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Best Poems About / On SYMPATHY
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So Loftily Silent

Why buy newspapers when you refuse to discuss
anything appearing in it, totally unconcerned that
the farmers are tortured on their farms, killed for
their money and livestock - as long as YOU are
safe in a cushy job while the rest of the country
burns and dies and goes down the drain, you
simply will not say anything

FINE, swallow your bloomin' newspapers, delight
in your existence without sympathy wasted on farmer
martyrs - their function of food provision does not
concern anybody, especially the government, who
cares what happens to anybody as long as they
are safe far away from children suffocated in
boiling water, people burned with hot irons

Why should you care, you can import food from
overseas or anywhere, who needs farmers here
in South Africa, you cannot be bothered even to
express sympathy with their fate, may you wash
your hands in innocence while the country burns,
following your political masters who see the land
as just another Tunisia to be sucked dry

By government and all their acolytes; destroy all
private business until the state is bankrupt and
international groups must administrate the remains
of their destruction - oh well, I am glad you are all
so happy while these people cry unto heaven -
retribution follows when people are exploited,
hope you will be so loftily silent then…
Margaret Alice Second

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Unconscious Sufferer

Tossed his hands in the air
Had it up to here, would no
longer take the time to lay
one hand near her; she sat
down to cry, was looking
for sympathy, but it was no
where to be found, he closed
the door behind him softly;
more softly than she had
ever treated him - lied from
the start; was not love at
first sight, but supposedly
fell in love over time; he
often suspected that she
also cheated; the irony
was that she threw him
out, with nothing more than
the clothes on his back -
that's gratitude for twenty
eight years, and on top of
that she played on her own
family's sympathy; but the
one that was really hurt
was the son - he was the
unconscious sufferer.

Robert Sheridan

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One Last Resort

Days go by without sympathy, my wandering mind is no comfort
surrounded by a world of gray, I have no more resorts

Hidden within a sea of people, I am not seen
I ponder what this life is about, and what it really means

As bad as heartbreak sounds, the real thing's so much worse, It stabs at me at every minute, an endless, greedy curse

And yet I find relief in the strangest of ways, perhaps more pain is all I need, to make me feel okay Still i cannot comprehend how again, people learn to love... maybe those few are given special strength from above To trust again, I doubt I will, inside me settles enough anger to kill..
and again the days go by without sympathy,
as my wandering mind swims within gray, I have one last resort,
and nothing more to say.
rachel kathleen moses

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Electronic Support

And as long as I don’t see
You on the television
Or I don’t hear about
You on the radio

Or I don’t even read about
You on the national newspapers
Everything you are telling me
That it is happing to you

I would consider them
As a pure fantasy
As a pigmentation of your
Own imagination

I can even go as far as
To advice you to become a novelist
I can even get angry
If you still persist to talk to me

About the all situation
If you still want me to believe you
If you still want to get my sympathy
If you still want me to help you

With the kinds of sufferings
That you are going through everyday
With the kinds of oppressions
That you are experiencing

With the kinds of famine and malaise
That your wife and children are being victim of
Get on television
Make a radio broadcast

Invite a writer to write about you
Not any kind of writer
A journalist
I insist a journalist

To write about you…Otherwise
I would find it boring to read
So, in short, get some kind of
Electronic Support to inform me

About your problems
While I am in comfort of my house
In my car or even in my office
Then I can believe you

Then you can get my sympathy
Then I can inform the all world
That you are indeed in need
Otherwise…Don’t bother me…

Frederick Kambemba Yamusangie

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