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Poems On / About SYMPATHY  7/10/2014 3:35:34 PM
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Sympathy For The Soldier

I have never seen a wounded man
who lies on the ground from a bullet wound
I have never hated a war so much
and loved our soldiers more
They are in a catch twenty-two
and there is nothing they can do
but wish to see their families
For firing a gun at a man
must seem unappealing
to one's heart
Maybe they are brainwashed
out of thinking that they have a heart
or maybe they try to get rid of it
but for some it just won't die
This confusion to me can only turn to sympathy
for I am unable to give empathy
where empathy cannot be placed
Cokbod Lodwogo

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Close the door, put out the lights
Know they won't be home tonight

Please stay still, she runs beside
Remain silent, poor girl's hurt
I'm not ready to do this yet
Her fever's high, please forget it

Cast me out to the gallows
Ring heated wire 'round my flesh
I've found your trick, I see it well
But again, I fell, leave me be

I hate you so and so you know
You know not who you are, no
Genius! I'm sorry I am so cruel
Bring solace with cheater's lies

I carry neglect in my pocket
And it draws sympathy for you
And don't worry, you have mine too
Perhaps this mistake was the last
Michael S...

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Image In The Mirror

A smoker wants some sympathy
He wants you to understand
The terrible anxious feeling he has
When he's under the cigarette's command

But he also wants you to believe
That he is in total control
That he smokes because he enjoys it
This image is also his goal

No wonder he cannot break from this dreadful affliction
He doesn't know what's fact and what is fiction
Well, just to make things a little clearer
When you look right in the mirror

The image of you being in control
Is wrong, you're just a poor lost soul
Once this truth you fully accept
Escaping addiction, you'll be much more adept

(Sydney, Australia - 2003)
Alessandra Liverani

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The Couple Upstairs

Shoes instead of slippers down the stairs,
She ran out with her clothes

And the front door banged and I saw her
Walking crookedly, like naked, to a car.

She was not always with him up there,
And yet they seemed inviolate, like us,
Our loves in sympathy. Her going

Thrills and frightens us. We come awake
And talk excitedly about ourselves, like guests.
Henry Money

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