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Poems On / About SYMPATHY  5/27/2016 11:02:00 PM
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The Old Man

The old man walks,
Away from home of love,
Towards the crowd of hatred.

The old man sits,
On the floor of sympathy,
Among the crowd of ignorance.

The old man sleeps,
In a pool of tears,
Surrounded by a crowd of laugh.

Then I saw a young man,
Walks towards the crowd of hatred,
To give him a cup of love.

Another young lady,
Stands among the crowd of ignorance,
To give him a scoop of sympathy.

Lastly I saw a teenager,
Swim in the pool of tears,
To paint a smile on his face.
Ismim Putera

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The Boats Keep On Arriving

They come in boats the boats seem over crowded the poor unwanted from Lands far away
Only to be taken to detention centres and told that in this Land you cannot stay
To come this far they've sold all of their worldly possessions and for rejection a huge price they pay
But still the refugee boats coming southwards and more and more arriving every day.

The authorities do not make them feel welcome and the message given to them is quite clear
In our Country of your type far too many you must go back you are not welcome here
You have entered this Land of ours illegally and we will not
give sympathy to you
You have come here without i.d. or passports and you have jumped the immigration queue.

And every day the boats keep on arriving the crowded boats that bring the refugees
From Countries where human rights are non existent ravaged by wars, droughts, famines and disease
Lands bombed by foreign powers for selfish reasons the victims of man's inhumanity
Are coming south in boat loads in their thousands from war torn distant Lands beyond the sea.

The Government build new detention centres these people must
not be shown sympathy
We cannot be seen to be soft on such a matter they have entered our Land illegally
And though we supported those who bombed their Country for the displaced we are not obliged to care
And if they come here then we will deport them they can go back home or go to live elsewhere.
Francis Duggan

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To Erin On The Death Of Her Pony

Erin will remember when others have forgot
Her lovely Shetland pony Camelot
Loose on the road and luck not on his side
Struck by a car near Belgrave Heights he died.

Life can be cruel it's always been that way
And for damage done to car poor Erin has to pay
She lost her pony that not bad enough
And huge damage bill makes it that much more tough.

A pony's just a pony some people might say
And they cost a lot to keep on corn and hay
But those who love horses don't look at cost
And when their equine die they grieve for friendship lost.

In cards her friends have sent their sympathy
They know how hard for her this has to be
And though sympathy won't recover her loss
Her friends are there for to help her bear her cross.

And long after all the others have forgot
Poor Erin will remember Camelot
Her little horse who died on the Roadway
Near Birdsland where his bigger horse friends stay.
Francis Duggan

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My Sympathies Are With The People Of Iraq

It won't be Saddam Hussein who will suffer or any of his kin and family
No doubt for themselves they'll find a safe haven and of any worries there they can live free
No it's the poor and the innocent civilians those who have known heartbreak and poverty
Who are doomed to suffer as they've never suffered as the victims of man's inhumanity.

The bomber jets for their dirty work are ready, the powerful armies of the west primed for attack
And the army generals on George W waiting just for five words 'We declare war on Iraq'
My sympathies are with the Iraqi people and my disappointment is in Bush and Blair
Yet it's not too late for them for a change of heart and millions of people needless suffering spare.

George W Bush will never be a hero if he will punish the Iraqi poor
But what would he know about the poor and homeless when he himself has always been financially secure
He doesn't seem to care about the poor of his own Country so why should he care about the poor of another Land,
Why such people have such power at their disposal is something I would not even try to understand.

When he talks about Saddam Hussein and Iraq one can see the manic look in the eyes of Tony Blair
To declare war with him seems an obsession he talks about it with an angry stare
I'm sure like many Americans many of the British people do not want war but in the end they will not have a say
The dogs of war to those for peace don't listen as they as usual will have their own way.

This war supposedly about Iraq's hidden nuclear weapons that's if you wish to believe all you hear
But that's just an excuse offered for conflict as this war will be for oil it would appear
The poor of Basra and Baghdad enough have suffered and their civil rights again under attack
And though my sympathy to them of little value I pity those poor people of Iraq.
Francis Duggan

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