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Poems On / About SWIMMING  8/29/2015 1:06:16 AM
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Surfing Today

To the day that suspects us of laughter
We ride the waves as we surf, and evolve.
As swimming is not our style, we damage
The air with our style of surfing, then we evolve.
The surprise is in store for the winners
Who munch on ice-lollies when in luck.
The water is dangerous at this hour of the day
Since it is the sun that evolved, now no longer seen.
We laugh for our swimming to endanger us
When the humans carry on surfing into the hours.
Naveed Akram

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Sea Turtle

Little turtle of the sea
At your birth you were not free
Dodging birds of prey on land
Into water there's no friend
Seals await to seal your fate
And if you pass the daunting fears
You will live for another day
Until you live one hundred years.
Little turtle swim, swim away....
Philo Yan

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Careful Falling In Love

Don't fall in love and get hurt
Be vigilant and resist
It is easy to fall in love
It may not be easy to get up again
You may be caught like fish in the net
Swim far, swim fast
Don't be trapped
Be careful and make the right decisions
But foremost don't rush and regret
sherif monem

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We're sinking, sinking
and falling, falling
deeper, deeper
into this pit of Hell.
But just keep swimming, swimming.
Who knows -
one day, you just might make it out -
out, out
above, above
higher, higher
to the light.
Hannah Shier

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