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Poems On / About SWIMMING  8/21/2014 11:01:45 AM
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A Moon Within Reach

Last night the Moon was so hot; it took a drip in the lake
I swam out to meet it, and float on its wake
It was a glow with a billion firefly lights
If given the chance I would've basked there all night
But the Moon couldn't stay, for heaven beaconed it home
It watched me swim back to shore and left me on the loam
There's nothing more simple to make me swoon
Then to spend a few moments with a breathtaking Moon
Rhonda Baker

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i went to the bathroom to ''p'',
cause i drank ''t''.

i were my glasess
so i can ''c''.

swimming in the swimming pool
is where i like to ''b''.
shaikha alansari

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O Love! Why

O love! Why,
why hast thou gone
across to the other side
of the river ?
I know not how to swim,
There is no hope of my swimming across;
Come thou thyself,
my love!
Bhai Vir Singh

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This I Am Sure

The mountains are hard to climb
But we can climb them together
This i am sure

The tides are hard to swim against
But we can swim them together
This i am sure

The paths are hard to cross
But all we need do
Is make this pact

We could cross them together
This i am sure
This i am sure for a fact

When the sun is going down
And there's noone at home
All you need to do is call me
You need never be alone

I am here
To face your problems
I am here
To face your pain
I am here
To wipe away your tears
And help you face the world again

You'll never be alone
This i am sure
Lucy Vernezze

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Poems On / About SWIMMING