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Poems On / About SWIMMING  4/20/2015 11:57:49 PM
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A Homeless And Tired Refugee

His eyes are sunken like two swimming pools In a desert, His ears are like two dishes on top of a roof In a pretty building, His smelling nose has turned like a fixed chimney In a corner of a house, His mouth is a piece of swollen flesh in a reddish Face in a cold day, His pretty hairs, on top of his head, have turned Separated and rugged, His reddish cheeks are greatly swollen like two Apples on a lone tree, His skin is crying like a little baby in the hug Of his mother's pretty hands, His hands are dangling like two heavy weights In big bags, His tired legs are sore and greatly exhausted in A lot of walks here and there, and The rest of his poor body indicates that he is Like an alien from a remote planet in the universe.

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Debbie is pretty Like the pretty moon itself, She is pretty like The shinning sun itself, She is very cute, She walks all in her beauty, Everyone likes Debbie's name, She likes to draw, She smiles all the time, She likes swimming and camping all by herself, She always watches Tom and Jerry, She has very pretty hair, She drives all by herself, She goes shopping at Giant all by herself, She likes the delicious coffee at Starbucks, She works as a cashier at a nice store, All customers love Debbie and they always tip her, She likes to clean the house of her family, She sometimes likes to order fast food from some stores, She reads all the newspapers, She always carries all her key chains, She likes all dolls and the pretty Barbie, She always looks for what is good, She always gives money to the poor, She used to ride her bicycle all by herself, She used to ride on the bike with Steve, She goes to the movie all by herself, She is greatly different, She is always wonderful, and She is now in prime youth.

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A Pretty Dove's Pretty Wishes

A pretty dove wishes To walk by itself alone On man's pretty earth Without flying even for One single day and without Having its body guards, It wants to spread peace Because it is the symbol Of the pretty peace on earth, It wants to walk on the Pretty beach to swim with The little kids without Being bothered by anyone, It wants to sit on a chair Near a table to write all Man's memories and diaries, It wants to lay all its eggs In a nice place, so all its Little doves can breathe well, It wants to open a bank account To help all the pretty poor and The needy people anytime and anywhere, It needs to celebrate all people's Nice occasions and happy days, It wishes to play with everyone Around it, so it can feel peacefully, and It needs to accomplish all its Pretty wishes in one single day.

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Poems On / About SWIMMING