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Poems On / About SYMPATHY  10/21/2014 10:10:24 PM
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Ambitious Grasp of Finite Fingertips

I try to clear my mind
but I cant help but worry
so many self same souls

all identical to my own
all are bleeding
all in need of

a higher humanity
and what offerings
of higher value

have I?

save words and gestures
of sympathy
sympathy stemmed

form the same shared sadness
how lonely the spirit
of the earth must be

material mindset
but a gravitational boundary
no sense in living and loving

with limiting notions
marginalized by possession
separation fear and death

so strip my life down to the very
bare bones of beauty
leave me nothing of my own

to pocket save life's
all enduring laughter
may I find life's true treasures

hidden in those empty
open handed offers
silences light reassurance

friendships humble fortune
a smiles simple pleasure
to touch upon

the passive strength
powering all being
to channel ceaseless

charity and compassion
mystic gleam unseen
resting within beyond

all material
non material things
immanent is untouched by

ambitious grasp of language's
finite fingertips
Gregory Allen Uhan

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Hear My Prayer!

Pain, I have never felt
nor I knew of such pain
I poured compassion and sympathy
with the bottle of medicine
do I know how much,
the suffering in depth of you
it was an occasion, not planned
but the sickened face needed
the words of mine to cure

I do pray two times a day
asking the god to end
your painful life,
to comfort you with less suffering
to bring you miracle
to bring you cure, the wall
of sympathy stops me from
feeling for you, here I stand
far away from you
trying to comfort you with silence
words that won't reach you
keep on smiling, that will bring
some hope for the ones like
you to share....
renu ram

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Forbidden Lover (Self-composed lyrics)

Death communicates with me,
Like a ghost rising from her grave.
I love her so, But my mind, it says no,
She knows that my hunger, I can't stave.

Blood races through my veins,
Like a shark through the sea.
I want her badly, I love her madly,
My heart beats wildy within me.

Heart is wild, and it fits like a glove,
Soul is free, Cannot fight this inescapable love.
Hurt so strong, makes you wanna cry, mother,
Heart is ripped in half, But i still love the forbidden lover.

Cupid strikes, and my body defies,
I wrench the arrow from my heart.
I am blind, she has overthrown my mind,
Love is strong, and this one's from the start.


Romance and fears,
False sympathy and tears,
Heart and soul as one,
Burning like a sun.

Romance and fears,
False sympathy and tears,
Heart and soul as one,
Burning like a sun.

(Chorus x2)
Satan's Sibling

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Feelings and Insanity

my feelings are driving me insane
no matter who they are toward
they wanna make me end it
pain, hate, love, sympathy
i want them all gone
i wonder what life would be like without
one second im head over heals
next i just wanna be friends
feeling pain and hate towards stupid sh.t
sympathy causing me depression
i dont know how to handle it
i wish some how it would just leave
my feelings make me insane
its to where i just wanna say f.ck it
i dont know what to do with them
im crying for help
nothing is what i get
more insanity my feelings just bring
how do i end it?
Jessica Licklider

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