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I Wear A Hat

I wear a hat to hide my face. It isn't to synthesize my image. I am not a synthesizer, although I play one online. I wear a hat with a broad brim, a kind brim. I like it when my face is in the brim's deep shadows, only glimpsed like leaves at the bottom of a motel swimming pool, a pool that hasn't seen a net in years. Think of a motel swimming pool that has turned to tea when you think of me. You will find my face under the hat and its rings of Saturn. You will find my face is only shadows. It might not be the most dashing hat in the world, but it does its job. It is so much better than the beehive I used to wear, with the live bees. But that was the year I shamelessly copied Marie Antoinette. And, like her, I am done being a fertility symbol.
W.B. Keckler

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As A Pretty Reminder Anytime

There was that Fares' swimming pool, There was the laborers' swimming, There was Al-Asafiri Restaurant, There were all those amusement stores There were located near Al-kazino, There were many images that are still Existing in my mind... There were all those old streets and All those forgotten alleys anywhere... There were all those pretty carts dragged Either by mules or donkeys... There were those blue lanterns that Were installed on some posts... There was the old mosque inside the old port Where some workers used to pray.... There were many, many images that are still Stored in my mind for ever and ever... I do remember a lot of things and I do remember a lot of people... There must be a good reminder to a pretty Childhood if compared to a painful adulthood... We all live happily or sadly within those Images of our life as a reminder only... ______________________________________________________________________

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Your Mind's Ocean

Swimming away
swimming away
swimming away yeah
swimming through the deep blue ocean
nothing but red skies ahead
so put on ya hat and sun screen lotion
operation over cooperation
go swimming in your mind's ocean

The water so still
and the wind in motion
i'll be up and alive
before i'm down and moping
wake up in the water
before you drown
i'll make you want to smile
with my speechless frown
so put on ya hat and sun screen lotion
operation over anticipation
go swimming in your mind's ocean

Thoughts of doom and no hope
I'll dropp them in the oceans deep
To save my eyes when i grope
Dead to the world in this cool sleep
Swimming away
Swimming away
we'll swim all night
And walk all day
so put on ya hat and sun screen lotion
operation over destination
Lets go swimming
Lets go Swimming
in your mind's ocean
Allen Steble

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Exepts From 60 Pour Caprices For A Long Distance Swimer

A friend asks why I swim. Why not a movie? A drink? Dinner? I answer that I swim for strength,
For rippling triceps and a dimple in my thigh. I hide the lie with a stroke: I swim for the silence of the water.
2. An older woman stopped swimming and watched me. What a graceful stroke! What she loved, of course, was the mirrored beauty of her youth-the forgotten pleasure of her toughened skin.
3. The water undulates like a womb I do not remember. My fingers poke through for life. The air is unfamiliar.
4. I tell a friend that life is water. With a pretended fluidity his heart mimics the ocean but he cannot swim. He answers that a cell full of water explodes.
5. Seventy-year old women stand naked in the locker room. Some use walkers, others have artificial hips, scarred legs and missing breasts, still, they love this morning swim with the distant sun rising.
6. In these women, I witness how I too will age. I avert my eyes, move to far lanes and other shadows.
7. I swim past men to prove my strength after years of 'throwing like a girl, ' I lap them twice.
10. I tap slower swimmers' feet to pass them. Their skin startles me, as though I've come upon schools of spot running south for winter.
15. I dream of fire. I dream of fire and combustion. The things water does not heal.
17. How do we breathe underwater? A moment without air is magic. Through goggles, I watch the bubbles insist on my life.
18. Fifty others swim in the pool. Water molecules vibrate with our personalities. I swallow each person's breath, yet remain alone.
21. This-is-the-point-where I always-want to stop. Turn-legs-ache-lungs heave-arms weary-the distance-is forever-force the push-break water.
22. Every morning, two crows perch near the pool's glass doors and peck madly at their reflections. When no one watches, I jump out of the pool and run, arms raised and mouth squawking, to chase them away.
23. Then all three of us jump-the crows with fright to the sky-and me, chilled, to the diving well.
24. Every other breath my face sculpts a water mask.
26. Blood throbs, echoing the physics of water and sound. It sets up a rhythm between myself and other swimmers.
29. At a certain angle, the hand slices sheets of water. This requires a force the body is unaware of, even as pounds of water move away like the curtain rising over the first act.
30. What does it mean to drown in a dream? Is there the hope of bellying-up like a fish? Are we forced to forget breathing?
31. Some days there is no difference between sleep and dreams, between swimming and drowning, water and air.
36. After a winter of depression, inches of sadness float across the pool.
37. Sometimes, breathing, the heaviness of my own life amazes me. Sucking on air, I consume the world.
'40. Breaststroke beads the surface like mercury on skin. I'm a skeet barely touching water, needing it only to serve my own motion.
41. I try to describe my father, but he eludes me, fast as a rock skipping the ocean. I try to describe my mother, but she is too much myself-familiar as oxygen gurgling about my waist.
42. I learned to walk because my sister was born and I knew that I would never be carried again.
43. I learned to swim because my father threw me in the deep end and shouted 'Swim! '
44. I sweat in the water and my face is cooled, ice cooled on ice.
dark queen

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