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Best Poems About / On SYMPATHY
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The Cowardliest Of The Cowardly

Those who take hostages and behead them are the cowardliest of men
For their cause in this way sympathy they cannot hope to win
For themselves they sow the worst of foredoom if for their heinous crimes they do not pay
Then the bad karma they've sown for themselves will catch up with them one day.

They always wear balaclavas when they appear with their hostages on t v
For to hide from the World their facial identity
They lack in a sense of self worth and they lack in hope and faith
For to commit such crimes against humanity they must be consumed with hate.

I pity their unfortunate hostages who are innocent of any crime
Their hard luck to be in the wrong place and there at the wrong time
For days they agonize and they worry as to what might be their fate
Of the good condemned to suffer we hear so much of late.

They are the cowardliest of the cowardly of them is all that can be said
And their bodies only living the souls in them are dead
And though the evil in them was created by a war
They have taken fundimentalism that one step too far.

The cowardliest and the most callous of people just those and nothing more
But one day karma will catch up with them for to level up the score
Those who take life so cheaply cannot expect any sympathy
Since they commit the most heinous of crimes against humanity.
Francis Duggan

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Lack Of Sympathy

She tries to feel sympathy for the boy who cries
Looking deep into his eyes
She wants to comfort him and say it is alright
Most likely though it is not alright
She can’t lie to this boy who will not go
She can tell him that there’s something’s he doesn’t know

She tries to say don’t cry baby for you mother
Begs to believe that someday she’ll see her father
These words do not slip her lips
Because she knows the feel of wrong fingertips

She would have loved to say brother don’t drink and drive tonight
Given up her own life to save him from that terrible sight
Where blood and death made home
But all she does is sit and write about it in poems.

She wants to feel that grace of sympathy
But how can she
So all she says is this
Yes it is horrible to lose a father
Never to return home to say I love you and goodnight
Pleading to God why did he have to go
Yes for your father to be dead when twelve is sad
But for him to touch you when you’re eight you just wish him so
Mel Mack

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the darkness consumeth the light I so long for
The deepness of a conversation turn sour
Crinkling the noses of others as one would do to a foul smell
A rotting corpse laid out at their feet
And in their manner they look apon it with annoyance
And bother no sympathy for a human being such as ones self?
The darkness trembles at my wrath
Letting light in as it does so
The terrified eyes calm me none
As the slaughter begineth in my head
Limbs of these horrible creatures flying round the room
But then I feel horrified of ones self
Seeming as heartless as my own foes
I shrink back into the darkness for fear if seeing myself in the light
A corpse
No doubt
That upturns and crinkles noses with annoyance and bother
No sympathy for a human such as thine self
Yet temptation still ringeth in my ears
As the morn aproaches
Yet still another day among the heartlessness of humanity
mystery writer

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True Friend

A true friend is someone who stands by you,
Through good times and the bad.
A true friend is someone who cheers you up,
When you're down and feeling sad.

A true friend is someone who holds you close,
In need of sympathy or care.
A true friend is someone who sometimes isn't around,
But when needed is always there.
Emily Morris

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