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Poems On / About SYMPATHY  2/13/2016 7:37:58 PM
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Best Poems About / On SYMPATHY
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Lack Of Sympathy

She tries to feel sympathy for the boy who cries
Looking deep into his eyes
She wants to comfort him and say it is alright
Most likely though it is not alright
She can’t lie to this boy who will not go
She can tell him that there’s something’s he doesn’t know

She tries to say don’t cry baby for you mother
Begs to believe that someday she’ll see her father
These words do not slip her lips
Because she knows the feel of wrong fingertips

She would have loved to say brother don’t drink and drive tonight
Given up her own life to save him from that terrible sight
Where blood and death made home
But all she does is sit and write about it in poems.

She wants to feel that grace of sympathy
But how can she
So all she says is this
Yes it is horrible to lose a father
Never to return home to say I love you and goodnight
Pleading to God why did he have to go
Yes for your father to be dead when twelve is sad
But for him to touch you when you’re eight you just wish him so
Mel Mack

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the darkness consumeth the light I so long for
The deepness of a conversation turn sour
Crinkling the noses of others as one would do to a foul smell
A rotting corpse laid out at their feet
And in their manner they look apon it with annoyance
And bother no sympathy for a human being such as ones self?
The darkness trembles at my wrath
Letting light in as it does so
The terrified eyes calm me none
As the slaughter begineth in my head
Limbs of these horrible creatures flying round the room
But then I feel horrified of ones self
Seeming as heartless as my own foes
I shrink back into the darkness for fear if seeing myself in the light
A corpse
No doubt
That upturns and crinkles noses with annoyance and bother
No sympathy for a human such as thine self
Yet temptation still ringeth in my ears
As the morn aproaches
Yet still another day among the heartlessness of humanity
mystery writer

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My Sympathies Are With The People Of Iraq

It won't be Saddam Hussein who will suffer or any of his kin and family
No doubt for themselves they'll find a safe haven and of any worries there they can live free
No it's the poor and the innocent civilians those who have known heartbreak and poverty
Who are doomed to suffer as they've never suffered as the victims of man's inhumanity.

The bomber jets for their dirty work are ready, the powerful armies of the west primed for attack
And the army generals on George W waiting just for five words 'We declare war on Iraq'
My sympathies are with the Iraqi people and my disappointment is in Bush and Blair
Yet it's not too late for them for a change of heart and millions of people needless suffering spare.

George W Bush will never be a hero if he will punish the Iraqi poor
But what would he know about the poor and homeless when he himself has always been financially secure
He doesn't seem to care about the poor of his own Country so why should he care about the poor of another Land,
Why such people have such power at their disposal is something I would not even try to understand.

When he talks about Saddam Hussein and Iraq one can see the manic look in the eyes of Tony Blair
To declare war with him seems an obsession he talks about it with an angry stare
I'm sure like many Americans many of the British people do not want war but in the end they will not have a say
The dogs of war to those for peace don't listen as they as usual will have their own way.

This war supposedly about Iraq's hidden nuclear weapons that's if you wish to believe all you hear
But that's just an excuse offered for conflict as this war will be for oil it would appear
The poor of Basra and Baghdad enough have suffered and their civil rights again under attack
And though my sympathy to them of little value I pity those poor people of Iraq.
Francis Duggan

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Must We Believe Everything They Tell Us

When this so called Coalition Of The Willing will have annexed Baghdad and Saddam will have finally met his fate
They may have parades for to honour their war heroes but will they have that much to celebrate?
Twenty five million people around the world in refugee camps
And add to that at least another three
And three million refugees for to get rid of every despot is a huge price to pay for so called liberty.

My sympathies are with the Iraqi people around them bombs exploding everywhere
In war there's only death and grief and suffering and any war it never has been fair
And those who create wars are sowing the seeds of their own karma and to karma we all have a price to pay
And it is true that we all reap what we sow and our past sins will catch up with us one day.

I fee so sad, confused and disappointed they say the last straw breaks the camel's back
The poor souls of Iraq enough have suffered and once again they are under attack
The world refugee camps overcrowded they are the people with nowhere to go
And they must flee to Lands where they will not be welcome and only disappointment they will know

My sympathy to them of little value for words are such an easy thing to say
The people of Iraq enough have suffered for Saddam's sins must they be made to pay?
And bombs exploding in Baghdad and Basra and terror follow the war sirens of the night
And must we believe everything they tell us like might will rule and might is always right?
Francis Duggan

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