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Poems On / About SWIMMING  1/28/2015 12:11:35 PM
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Strange Eels' Orchid

This indigo night
wildest orchids

Strange twisting eels
we becumming

moonlit burgundy

we twist swim be
'tween such twins
we braid bathe conducting

this terrific electric
spice breath pulse
thunder snaps beating

we grasp gasp
slick electricity
fumble tumble
lost long searching

explore plunge spin
whirlpool entangling
depths of breath
thunder pulse wonder

between such discover
laying worlds waste

we exchanging
we are sharing
we are melding
the current our pulsings

prayer beads muffle
seep sweetest
perfume intoxicant
as so the lovely

electro magnetic
magnificent magentic
explode rapture
dissolve kinesthetic kinetics

We are swimming
Airborne, mine Love
heavens below
crying mortals wallow follow

fantastic fates for echo
flow foreshadow

Randy Resh 2011
Randy Resh

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Beavers In The Bathroom

There are beavers in the bathroom
swimming circles in the tub
where the beavers have decided
to convene their swimming club.
In their little beaver Speedos
and their beaver bathing caps,
they've been splashing rather happily
while practicing their laps.
They've been studying the butterfly,
the backstroke and the crawl,
and it's obvious they like it
and they're having quite a ball.
For we hear them all the time
but we don't see them anymore,
ever since they built a beaver dam
behind the bathroom door.
Emily Wimetal

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Fish vs. Humans

The fish swim in the coral

and we get stuck in school

Some fish are trapped forever in the aquarium inside the tanks

Some people are trapped by wrongdoings, and are put in prison instead of spanked

Fish swim in schools that look similar to them

Teenagers stay in clicks that I'm sure will never end

Sometimes I go to the aquarium and I admire all the fish

I wonder how many times fish think 'to be a human is all I wish'
Rebecca Bell

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Sky And Water

Birds fly in the sky,
Below the fishes
Swim in the big flat sea.
A bird
Jumps into the water,
Head down, aiming
To catch a fish.
A fish, as it swims up
Toward the surface,
Catches the birds.
As the fish jumps into the air,
A bird catches the fish.

Fishes are birds,
Only water is not like
The air.
Atef Ayadi

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