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Water Wings

I've always been afraid of water, ever since I was a kid. To tell you the truth, I still can't swim very well.

Shivering, shirtless, damped towel, chlorine burning my nostrils, I strapped water wings onto my eight year old pipe cleaners, and bent them at the elbow. Like I got this! I can do this! Stand back, running start, off this diving board and into that pool, one, two, three- HOLY SHIT. I can't do it, Mom please don't make me, Mom, please. My heart tore a fan belt, it was working over time, my swim trunks tight-TIGHT. I was one of those skinny kids whose ribs you could count. Those little kids who are too skinny, its adorable. You can still count my ribs its just not cute anymore. And I hate the way it felt you know standing at the edge unsure of how to jump, but just as unsure of what to do once I hit the surface. Still, I jumped. Clenched my muscles, and embraced the impact, sunk down, water in my ears, nose, and mouth, down in my lungs, I couldn't breathe- lonliness, lonliness, eventually, I learned how to swim. And ill never forget what it was like standing at the edge.

Then I went to New York City, poetry on a street corner, hip hop at a college party. New York City. Kissing every girl that says I'm special. Embraced by every pair of legs spread wide enough, drinking every moment with a bottle of beer from a chaser, I don't love her, but she told me my words were beautiful, so it's justified and I am broken, not gifted. Thrown up but still vacant, still shivering at the edge, still got ribs you can count, still out of shape and emaciated, still wishing I could believe in Jesus, or a prophet, or myself, treading water, inches from drowning in inches. Gallons of heartache, lack of beauty, punished me for learning how to never face my fears. Puncture my water wings, unclip my life vest. I am in shark infested water and I've got a bleeding heart. I never learned how to swim beyond treading water and the doggy paddle. And I got picked on in gym class, in my shallow end, for being the skinny white kid who rapped, throwing W's in front of racial slurs and casting me as a fake so one day I snapped, Shoved my books in the locker room and punched a kid in the neck. Shakes him around, tears streaming down my twelve year old face, I can't breath under this pressure, and CPR is not an option. Real poets feel pain and make mistakes. Love me for who I am, or dismiss me as a novelty. Either way, you better get the eff out my shallow end. I got caught in a bloody fishnet shrine to abide the buddy system. And now I'm sinking to the tiles below. I've always been afraid of water. I still can't swim very well. I'm telling you so that you know, its okay to be yourself. Take off that mask, its ugly. It doesn't help you float, trust me.

by Mike Gerbino
Michael Carrier

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Ocean Haiku

I'm swimming but can't.
I'm swimming but sinking.
I'm swimming but can't.
Raven Bishop

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Haiku - 337

colour swimming caps.

swimming pool full of people.

they are learning swim.
Dagmara Anna AuraDagimar

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One, Two, No Free Ride.

One, two, their no such thing as free ride. So im just going with the tide. Just so i can swim back again. So many victims of circumstance and happenstance. Excuse me I'm just looking to get by. Women come and go. Nothing ever sticks. Guilt is just a heavy bag of bricks. I throw them to ground and keep moving on. One, two, their no such thing as a free ride. So I'm just going with the tide. Just so i can swim back again. Where is the need for forgiveness if we just live and let live. Every day I cross that bridge. One by one the planks go missing. And the only way back is gone. No time to regret or fret. Just build another. Its a system. you can work with or against it. But who even cares. One, two, their no such thing as free ride. So I'm just going with the tide. Just so i can swim back again. Money burns like you smoking them as cigarettes. The house you live in will be pillage and plundered in the event of your death. Makes you wonder. What is it all for. Well of course its because life is so very precious.
Ace Of Black Hearts

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