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Poems On / About SWIMMING  7/25/2014 6:18:03 AM
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A cool splash of water on my toes,
The sand, wind swept passed my nose,
A soft dip, to just unwind,
Nature, it's oh so kind.
A no swimming sign placed on the shore,
Violent seas, the ocean roars.
Sun splashes and sparkles across the waves,
Swimmer dives, lifesaver saves.
A dolphin swims out to deeper water
So majestic, shark nets almost caught her.
The beach is a place that is quite surreal,
It enhances the senses, just to experience and feel.
Lyn Poulton

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Pools Of Water (revised)

Stepping into
opaque pools of water

a soft hand beckoned
come and enjoy
the flow

gentle waters splashed
around my ankles

I was stirred by their
energies captivated
by the movement

as we began to swim
strong arms encircled me

I was held breathless

carried into seventh
heaven never having been
there before

as pools of water
engulfed me I was taught
to swim.
Heather burns

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Scuba Diving

I swim the vast virgin ocean
Along with my friends and Mr. Sean
I could see the beautiful creatures
Where there are a lot of adventures.

I could hear the splash of the water
People are having good times and laughter
Scuba diving makes me happy every day
Men and women seem like they're crazy.

I love to swim into the deep blue-green water
I love scuba diving, sounds I'd enjoy forever
I love to see the beauty of the underwater
Where all creatures are greeting each other.
Alon Calinao Dy

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Strange Eels' Orchid

This indigo night
wildest orchids

Strange twisting eels
we becumming

moonlit burgundy

we twist swim be
'tween such twins
we braid bathe conducting

this terrific electric
spice breath pulse
thunder snaps beating

we grasp gasp
slick electricity
fumble tumble
lost long searching

explore plunge spin
whirlpool entangling
depths of breath
thunder pulse wonder

between such discover
laying worlds waste

we exchanging
we are sharing
we are melding
the current our pulsings

prayer beads muffle
seep sweetest
perfume intoxicant
as so the lovely

electro magnetic
magnificent magentic
explode rapture
dissolve kinesthetic kinetics

We are swimming
Airborne, mine Love
heavens below
crying mortals wallow follow

fantastic fates for echo
flow foreshadow

Randy Resh 2011
Randy Resh

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