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Poems On / About SYMPATHY  5/22/2015 6:30:23 AM
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It Has Been Seven Years (Tribute To 9/11/01)

It has been seven years
Seven years have gone by
We all still feel a bit winded
When we look towards the sky
A landmark once known as The World Trade Center
Is no longer around
It was shredded to pieces by people who had no sympathy
These people sadly drove it right to the ground
Ronell Warren Alman

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The syllables of spasms and the sympathy of wisdom,
And for all that looks beautiful!
Oh the wonder of love is so big to catch,
And to devoid the usual ubiquitous act.
Glitterati to show but somebody needs love tonight,
And Enno is your lover on this side;
Oh yes! 'Ahomka wo mu'! !
And i will live to see the other side of the river.
Edward Kofi Louis

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I'Ll Sing Sweet Lullaby For You

I'll sing sweet lullaby for you
Getting an optimistic approach started
How the soul feels like a dried leaf
Many sparkling eyes of poor children
Ask us for mere favors
If sympathy is the food of humanity
So what's the light of tender caresses?

(dedicated to a great poet, Adrienne Rich)
Ahmad Shiddiqi

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Could death be the end of your life?

or, Could death is the start of once life?

Could death can promised you peace nor love?

or, just simply nothing above the sky?

Could be death is the only key

for an admiration or sympathy?

or, Could death is only a mask for the reality?
lean punio

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Poems On / About SYMPATHY