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It's a life an opus of light/To je zivot opus svjetla

It’s not a throne for those who want to sit on a throne
It’s the water you swim there and nothing more
You swim just because of the swimming and water

It’s not a reward for those who want rewards
To spend them the way reards and names are spent
Eventually carried and owned by everyone
It’s the word you speak it and nothing more
You speak for the sake of the word
That is the beginning of speech
If someone wants the beginnings at all

It’s not the meaning for those who want every why
And button their reasons like winter coats
Always needing a minute or two three minutes and more
An additional couple of buttons longer sleeves
Newer revers and higher collars
They blindly want even when nothing wants them any more

It’s a life an opus of light
As slow and reachable as justice
For those who want to move at all
For those who want to arrive at the goal

To nije tron gdje sjede oni što hoce na tron
To je voda tu plivaš i ništa više
Plivaš tek radi plivanja i vode

To nije nagrada za one što hoce nagrade
Da ih troše onako kako se troše nagrade i imena
Što napokon su svacija i svako ih nosi
To je rijec nju govoriš i ništa više
Govoriš zarad rijeci što pocetak je svakog govora
Kad neko uopšte hoce pocetke

To nije smisao za one što hoce svako zašto
I svoje razloge zakopcavaju k’o zimske kapute
I uvijek hoce još minut dva još tri
Slijepo hoce i kad više ništa ih nece
Još par dugmadi i malo duže rukave
Novije revere i više kragne

To je život opus svjetla
Što kao pravda je spor ali dostižan
Za one što uopšte hoce da idu
Za one što do cilja hoce da stignu
Miroslava Odalovic

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Will there ever be?

Will there ever be trees that talk,
Will there aver be stools that walk.
Will there ever be toilets clean and stark,
Will there ever be a boy, who swims faster than a shark?

Will there ever be rain without cloeds,
Will there ever ne queues without crowds.
Will there ever be kitchens that resist every mark,
Will there ever be a boy, who swims faster than a shark?

Will there aver be a day where charcoal doesn't burn,
Will there aver be a day when the messiah returns.
Will life ever be like a walk in the park,
Will there ever be a boy, who swims faster than a shark?

Will there ever be a London train that doesn't de-rail,
Will there ever be a cheetah slower than a snail.
Will there ever be a dog who's bite is worse than it's bark,
Will there ever be a boy, who swims faster than a shark?

Will there ever be anything more boring than watching paiint dry,
Will there ever be a clown who doesn't make babies cry.
Will there ever be a light that only makes a room dark,
Will there ever be a boy, who swims faster than a shark?

Will there ever be a mirror that does not reflect,
Will there ever be a drug that has no side affects.
Will there ever be fire without the spark,
Will there ever be a boy, who swims faster than a shark?

Will there ever be money for the poor,
Will there ever be a world without war.
Will there ever be a company free from sleaze,
Will there be a place cured of disease?

All these questions I hope will be answered,
Before the world becomes hot and flustered,
From the impending doom that is Global Warming,
That could prevent a new day from ever dawning.
Douglas Ackerman

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The Refraction Of Water

Not knowing how to swim
I became an expert
at diving in

and swimming under water
(oh I could do that)
for a width
and then
another width back

reaching for the safety of the bar as if it were
Life itself
even pushed it so far
(I held my breath)
took to swimming lengths
the danger and the fear of death
became the thrill of it

lost in a soundless universe
living only on that one breath
my shadow like a soul distorted
accompanying me on the bottom
like a dolphin

in the refraction
of water.
Although I never learned
to swim

I became an expert
in not drowning.



We play about
in the pool
(act the fool)

not swimming – playing.

I swim underwater
for a length

before passing underneath
your wide open legs.

You thrill to the touch
as I softly brush
your inner thighs
with my curly hair.

You laugh & cry:

“Again…again! ”

This time you
untying the little ribbons & bows
of your tiny bikini bottoms

giving me
a glimpse

of Heaven here
on earth
(under water)

my lungs on fire
gasping for breath

come up

clenched in my teeth
your little yellow
polka-dot bikini bottoms

only to find your top
like a jellyfish

scurrying away on
the surface.

your nakedness
split in two

by the refractive index
of the water.

“Come here! ”
you sneer

“I’ve got something
I want to

show you! ”

You sure
show me.
Dónall Dempsey

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Swimming Sideways

I'm in over my head in this nightmare
The water is dragging me under
And I'm gasping for air
I kick a little harder
I won't go without a fight

But the waves are getting bigger
Crashing down on me
The riptide is getting angrier
And I'm screaming frantically
But nobody can hear

I've made it through storms before
But do I have strength enough now?
My body is tired and sore
It tells me to surrender, but I vow
I won't give up, not yet

But these voices in my head
Tell me that it's useless
'You have no choice, ' they said
Tell me that it'll be painless
But then I hear my conscience

It's weaker than it used to be
But it's still there
It whispers to me
'You know what's right'
And I do, oh, I do!

But it's so tempting
To just give up when times are hard
When so many others are drowning
But I have a lifeguard
He died so I wouldn't

I can't disappoint him
So I muster all my strength
And sideways I try to swim
I'm not ready for death
My soul, my innocence, isn't ready to die

Oh, teenagers
We're all just trying to swim
Through life's stormy waters
Some of us seem to skim
Over rough water, under turbulent waves

Others are doggy-paddling
Slow, but steady
They get knocked around, but keep swimming
They make mistakes constantly
But hope and trust they'll eventually find land

And yet, so many others give up hope
Maybe they never learned how to swim
Or they've been crushed by one too many waves to cope
The future looks so grim
And either way, they drown

They give up who they are
To become who society wants them to be
They fall, they fall far
Into temptations and peer pressure easily
Some even give up on life

Me? I'm just doggy-paddling through
Trying so hard, but sometimes falling short
And now I'm stuck in this riptide, it's true
But I'll make it to that faraway port
Because now I'm swimming, swimming sideways
Aimee Doll

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