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Poems On / About SWIMMING  7/13/2014 6:14:16 PM
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On the bank of river! !

On the bank of river
Living here n there
Liking n luking around
Watchng the facets of dawn n sunset

Throwing marbles on wall
Making anodr colour there
time is gone
cramping to another halt
Hour glance is crazy
Making me glazy

Let's go to beach
Swim n swim
Till the hour halts
On the bank of river

Berrys in tray
Juicy n flavoured
Taking a sip of glaxay
Small piecess of mirrors
Falling n hurting the feet
New galaxay hour halt
Take me to verge of it
On the bank of river
Somia Race

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tears of blood

tears of blood

tears roll down
in joy and sorrow
blood rolls down
when the soul is
ready to move up
like an arrow

to the unknown
distance away from you
but still closer to you
with you and without you

tears roll down
in joy and sorrow
creating an ocean within
only to swim deep into
only to swim along
the tides of time

forgetting the times past
forgetting the moments lived
far from the future
not knowing the day ahead
tears roll down for the soul
tears roll down far from the soul
Jai Prakash Satyamangalam Bhupathy

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our evenings

i and he liked swimming
in river pamba
every evening when
sun dipped its brush
in river
we walked, holding our hands, across the water
to the next bank
laughing, swimming
lying on the bank
we spent a few nice moments...
Anirudh Induchudan Anirudh Induchudan

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Ocean of love

Locked in warm embrace
Two bodies knitted together
Hands touching
Bodies touching
Lips touching
Not wanting to be separated

Oh, the waves
Just like the waves
Of the ocean, deep clear blue
Swelling and swelling
And getting to its peak
Crashing so suddenly

It is such an ecstasy
That only two warm bodies
Can produce, swimming
Swimming in the ocean of love
Two hearts joined together

Two heart beats, beating in unison
With waves of emotion
Deep in the crevices
Until you can wait no more
And you go deeper

Until you are translated
Into the cloud
Where you are
And you cannot wait
You cannot wait

And you pant
Faster and faster
Gasping for breath
Swallowed up
In the ocean of love
David Oladipupo Olorunshola

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