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Poems On / About SWIMMING  4/25/2015 7:29:58 AM
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A Time For Swimming

When the day becomes hot and hazy
And I become tired and lazy,
All I can do is keep on reneging,
For the vast lawn needs mowing,
And the vegetable garden needs hoeing,
And work must come before swimming.

It seems that the grass has grown taller
And I get an immediate urge to holler.
Why can't I forget this awful dreaming,
That I was always on the brink of sneezing,
And constantly plagued with episodes of wheezing,
Until soothing in the water with ease in breathing?

The sun seems to quiver and know
As I think of the old swimming hole,
I rest my aching body and keep reneging,
Of course my work I am not shirking,
But it's just too hot and humid for working,
It's about time to sneak out and go swimming.

I notice the sun in the azure sky beaming
And again I catch myself dreaming,
As the perspiration continues dripping,
But my tasks have me outsmarted,
And I plod along slowly and half - hearted,
Thinking of the old gang going dipping.

I face reality and refrain from dreaming
And seek relief from the humidity with meaning,
And go to the swimming hole that is brimming.
Life is too short to constantly worry,
So why should I continue to be in a hurry?
It's summer and a time for swimming.
Joseph T. Renaldi

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River Retreat

The morning's fire of the breaking sun
tells me its time to go swim.
The water, cool, calls for me to float
along the bank, the clear crystal flows.
On my back, I wish crisp longings to
feel the rivers embrace never end.
My epidemic finally ends
when lazily I coast, relaxed, sun
showering me with gentle rays. Tow
mallards join me, diving down, swimming
to eat tiny fish. As water flows
I marvel at these birds as we float.
A large wooden limb alongside floats
by me, reaching from the end
of some river tree. Down this limb flows,
gaining speed. I lost to a jealous sun.
Like a tired aquatic athlete, swimming
no more. It succumbs to water too.
Life is like a river rushing to
inevitable ending. We float
sometimes unable to see to swim
carefully. Water runs to its end.
The light rises from the base, the sun
sets at its mouth. Life goes round in flows.
How many are the limbs lost in flows
from river streams? Life twists itself to
pull down travellers. Watching, the sun
laughs at these watery drops. No float
is tossed, only life coming to end
summer joys. Why should we even go swim?
Gerald Sedillo

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A Whale In Love

A bull whale swims, under the water top
grazing the surface, to pop his pop
churning sounds all night - all day
hoping to met his mate, and swim away

He rounds the globe, in search of love
sounds echoing in the green oceans waters.
Wishing the currents will carry the sounds,
to every corner of our planet, and out of bounds.

One fine day, The Bull whale, heard a reply
he broke the surface to glance at the sky,
the birds were following high and fast
he followed the sound, and let off a blast.

He dove deep, swam hard, only one thing in his mind
to search the oceans depths, his mate he will find.
The sun came up and so did he, from the bottom of the green sea
when he jumped above the water, all the panorama he could see.

He saw his mate, she was in great shape, and so was he
it was love at first sight, their bodies became one, for all to see.
The crash, the splash of the bodies and sea
were pleasing, loving, soothing, for both were in glee.

A bull whale swims, under the water top
grazing the surface, to pop his pop
churning sounds all night - all day
hoping to met his mate, he did and They swam away
David Darbyshire

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I Am Alone In This World

Born alone Live alone Eat alone Walk alone Swim alone Read alone Speak alone Jump alone Climb alone Drive alone Fight alone Ride alone Say alone Watch TV alone Get down alone Talk alone I am alone I don't see anyone around me I look for others No one around me I am in the desert I am on top of the mountain I am in the bottom of the valley I am all alone I don't care anymore Born alone.......................

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