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Poems On / About SWIMMING  2/7/2016 8:57:27 AM
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My Teacher

My teacher is so fat she went for a swim all the whales jumped out and waited there turn.
alec smith

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Swimmmin Jim

There once was a man named Jim
He never knew how to swim
His knees shaked when the earth quaked
And poor Jim fell right in
For help Jim would cry
Saving his life he would try
Swimming he wished he could do
Then he had knew that the water was only knee high
Rahul Mahbubani Mahbubani

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Ovaries in the river of semen,
And of the eggs that swim with joy;
But the cynosure of the act is in the eating,
And like the sweet words from my lover.
Arise and swim with the joy of your muse,
For out of the river of semen comes the fusion;
All in the name of fertilization to create a child,
For the river of semen is always needed by the ovaries.
Edward Kofi Louis

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Fish Vs. Humans

The fish swim in the coral

and we get stuck in school

Some fish are trapped forever in the aquarium inside the tanks

Some people are trapped by wrongdoings, and are put in prison instead of spanked

Fish swim in schools that look similar to them

Teenagers stay in clicks that I'm sure will never end

Sometimes I go to the aquarium and I admire all the fish

I wonder how many times fish think 'to be a human is all I wish'
Rebecca Bell

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