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Poems On / About SWIMMING  4/28/2015 12:16:27 AM
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Toddlers Holding Hands On The Seashore

'What's out there, Jack, across the sea,
Is there a place for you and me?
'And will you stay close Jack. as we swim,
In case we see those fish with a fin?
'If you'll go I'll go, I do not mind,
Cos you are brave and strong and kind,
'I'd swim with you Jack, across all the earth,
'I love you Jack. So that's what you're worth! '
(c) Tony Elsby,20-04-2011
Tony Elsby (Poems of life and love)

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Jack the fun dog, he loves to have fun.
How gracefully he chases a dirt bike, runs like a tiger in the fields in the afternoon sun.
Jack is a very obedient dog that can be hyper at times.
He enjoys swimming in the water, he swims like a fish and enjoys going to get treats a certain person throws in the pond for him.
OH! ! ! how he hates the rake bark, bark, bark is what you would hear all day long, for the amount of success you would have would be like mowing the lawn with a pair of scissors.
Jack enjoys playing tug-of-war, but he is a hog of what he takes or wins in a match so you must not let him get his mouth or you shall never see it again.
Jack is a very nobe looking German Shepard at any distance.
He can be very hyper at times, but he also enjoys the mesmerizing heat of a campfire on a cold winter's night
He will lay there in a heavenly spot just waiting for you to move so he can get on up and follow you wherever you go.
Sean Bitikofer

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Light is to sun
as blood is to heat

Heat is to steam
as water is to sea

Sea is to child
as child is to swim

Swim is to tide
as tide is to pulse

Pulse is to sun
as wave is to light

and so...
Leslie Philibert

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German Radio Shows

i will swim deeply in the

echoing beauty of that

small red bird

hey, hey i can see

once more under slight

vibrations, broken by branches,

they are looking for love

and i will swim

in her caverns of music

playfully naked in the waters

in the darkness...
Sebastien St. Fellmore

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