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Jonah Wills Us To Swallow Own Calamities?

A fish has entered our minds—
It mouths the words - you must swim
Life is a great flood - you must swim
…'Swim for your lives'.

'A great flood is coming, be not like Jonah'.
But, please also do not hide
…Swim, swim for your lives…
Swim out; out to meet - tsunami wash tide.

Every ebb and flow is a watermark—
Adding new scales of sacrifice - survived.
'Don't count your battle scares,
Keep the faith; keep swimming, all will be revived'.
Mark Heathcote

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Fishes in a Sea of Love

happily in a sea of love little fishes of ocean blue swam
fishes of tropical colours so beautiful and so bright
these bright little fish love to ask questions of their mom
fishes of tropical designs so beautiful in the light
swimming in this sea so peaceful, this sea of love
underneath blue skies and those warm sunrays above
the brightest little one is spending time with his mom
on this day when everyone swims together so cheerfully
the brightest little fish swims gailey with his mom,

and little bright fish says, ma
together we swim in a sea of love
so happily under a blue sky above
never we fishes harm each other
yet i see humans kill their brother
little fishes mom says to her son so curious,
my son since the beginning of time
many humans have committed this crime
and the brightest little fish shook his head
and away he swam to play with his friends
and live happily ever after, swimming in a sea of love!
Rachel Nichols

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I Cried Again

The little tear that fell down my cheek
drew an ocean to the people below
they swam and swam untill they go tired
then they went to the black of their homes
they cried themselves to sleep that night
in the heat of the night they did sleep
awaiting the sandman to come give them their dreams
and to dream a dream of the deep
the depth of the waters hidden inside my tears
creating the ocean of which they do swim
without them ill die a slow suicide
the droubt of the midst of my tears
waiting just waiting for the tears of the night
awaiting the pain of my cries
as if i dont cry ill simply just die
so i must keep bringng the tears
but tonight i tried to cry again
bringing the emotions of the past
watching and waiting, watching and waiting
of the little peoples dreaming to last
but they did not appear from the mist of my tears
they did not attract to the swimming
as if they had entered the door of my heart
swimming off all of the good feelings
stay little ones swim off my dreams, swim as if never felt water
my tears are now gone and no misses all along
just a smile blessed into deep slumber
Kristinahh KIMBER

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I swam

Today, I walked not
but swam past wounded fish,
That crawl on the hard waters of life.
I swam, nonchalantly carefree; for I was drugged
with a scent unknown, which had my senses blown,
Thus I swam, with eyes closed whilst
millions of wounded fish crawled past me,
But there was no blood to see.
Just misery gushing out of their gills.
Yet nonchalant, I swam,
breathing in the scent I swam.
Shoving them aside,
With a mood light, I swam.
The harder I swam, the stronger got the scent,
Then I reached the dead end,
But the mother of the scent was nowhere to see.
I smelt myself, the scent was in me.
Shouvik Roy

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