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Chasing Sunlight

Ive never been a joyful man
though i try to find it all i can
I dont travel roads as there directions are decieveing
In this wilderness i leave no prints as they have no meaning
Headlights distract your vision and theres only one way to go
Till something goes wrong and stuck on the dark side of the road
your on your way to the promise land where sun shines everyday
all these headlights coming toward you are showing you the way
up the mountain to greet the horizon on the other side
but the sun is setting and theres no where to hide
hoping for a paradise where you can rest your weary soul
you discover when the sun sets it just gets cold
you speed across the world just to catch the setting sun
when all you had to do was wait and watch the rising sun
Jake Andrews

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The Sun And The Broken Heart

Given to earth from a mystery - Outside sculpted from harsh looks and smooth smiles; Inside coated with light-hearted comedy and deeper in is gentle self concious beauty that lines up hearts for miles.
Secrets in the oval openings to the soal, no lies slipping from the maker of kisses that become touches that become vows.
Crazed and troublesome mind creates beautiful connections leaving onlookers to ponder the origin.
So gorgeous are the fingers of life druc across admiring skin when said creator of kisses and vows explodes into laughing beauty.
How gorgeous are those fingers so like rays of grinning sun?
Gorgeous enough to sear a broken heart so deeply that that dying cage of dark could grow limbs and a new sun? And ultimately love the maker of fingers of outstanding sun and life?
Love for love. Day by every day. Is this dream possible for the sun and the broken heart?
If they should ever share a kiss in true, a broken heart will fall to feet and a gorgeous sunny life will know:
Of a friend wishing for more, of a heart trying to love, of a sunny life much too good for a broken heart, or much unmeant for a union nor love.
Dazibella Dunham

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I had you
The sun was up
I lost you
The sun came down
Sadness, despair
Until I found the stars
So although my sun has gone
The stars shall comfort me
Until my sun returns
Charlotte Pinkney

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