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Poems On / About SWIMMING  4/18/2015 10:09:23 AM
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Gentle Creature

Gentle creature of the seas swimming happy, swimming free
dives into the sea with grace surfaces to show it's gentle face
Why are people so cruel to gentle creatures like you
You should be left to swim in peace
Graceful through the water you swim diving out and diving in
Oblivious to the world around across the water you leap and bound
Hours of fun you do provide playing, chasing then you hide
To the surface again you rise
How sad it would be if you were no more
If we could not stand upon the shore and watch you're playful
antics forever more
jenni burt

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Swimming The Allegheny River.

Swimming the Allegheny River.
The Allegheny River is a beautiful river set in the heart of the Allegheny Mountains.
When I was a kid we would go camping at a camp site in the Allegheny forest.
My uncle would run his boat.
We would swim in the river almost all day long.
From one side to the other side, it was approximately 1 1/2 miles wide.
We would cross the river by swimming. At least three times a day.
So we swam the Allegheny River every year for about ten year.
Allegheny River in the heart of Pennsylvania a river of fun.
Harold R Hunt Sr

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Swimming Against The Current Is Risky

If you are not a good swimmer Inevitably you will drown in The roaring sea of the world, The deep and dark sea of the World is risky and dangerous, Not anyone can swim well in This large and wide sea of life, There are a lot of sharks and Whales spreading here and there Amid a lot of other monsters, In addition to that we can see The scary waves of that sea Move fast and beyond imagination, You will drown in this big sea Unless you resist and fight All the fearful currents anywhere, You love sea, but you don't Trust it and all that belongs to it, You like all kinds of fish and you Like all kinds of sea foods that Mostly come from inside the big Abdomen of the pretty sea itself, Even if you are an expert swimmer You might drown and die easily, and After all, swimming the way you Want does not help all the time, But you need to abide by the sea's Desired or not not desired rules.

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The Swallow River

I can't even swim in the swallow river
Because it was not made for swimming
Aldo Kraas

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Poems On / About SWIMMING