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Poems On / About SYMPATHY  5/30/2015 7:22:53 AM
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look into my eyes and see what i see
walk in a mans shoes and you will feel sympathy
a picture they say is worth a thousand words
life is a musical just add the chords
if a smile does not reach a mans eyes
you know inside are sad tales and lies
shanice harris

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I'M Not God

I'm not God, but... I'm here, just tellin' you & sayin' that I'ma be here for you always, more than you'll ever know, I might just not come out & show, how this world can be not a dog, but a bitch.
I'm tellin' you, things are changin' now and you can't keep up with what's happening, but you cannot be my friend and think your life's failing drastically.

I'm not God, but... I can't change what's gonna happen in the future, if you feel nothing's gonna get better, still try not to lose it, cruise with it, that's what life wants you to do with it, move with it, don't stand still, you gotta groove with it.

I'm not God, but... I'll be by your side, when you cry, I'll dry your eyes, I'll try to control your feelings, yes, Trisey has sympathy...

So, believe in me and understand what life can do to you because I'm not God.
Lady Lyrical Kay

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The Latent Weight...

Enmity diplomacy surpasses a fantasy
On approaching ecstasy reacts wit,
Feelings deprived sympathy fatal feature,
Loneliness pathology anomalous activity
Dark substances the latent weight of installed
Gioom Galen

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A Sulkin'

When you are unhappy, child, O you solemn stubbornity, awkward unfortunate, you repel kindness and concerned enquiry. You dark and dull lows are inkblotts on the otherwise unblemished page of youth. Now your exhausted tears are average and humdrum in the offended and uncaring eyes of your ancient, worn companions. They shall not extend their warm love beyond their merry and righteous circles that you have so ungracefully shrugged from your reach. Do you want to be consoled? Do you ask for unfaltering sympathy? Blind-Eye acceptance? Of course you now realise those systematic errors, but on which occasion? The third? The fourth? Not the last. Yes, you and I have sung this tune before.
Woe. Idiocy. Regret.
Idiocy! For you are a fool, and eleven types of arse. you stagnant social leper, self-destroying prisoner. You, unnappreciative queen, unsatisfied beggar. Hideous untruth, miserable love. You have only a mirror to pound, your own body to break. You summon dispute, you create unhappiness, You brought this on yourself.
Jane Delahunty

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Poems On / About SYMPATHY