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To Fly

"In the quick sand of living, I swam and I swam, each footstep a face, telling me, I'm not acceptable as I am. I sunk to the floor, my essence was dissolving, repressed, suppressed, I wasn't evolving. Face after face, telling me the same thing. ‘That's life' ‘That's the way it is'. Just like a Robin being told it's not allowed to sing. Restrictions. Past Conditionings. Societies Standards. Prepare for work. They said, you're not supposed to be happy, you're supposed to just ‘get by'. But in the midst of these rules and restrictions, I was just being told I wasn't allowed to fly. Just like a Robin, I will keep singing my song. Because, what is more important, expressing your inner melodies to the depths of the deepest blue, regardless of whether anyone is there to know it or just getting by with no you to be known? You can get by, you can live a lie, you can scream, you can shout, you can roar, you can cry but the only way to really know freedom…is to fly."
eeel lee

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Old Images In My Mind

I store a lot of images In my mind that depict some Images of my childhood... I have that pretty Fares' swimming-pool In which we used to swim in it over there Accompanied by our late dad... I have that image of That pretty Patos Orchard where We used to play together... I have that image of the Rock of Suicide where We used to spend some pretty time over there... I have that brilliant image of My old school where I knew A lot of classmates... I have that image of Ibn-Hani where we used to spend our holidays Under the figs' tree near the blue sea... I have that image of my late grandfather and My late grandmother who used to narrate all old Tales about Joha and his funny jokes... I have that pretty image of our lovely alleys Where we used to walk together... I have still many, many images Images in my mind that make feel happy... I am still alive to tell everyone About all my childhood's pretty images... Life consists of a lot images, Good or bad, that make someone Remembers them every now and then... _____________________________________________________________________

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To Those Who Can Not Swim Amid A Stormy, Remote, And Dark Sea

Over there there is no luck Awaits for you, O fleeing emigrants! If your boat capsizes for any reason, then You will get drowned if you can not swim... What will happen to those little kids, their Mothers, and the rest of those fleeing emigrants If their boat breaks into pieces Amid a stormy and dark sea? It depends... Alas! What a pity! Fishes inside those big seas are waiting For your poor flesh anytime... Cries will not beard by anyone Simply because that's the way with our life... Even good swimmers might get drowned if They aimlessly swim towards the unknown... O poor emigrant! O poor emigrants! You risk your pretty life and others' lives Hopelessly, aimlessly, and sadly anytime... O fleeing emigrants! Please go back to your Countries to die honorably over there instead of Dying bitterly as baits to sharks, whales, and to All kinds of fishes anytime, anywhere, and everywhere... It's not worthy to risk your pretty souls and Your families' pretty souls, O pretty emigrants, for Just the sake of permit of residency over there Simply because your wonderful lives are worthier To all of us anytime, anywhere, and even everywhere... _______________________________________________________________________

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Fishes swim merrily in aquarium
My mind swims with them
They give me a lot of pleasure
Each to me a priceless gem.

Fishes swim merrily in aquarium
Red, white, blue and black
Side to side, up and down, they go
Any sign of fatigue they lack.

Fishes swim merrily in aquarium
Nibbling at the bits of feed
In the lonely days of hot summer
Their cool association I need.
Binoy Barman

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