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Poems On / About SYMPATHY  3/2/2015 1:00:30 PM
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The Sad Shepherd's Passion of Love

O Gentle Love, ungentle for thy deed,
Thou makest my heart
A bloody mark
With piercing shot to bleed.
Shoot soft, sweet Love, for fear thou shoot amiss,
For fear too keen
Thy arrows been,
And hist the heart where my beloved is.
Too fair that fortune were, nor never I
Shall be so blest,
Among the rest,
That Love shall seize on her by sympathy.
Then since with Love my prayers bear no boot,
This doth remain
To cease my pain,
I take the wound, and die at Venus' foot.
George Peele

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* Tears and Sighs

Tear-waves of
Passion and Elation,
Pain and Plight,
Sympathy and Empathy .
Of feelings
Known and unknown,
Surging from the bottomless lake
Of emotions within
Do not always
Reach the shores of eyes.
Sensitivity rocks them,
Sensibility stops them
And they remain
Crushing and crashing,
Soaking and choking,
Spreading and expanding,
Evaporating and fuming
Burning the being
As silent sighs
Vapourized tears,
Till they escape out
To dissolve and dissipate
Into the Endless,
If not pacified and calmed by
Soothing stretches of Love.


(Inspired by 'Time Place and Action' by Arkay Das)
Vanita Thakkar

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Wanton Woman

I last saw you on frames
Worshiped by gods and demi-gods
Now, you walk once again
In my path for sympathy
Wanton woman
How i envy your beauty
Yet cry for your sorrows

Could this be a weakness
Or just vanity
For i know in the end
It would be us
Walking in shades of green
For comfort and a fan
Or just an avid listener
Meggie Gultiano

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Grim Reaper

Death, bringer of
Dreadful, grim injustice
With his cloak built of
And composed of
Woven shadows
And broken dreams
The light playing sickly
Off his blood-stained
Scythe that glows with
The souls of the
Damned and dead
Broken and desperate
Sinners and innocents alike
His sullen, empty eyes
Read no mercy, emotion,
Or sympathy
The only thing that
Drives his soulless form
Is the whip
Snapping in the back of his mind
That is his revenge
Hovering sombrely
Hovering sinisterly
Hovering dutifully
Hovering patiently
Calling the names
Of those whose
Time has ended
So others can begin.
Amanda Vid

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