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Poems On / About SYMPATHY  1/27/2015 4:21:08 AM
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Making peace with you
Is hard for me to do
But I got to feel it first in my heart
And wait
If it bugs me to the point that
Annoys me than I will make it
I feel that forcing someone to do it is not good
It doesn't have to be right away
I want to make peace with you now
I am not just saying for the luck of saying
I realize that we need each other now
Fighting is not good for us
I have to show my sympathy towards you
Give you my love
And reward you for what you do best
Knowing you for so long now
You are my friend, my other family
Our dark days are now over
Aldo Kraas

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Grim Reaper

Death, bringer of
Dreadful, grim injustice
With his cloak built of
And composed of
Woven shadows
And broken dreams
The light playing sickly
Off his blood-stained
Scythe that glows with
The souls of the
Damned and dead
Broken and desperate
Sinners and innocents alike
His sullen, empty eyes
Read no mercy, emotion,
Or sympathy
The only thing that
Drives his soulless form
Is the whip
Snapping in the back of his mind
That is his revenge
Hovering sombrely
Hovering sinisterly
Hovering dutifully
Hovering patiently
Calling the names
Of those whose
Time has ended
So others can begin.
Amanda Vid

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On the right side of leftover need,
Trying to dropp a want...
In an empty pot not heated.
And not use to steaming up,
A sympathy to catch...
An empathy others can not see,
Or feel.
This is the reality,
Of attempting to appeal
To a superficiality,
Too long fed on a diet of pretensions!
Lawrence S. Pertillar

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The Sad Shepherd's Passion of Love

O Gentle Love, ungentle for thy deed,
Thou makest my heart
A bloody mark
With piercing shot to bleed.
Shoot soft, sweet Love, for fear thou shoot amiss,
For fear too keen
Thy arrows been,
And hist the heart where my beloved is.
Too fair that fortune were, nor never I
Shall be so blest,
Among the rest,
That Love shall seize on her by sympathy.
Then since with Love my prayers bear no boot,
This doth remain
To cease my pain,
I take the wound, and die at Venus' foot.
George Peele

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