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Poems On / About SYMPATHY  9/16/2014 8:29:37 PM
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Grim Reaper

Death, bringer of
Dreadful, grim injustice
With his cloak built of
And composed of
Woven shadows
And broken dreams
The light playing sickly
Off his blood-stained
Scythe that glows with
The souls of the
Damned and dead
Broken and desperate
Sinners and innocents alike
His sullen, empty eyes
Read no mercy, emotion,
Or sympathy
The only thing that
Drives his soulless form
Is the whip
Snapping in the back of his mind
That is his revenge
Hovering sombrely
Hovering sinisterly
Hovering dutifully
Hovering patiently
Calling the names
Of those whose
Time has ended
So others can begin.
Amanda Vid

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steam and the solo

there is an
unwritten agreement between us
we aren't getting ourselves in the way
and in this way
we aren't stopping by at ourselves

after all, quietly for ourselves
we sometimes try to imagine how it will be
like .. when unintentionally we are
on the same path, I know it.

what will he reweigh?

rough quiet nature
the mutual sympathy
or the resignation from
what very well is smelt

I am collecting strong umbrellas...
czasmi I like to heat up.
Maria Barbara Korynt

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All on Earth

I died so many times in empathy,
Cried so many rhymes in sympathy,
Dreaming out the horrors in the dark
Imbibing all the agony. Embark
I must, on travels out from gentle home
A flagellating path; a track to roam:

I am to Hell to go, to ruin, aflamed,
And there, in queerest irony, be framed
In curse: what all on dubious earth have done:
The race to kill our planet has begun.

Copyright Mark R Slaughter 2009
Mark R Slaughter

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Broken Heart

Wasted My Time All On You
Making Me Feel Really Blue
Realising That You Hurt Me
Just So Everyone Can See
That You've Lost The One You Love
To The One You Like
I Know This Might Come Across As Spite
But Taking Me Back Out Of Sympathy
Is Pathetic That You Couldn't Tell Me
That You Didn't Love Me From The Start
So Here We Go Again With My Broken Heart....
Georgina Ashton

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