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Poems On / About SYMPATHY  10/21/2014 2:55:13 PM
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Riot On Brain Cell Block 3

The emotions were running wild that night
Overpowering the guards and taking over
Threatening to end the serenity of life
Flooding the world with anger, hatred, tears

It was quiet that night on brain cell block 3
When two emotions, greed and lust, got into it
Fighting over which was the most deadly sin
Then, one by one, the other emotions joined in

Tenderness hit Love over the head with a chair
Sympathy punched Compassion in the face
Cowardliness called Fear a chicken
Courage had Bravery in a headlock

The warden sent in his finest
Strength and Determination
But even these two, the strongest of the strong
Were no match for emotions run amok
Harry J. Couchon Jr

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Fundamental of Liar Chapter XXII: Laugh

there's laugh, forced laugh
laugh, gentle rejection without word
laugh, looking sympathy with laugh
laugh but actually doesn't laugh
hiding anger, hiding pain
cheerful laugh but alone inside
why you try hard to impress people?
tired and wounded more
laughing your foolish joke
and crying life in the dark room
laugh for yourself
laugh with your heart
and you'll never regret to try an honest laugh
maria sudibyo

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If you don't love me,
Don't give me false hopes,
Don't speak with your sweet talks.

If I'm not the one you love,
Don't ever greet me,
Don't you sympathy on me.

If I'm only your ordinary friend,
Let me on my own,
Let me realize that you're belonged to somebody else.

Don't you be in my lonely time,
Don't you be in my disappointment time,
'Cause if you do them,
I'll drawn in your love game..
Alexandria Smith Al Fariz

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Rise and fall

My demise was written before I came to life.

Starring down death I
Reach for the light.

Mortality is calling my name but
Yet I dive for infinity.

My pen is my only defense against
the wrath of dignity.

Enslave by my own sympathy
I strive for liberty.

But my demise was writing before I came to life.
Beethovens laguerre

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Poems On / About SYMPATHY