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Fear is an ocean of darkness that has no end you can either swim to the top or drown in the darkness. The darkness of the water splashing around you there is a way to swim to share but the ocean will still be there. The black ocean that has no end. At the bottom your old fears that won't cause you as much grief and pain as your new fears. Fear will never leave you just hide itself in your everyday life.
alex alvarez

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Under The Mercy Of Illusions

Illusions are mirages or like mirages Because that feeling of having something And you don't have it is a tricky illusion, It's like someone swims in the realms of glory, but It's just swimming in a bubble, Life is true, but It's like a false dream when someone plays on it, A war is a war anytime and anywhere, Peace is peace anytime and anywhere, Love is love when it's true and we love real people, Everything is false when it contradicts reality, We can't have something which is not found or Available from what we feel everyday, Love is found when there are pretty lovers and So on, God is because we feel Him anytime, anywhere, and Everywhere, We feel pains and sufferings although We don't see them, Illusions versus realities because That's we feel, Being under the mercy of illusions, then It's like hiding great truths and facts From one's naked eyes Anytime, anywhere, and everywhere, so Life is not illusive nor absurd, but It's like what we see through our eyes and Through our minds' eyes.

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I Wear A Hat

I wear a hat to hide my face. It isn't to synthesize my image. I am not a synthesizer, although I play one online. I wear a hat with a broad brim, a kind brim. I like it when my face is in the brim's deep shadows, only glimpsed like leaves at the bottom of a motel swimming pool, a pool that hasn't seen a net in years. Think of a motel swimming pool that has turned to tea when you think of me. You will find my face under the hat and its rings of Saturn. You will find my face is only shadows. It might not be the most dashing hat in the world, but it does its job. It is so much better than the beehive I used to wear, with the live bees. But that was the year I shamelessly copied Marie Antoinette. And, like her, I am done being a fertility symbol.
W.B. Keckler

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As A Pretty Reminder Anytime

There was that Fares' swimming pool, There was the laborers' swimming, There was Al-Asafiri Restaurant, There were all those amusement stores There were located near Al-kazino, There were many images that are still Existing in my mind... There were all those old streets and All those forgotten alleys anywhere... There were all those pretty carts dragged Either by mules or donkeys... There were those blue lanterns that Were installed on some posts... There was the old mosque inside the old port Where some workers used to pray.... There were many, many images that are still Stored in my mind for ever and ever... I do remember a lot of things and I do remember a lot of people... There must be a good reminder to a pretty Childhood if compared to a painful adulthood... We all live happily or sadly within those Images of our life as a reminder only... ______________________________________________________________________

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