty, for reasons that were plain to see, which made him slip in his duty, as he had angst he wished to free. The maiden had a fine physique, and that all on earth did agree. With attention she didn't seek, the sun's prominence passed its peak. The blow dealt unto the sun's pride, compelled him to act out of spite. Till the point he was satisfied, he held back some life giving light, As the girl's looks were so sublime, none saw the sun exert his might, and so with the passing of time, there was a stark change in the climb.

The sun's actions spurred a great change, which quickly caused many dismay. The world gradually became strange, as life slowly withered away. Nature bore incredible strain, as the sun had shortened the day. People found it hard to explain, and it nigh pointless to complain. Concern inevitably spread, so people turned to gods to plead, then sought to take action instead. Sadly no course could be agreed. With panic some were driven mad, as they couldn't plant what they'd need, while trees lost the leaves they once had, which made one especially sad.

The maiden felt a great heartache, when she saw that the trees were sick, so prayed for a cure she could make, prior to turning to magic. The young maiden set off to work, and made certain to do so quick. It was a task she couldn't shirk, though the sun she was sure to irk. The maiden read aloud a charm, which she had learnt within a dream. She wished to save the trees from harm, however she failed in her scheme. With colour withered leaves did bloom, 'twas all that happened it did seem. The trees still faced what seemed like doom, all was grave as folk did assume.

With words the sun couldn't ignore, he was blamed for what did occur. With a stance the noble deplore, much hatred the sun did incur. The girl laid all emotions bare, and though the sun was moved by her, he merely looked on with a glare, as though he did not even care. With a proposal that seemed grim, the sun said he'd fix what he did, though only if the girl wed him, she agreed and hid her hatred. Once the girl had vowed to commit, she became the sun's beloved. Due to what marriage does permit, the couple soon got intimate.

The couple's love went up in smoke, owing to the sun's intense glow. Burning flesh caused the girl to choke, and the sun to feel grave sorrow. For the maiden there was no hope, so from life she in time let go. With her death the sun couldn't cope, so he would simply grieve and mope. Within the air blew a grave chill, for news of the girl's death moved all. Nature's plight seemed desperater still, for chances of saviour were small. A haunting unspoken farewell, makes it hard for one to stand tall. In the present loss spurs a hell, but heartache is time's to dispel.
Christian Lacdael

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Sun After Sun The Night Slip In For The Stars Of Respect.

Sun after sun for the time for the moon shine and yet the stars shall twinkle with respect thus for woman respect is special but when it touch once heart for the stars can see a warm lovely smile sun after sun for the sky is fill with respect that the stars fill the night air.

Thus every star hat touch once heart is the family of Star bucks for who has good cup of coffee and yet every taste of Star bucks coffee shall be one of Star bucks family for it's Star bucks that has respect for one walk in for Star bucks good cup of coffee.

Sun after sun is like the morning sun that kiss the blue sky yet it's the family of Star bucks that fill the air with respect but to the family respect mean a lot for the family of Star bucks to be touch with respect is like being touch by the family of Star bucks.

Just to feel respect thus once heart shall bloom like a rose that been kiss by the morning sun and yet the more the stars touch some heart the stronger respect get for the family of Star bucks for who care for new Star bucks family.

One who see the twinkle for the twinkle is saying welcome home to Star bucks but when dose one feel the sun for the sun is respect for the family of Star bucks without respect there will be no twinkle without a winkle for one shall feel empty without respect.
Raymond Sawyer

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The Pretty Sun And The Great Sea

The great sea hugs The pretty sun like two lovely lovers Continuously and everlastingly... The pretty sun loves that pretty sea and The pretty sea is in love with the brilliant sun, It is that everlasting and that permanent love That goes on like That of the pretty earth that Revolves continuously around the sun, That love between these two great things Is true, pure, and transparent anytime, The pretty sun covers the pretty sea Whenever it moves any side or any direction, The pretty sea enjoys that touch of the pretty sun To taste the true love's shape... Both stay tuned to their love and We witness with our naked eyes Their loyal and faithful love... ______________________________________________________________________

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The Correspondance Of The Dying Man And The Setting Sun

We do not ask to be born, we just are; we do not ask to die, we just do. So both acts become as inevitable as the sunrise and sunset. If you ever have caught a sunrise and a sunset then you are aware of the beauty and magnificence. Yet if you were to capture on film without a time attached it would be nearly impossible to tell the difference. Sunrise is to life, as sunset is to death, in comparison the same.

When the sun begins to rise it is shedding light on a new day, pushing the old aside and presenting new opportunity. It has not arrived yet but it paints the sky with all It can be; almost as if it were a portrait being painted by yesterdays sun because it understands the rising suns capability. The belief that our parents do this as well is based on our uprising. They astonishingly know who we are before we do and our possibilities are limitless to them. We can not begin to see in ourselves how truly accomplished we can be, so they guide us there throughout adolescence. The momentum of life to keep moving forward excuses the misfortunes of yesterday, with new challenges to triumph today. When a child is born a vast new array of opportunity presents its self for both the parents and child. Our minds at birth are not strong enough to contemplate who, or what we will be; yet these are the most important aspects of our life generally. When the sun begins to rise it is not present enough to emulate the full luminescence of itself, like the mind of a newborn child. When the sun has risen the presence of a new day has arrived; when a child is born, the presence of a new life has arrived.

Have you ever been captivated by a brilliant sunset on the eve of a stormy day? You don't idle on the fact that the day was dreary and dark, you marvel on the beauty that is being shown as the sun begins to drift away. When people pass away I believe it to be quite similar. We forgive without reason for all the wrongs they have cast upon us, because throughout the darkness of their life a certain light remained constant. If you had known that the sun would never rise again you wouldn't dare display a single flaw the sunset had. When you are aware you will never see a loved one again this concept carries over. The most unsettling similarity that lies in the correspondence of the setting sun vs. the dying man is the peaceful calm when they are gone. The world does not stop for a moment to recognize that they came and went, it just continues as if nothing happened. Perhaps this occurs because the sun will inevitably rise again, which is quite humbling to consider that a mere 24 hours of the suns life is far more important then the full 75(approx.) years of your very own.

So what happens after we are gone? If we have all these similarities with the sun is it safe too say we too rise again? It can be argued that the sun never really sets, because we are just rotating. Given this then we too may not pass fully, is it possible to believe that we are just "rotating" as well? We have ceased to exist as a being where we once were, but does that prove our energy has not just simply grown restless and moved somewhere else as well, leaving today behind in hopes of a better tomorrow?
Laura Raimondo

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