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Poems On / About SWIMMING  1/29/2015 12:16:59 AM
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i went to the bathroom to ''p'',
cause i drank ''t''.

i were my glasess
so i can ''c''.

swimming in the swimming pool
is where i like to ''b''.
shaikha alansari

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Life Is But A Roaring Stream

Life is but a roaring stream
Where upon this boat is to swim
This boat of carporal frame
Now the boatman has to hail is
To swim and gain the holiest bank
Where the Light welcomes the voyage
And the Mightest Sun sparkles the rays.

If his (boatman) hands solec and weaken
He shall sink in black streams
For no life, no breathing around
Far-fetching darkness, suffocation surrounds.
Vivek Tiwari

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Benjamin Wheeler

Benjamin fills our bodies with warmth and love.
As he swims through the coldness to bring us happiness.

He will get us soaked but Benjamin's smile will dry up all our pain.
As he meets some of the Beatle members in Heaven.

The lighthouses will then light up the ocean.
For a bright and spirited boy has swam into the arms of the Lord.
Christina J. Williams

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The words are there
Between the stare
If you dare

You and me
Could look and see
You have to drop
As do I...
Our guard

And swim

The water is cold
And I am old

We can pack some food
If we're in the mood

We can shout and dream
And scream
If we like


Still you have to drop
As I do..Our guard

And swim

You In?
Josephine Lauderdale

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Poems On / About SWIMMING