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Poems On / About SWIMMING  9/30/2014 12:55:59 AM
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I Swam Through the Land

I Swam Through the Land
by Alex Lewis

I swam through the land,
But realized it wasn't grand.
After swimming through the soil,
I realized I was being disloyal
To the water I used to walk upon.
I had got up and I had gone.

I walked on the water the following day.
I waved to the clam, alone on the bay.
It wasn't all that great,
not too far from my hate.
After swimming through the ground,
I knew walking on water was not profound.
Alex Lewis

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The Boeing New Year's Day Swimmers

'Tis something that one should not do in a whim
To participate in the Boeing New Year's Day swim
In dark icy waters swollen by rain and sleet
In the river Blackwater near the Town of Millstreet.

In the depths of Winter in zero degrees
With frost on the ground in the cold gusty breeze
Just thinking about it does make me feel cold
But then again time has left me feeling old.

There must be great inner warmth in the Duhallow grog
For the Blackwater in Winter would freeze a hairy dog
Those who took part in the swim medals for bravery are due
To their Glacial Gods they would have to be true.

It was for a good cause that much I do know
But in weather that's even too cold for to snow
Without a single leaf on any deciduous tree
To swim in the Blackwater seems beyond brave to me.

Of the coldness of the Blackwater in Winter I do have an idea
And after such a swim one would need something stronger than tea
'Tis not for the faint-hearted is all I can say
And for the Boeing New Year's Day swimmers lets hear the hooray.
Francis Duggan

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Swim 2

Searching for better views
I've never been this much reduced
And every road I've crossed
Has brought me back to where i was
And all I've loathed I'd trust
To drag forward towards you, love

And there isn't much to say
That i haven't already said
Now all the pressure in my veins
Is merely bursting out of my head

But your touch, it heals
Pain is no longer what i feel
Within the depths, you are true
And there my soul trembles for you

Wondering, just wondering
Maybe you're the line that separates our worlds
Maybe you're the light that guides us forward
Or maybe you're just another bump in the road
That never ends with rewards....

Maybe you are, maybe you are not
And to me maybe was never enough

And you say: ''Swim and keep swimming''
But now i feel like breathing for nothing
And you say: ''Sing and keep singing''
But the words keep on shoving me down
And there seems to be no easy way out

Im breathing now
Im breathing out

Doesn't it ever bother you to not know
What lies before uncertainty you follow
Doesn't it ever bother you to just go
And face the inevitability of your hollows

No, you just keep swimming
And the world's just spinning
Because they kept swimming on

And the world was just spinning along
Doing nothing, nothing, nothing wrong
Because we were all singing this song
The one that says we are finally home
Lubna Hazeem

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Typical Summer Day

Today was just great
Swimming with friends
This lake is the perfect place
To learn how to swim
The very first time

Talking and talking
Floating about on the lake
Waves drifting us on in
While we talk away

A friend from a far
That is coming this summer
Not being able to wait
We take a little walk
And there it is
A car with that plate

On knocking the door we go
Frapping on the door
Come to find out
It is just the father
Of the handsome prince
I've known for years

Our hopes all up high
Trashed to hear
That he will not be here
Until the end of next month

So home we go
More swimming we do
Talking about the prince
That will be here next month
Knowing what I have said to them
Dreaming over him
They are dying to meet this handsome prince

Today was just great, but as for tonight
Two dogs in the camp
With just the slightest noise
Sets the barking with a ring in the place
It's driving me crazy, but thank you now
The two fo them are settling down
I guess it's been great today
For tomorrow I must work
Only half a day and pick up a dog
For a friend of mine

So for now I guess it's been fun
On a summer day
Swimming with friends
And dreaming over the handsome prince
Miranda Dodge

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