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Poems On / About SUNSET  7/23/2016 6:01:22 AM
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A Pretty Sunrise Versus A Pretty Sunset

Any pretty sunrise starts Every morning, but It ends in a pretty sunset... Sunrises happen on A daily basis and Sunsets occur at the expiration of The pretty sun... We start with any pretty sunrises and We rest at the sunsets... Our whole days have pretty and daily sunrises And they have sunsets too... In-between those pretty sunrises and Those pretty sunsets, We go looking for things we love or We don't too... All days start admiringly with pretty sunrises and Pretty sunsets although Some passing clouds hide those pretty images of The pretty sun anytime... Even if we don't see those pretty images of Of the pretty for many reasons, but We keep those images greatly stored in Our hearts and in our minds... ______________________________________________________________________

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My Sunset

I close my eyes and I can vision my sunset laid across the water with clouds gently placed on top.

The yellow is so bright that it consumes my thoughts I fall deeper into the colors of the sun so that I could touch the orange glow, what a soft feeling, my sunset.

My sunset takes me to another place and time where there will be no problem to tall to overcome. This vision is imbedded in my mind it is like a river running free a clear thought on a sunny day and it ends with my sunset and me.

My sunset frees my thoughts from confusion it leads me to believe that I am on top of the world, setting me free to score over the waters of my mind.

My sunset places me in a part of heaven where the day comes to an end with the beauty of my sunset.
Kimbaline Navas (she who waits)

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Sunset In The Winter

The crisp smell of the woods is beautiful when it comes to winter. Snow across the the woods sitting there fresh and clean. when it comes to sunsets you know what i am talking about, a sunset in the winter is far more beautiful the in the spring, because in the winter you have some time to sit there and think. You are just there to see how beautiful a sunset is in the winter, My, my the beautiful things. When you hear the animals whistling in the woods you know what its like to see and feel a sunset in the winter.
rosanna florio

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Love Sonnet 214: 'sunsets Have Oft Been Just Sunsets To Me '

Sunsets have oft been just sunsets to me,
Till we saw them as your hands clasp to mine,
And thereafter all skies we ever see,
Sunset or no sunset, became all fine;
How like sunset is, to the falling tide,
As light recedes, so too, the water ebbs,
While sun withdraws, it paints sunsets with pride,
Low tides expose more beach the ocean webs;
But then sunsets are more than what they are,
With you and me added to what God wrought,
Past lovers now, just looking from afar,
But bound by memories sunsets have brought;
..... Those thoughts of love now trained on other sights,
..... As though sunsets that linked the days with nights.
Reyvrex Questor Reyes

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