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Poems On / About SWIMMING  12/21/2014 5:18:48 AM
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The Servant

A dumb servant in the hall holding on
to hats and coats,
got fed up and dropped them on the floor.
Walked down to the docks threw himself
into the water and tried swim to
the island of Madeira
A dumb servant made of wood and hollow legs
could float but not swim, picked up and sent home
to dry
A dumb servant in the hall, holding on
to hats and coats and the party goes on
and on...
oskar hansen

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Why Do Birds Fly In The Air

Why do birds fly in the air,
And not swim in the sea?
Cause for their feathers they must care,
Swimming ain't no cup of tea.
Juan Olivarez

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To Warm Up

Play, walk, gym, swim, yoga-
Each exclusive of the others
In benefits- maintains your health.
In ply the reflex action,
In walk the heart, in gym
The muscles, in swim the resistance
And in yoga the endocrine organs
Would singularly strengthen.

Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.

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(For Michelle Greenwood-Brown,
in appreciation of her mosaics and her teaching.)

Two hundred million years ago,
in a galaxy far from ours,
A great star died in a fiery blast,
While coelacanths and turtles swam.

By moony night, my lover and I
Vow that our love will endure.
We miss the glim of that death above,
While coelacanths and turtles mate.

Present or past, time's arrows shall fly
The longest-lived flames expire,
Attraction of darkness swallow light
And no living creatures will swim.

11th October 2011
Don Pearson

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Poems On / About SWIMMING