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Poems On / About SWIMMING  9/2/2015 6:46:19 PM
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Mr. No

Mr. no
There it was door but he said no, so he crawl into the window, there it was a bicycle but he said no so he walk a road with no end.
Everybody laugh but he put a sour face and bad attitude and everybody got in a bad mood with his rude mouth and ways.
It was raining and they told him to get inside but his pride was too high so his new outfit got all wet and damage for the rain that was pouring.
The sun was bright and hot so they give him a hat but he stomp on it and broke it so now he can't even seat down to play his violin.
One day Mr. no was swimming by the river but earlier he was eating the sandwich that everybody told him to wait to eat after he finish swimming but he said no so now his drowning.
Mr. no I shake my head, he die alone because everybody said no to his help when he was drowning
Christian K. Montiel

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A Moon Within Reach

Last night the Moon was so hot; it took a drip in the lake
I swam out to meet it, and float on its wake
It was a glow with a billion firefly lights
If given the chance I would've basked there all night
But the Moon couldn't stay, for heaven beaconed it home
It watched me swim back to shore and left me on the loam
There's nothing more simple to make me swoon
Then to spend a few moments with a breathtaking Moon
Rhonda Baker

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Swimming In Your Eyes

Let me swim in your eyes,
Inside your mind,
Inside your dreams,
Inside your love,
Inside your eyes where melody meets rhythm,
And I meet you,
Inside life and the lovely truth hidden behind your eyelids;
I wouldn't mind drowning if I were swimming in your eyes.
Luna Moon

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A Minnow, Trench And A Widow

I found a guppy struggles to swim in that lack of water ditch
And I borrowed a bucket of water from the near by watering widow.
Then I poured the whole into the ditch.
Oh! The minnow swims happily I watched
And I too felt happy after a long time.
I returned the bucket and said; 'Thank you very much Madam.'
I sniffed and measured her roomy smile
Really it's deeper than the trench.
nimal dunuhinga

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