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Best Poems About / On SYMPATHY
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Who knows there is a world behind the
roof of blue sky
inside the green flour of Earth
full of love tenderness
sympathy kindness
the hearts as clear
as glass
everybody is bend in front
of love there is no difference
between love and life
every heart accept
there life is love
and there love is life
i amegine
how looking like the
atmosphere there
i want to know my
age fellows
may i give permition to
my heart stay there
as long as a btreath come and go
but i know my answer
simply no becos
i know my world
here is love but some are in love
and some are againest love
i dont know who ever
againest the love
are they have heart
if they have what type of it
with out love
i wish i show them the world
my heart creat behind the roof of blue sky
inside the green floure of earth
i wish my world is like that
so my age felowes
may you give permition to your hearts
or you want make this world like that
well i wish u make this world like that with me
full of love tenderness
sympathy kindness
quratulain seemab

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Lack of Sympathy

She tries to feel sympathy for the boy who cries
Looking deep into his eyes
She wants to comfort him and say it is alright
Most likely though it is not alright
She can’t lie to this boy who will not go
She can tell him that there’s something’s he doesn’t know

She tries to say don’t cry baby for you mother
Begs to believe that someday she’ll see her father
These words do not slip her lips
Because she knows the feel of wrong fingertips

She would have loved to say brother don’t drink and drive tonight
Given up her own life to save him from that terrible sight
Where blood and death made home
But all she does is sit and write about it in poems.

She wants to feel that grace of sympathy
But how can she
So all she says is this
Yes it is horrible to lose a father
Never to return home to say I love you and goodnight
Pleading to God why did he have to go
Yes for your father to be dead when twelve is sad
But for him to touch you when you’re eight you just wish him so
Mel Mack

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To Erin On The Death Of Her Pony

Erin will remember when others have forgot
Her lovely Shetland pony Camelot
Loose on the road and luck not on his side
Struck by a car near Belgrave Heights he died.

Life can be cruel it's always been that way
And for damage done to car poor Erin has to pay
She lost her pony that not bad enough
And huge damage bill makes it that much more tough.

A pony's just a pony some people might say
And they cost a lot to keep on corn and hay
But those who love horses don't look at cost
And when their equine die they grieve for friendship lost.

In cards her friends have sent their sympathy
They know how hard for her this has to be
And though sympathy won't recover her loss
Her friends are there for to help her bear her cross.

And long after all the others have forgot
Poor Erin will remember Camelot
Her little horse who died on the Roadway
Near Birdsland where his bigger horse friends stay.
Francis Duggan

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So Loftily Silent

Why buy newspapers when you refuse to discuss
anything appearing in it, totally unconcerned that
the farmers are tortured on their farms, killed for
their money and livestock - as long as YOU are
safe in a cushy job while the rest of the country
burns and dies and goes down the drain, you
simply will not say anything

FINE, swallow your bloomin' newspapers, delight
in your existence without sympathy wasted on farmer
martyrs - their function of food provision does not
concern anybody, especially the government, who
cares what happens to anybody as long as they
are safe far away from children suffocated in
boiling water, people burned with hot irons

Why should you care, you can import food from
overseas or anywhere, who needs farmers here
in South Africa, you cannot be bothered even to
express sympathy with their fate, may you wash
your hands in innocence while the country burns,
following your political masters who see the land
as just another Tunisia to be sucked dry

By government and all their acolytes; destroy all
private business until the state is bankrupt and
international groups must administrate the remains
of their destruction - oh well, I am glad you are all
so happy while these people cry unto heaven -
retribution follows when people are exploited,
hope you will be so loftily silent then…
Margaret Alice Second

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