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Poems On / About SWIMMING  7/26/2016 10:42:11 PM
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If anyone can not swim very well, then Drowning will be inevitable Simply because we can not have any fun With any ocean, With any sea, or With any river anytime, anywhere, and everywhere... Only able-bodied swimmer can manage Any kind of swimming with long time experiences... We all love to swim, but Well-trained people can escape... _____________________________________________________________________

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The Perfect Swim

When I swam in the blistering ocean of golden Sun; infinite arenas of my body
got disastrously charred,
Indispensable centers of breath in my body got strangulated; and I relinquished breath with great gasps of disbelief.

When I swam in the molten ocean of iridescent moon; there was a temperate
warmth that engulfed my persona,
The immaculate white color submerged me in entirety; and I felt uncannily distraught as gaseous clouds obliterated my gaze.

When I swam in a tank of bubbling acid; there were incoherent screams that emanated from my mouth,
The radiant complexion of my skin transited to briquettes of coal; and the color of my luscious lips now resembled that of my scalp hair.

When I swam in a river replete with frosty milk; I cupidly devoured huge mouthfuls of the same,
I emerged out exuberantly fresh after the swim; only to be attacked by a battalion of red ant and fish.

When I swam in icy streams; accumulated at the base of the snow clad alps,
The formidable fortress of my teeth commenced to repulsively clatter; and I vociferously sneezed my nose; after a few seconds of my swim.

When I swam in volatile electricity; my demeanor got stabbed with a volley of
brutal shock,
Clusters of hair stood on my intricate scalp; and I stared dumbfounded at the
scenario in utter bewilderment.

When I swam in a silver ocean of slippery mercury; I rolled for marathon
distances without flexing my jugglery of muscles,
Although when inadvertently some of it slipped into mouth; the blood abruptly
froze in my veins; with my persona transforming to a deathly crystal blue.

When I swam in blotted water blended with traces of obnoxious sewage; a fetid
stench flooded my nostrils,
A fleet of disdainful cockroach clambered up my shirt; and the municipality
dumped me like a piece of discarded garbage.

When I swam in a curry of chalk powder; I had to put onerous effort to keep afloat,
There was a severe itching in the moist pearls of my eye; and people mistook me for a comedian of the highest fraternity.

And eventually when I swam in bunch of her silken hair; I felt drowned in the
savage sea of her perpetual love,
I wanted this swim to go on for times immemorial; and I found this to be the most perfect swim.
Nikhil Parekh

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Swimming is fun
you can swim in the sun
Yes swimming is fun.

You can swim at night
Even though you may just
Need a little bit of light.

You can can swim with a friend
To keep a good trend
Just swim with a friend.

When you need help
Look for a lifeguard
They can always help.

Now go ahead go swimming
Go enjoy the water
Because swimming is fun.
Casey Noe

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Swim My Little Children.

Swim, swim, my little children
Strive to achieve the goal
A strong mind and physical body
The life awaits your strength

Swim and make the swim more happier
In groups and plays in water
Happiness always in swimming
In ponds and lakes children swims.

See the frogs that swimming in water
Escaping the stones aimed them
The children's plays makes them happy
Sometimes joins in the play with risk.

Swimming in sea is a little different
Where it is to be cared always
The tide, current that to be cautioned
The security of life is important.
Gangadharan nair Pulingat..

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