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Poems On / About SWIMMING  7/31/2014 8:39:54 PM
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Beavers In The Bathroom

There are beavers in the bathroom
swimming circles in the tub
where the beavers have decided
to convene their swimming club.
In their little beaver Speedos
and their beaver bathing caps,
they've been splashing rather happily
while practicing their laps.
They've been studying the butterfly,
the backstroke and the crawl,
and it's obvious they like it
and they're having quite a ball.
For we hear them all the time
but we don't see them anymore,
ever since they built a beaver dam
behind the bathroom door.
Emily Wimetal

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Singing Songs Of Creativity

who will come share
a few of my soul nights
with gift conversations
between soul ritual nights
writing songs of creativity?

thought songs birth born
cycle through mind moments
creep flutter in mind focus
wonder rapture sets traps
throughout soul mind webs

come dance night magic
come dance day magic
come dance night day cycles
come dance day night cycles
come dance image heartbeats

haunting perspective kaleidoscopic
is canvas a mind mist vision sees
swim in illusive thought mind oceans
swim in perception birth river seas
embrace vortex walk through walls

Copyright Terence George Craddock
Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light)

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Little ducklings, little ducklings,
following in toe,
little ducklings, little ducklings,
watch and learn, glide, swim and grow,
little ducklings, little ducklings,
its time to follow the leader,
through the reeds, across the lake,
to where the waters are freer,
now its time to make a move and show them what you've learnt.
swimming like beautiful beings, gracefully gliding through
the shimmering water.
Holly Elizabeth

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Pools Of Water (revised)

Stepping into
opaque pools of water

a soft hand beckoned
come and enjoy
the flow

gentle waters splashed
around my ankles

I was stirred by their
energies captivated
by the movement

as we began to swim
strong arms encircled me

I was held breathless

carried into seventh
heaven never having been
there before

as pools of water
engulfed me I was taught
to swim.
Heather burns

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Poems On / About SWIMMING