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Poems On / About SYMPATHY  8/23/2014 2:29:17 AM
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Write, type, write, type,
Punch away to glory,
We hunt for the readers
Of sadness, happiness,
Separtions, loves,
Hatred, sympathy, emathy,
Nature, vulture,
Jealousy, melacholy,
Harmony, praises, races,
Sex, vex, maximums,
Mininmums, youth,
Booths, breast, bums,
Paradise, heavens,
Satans, gods,
Madness, psychos,
Leavimgs, bereavings,
Breads, roads, ice, mice,
Babies small, big,
In ever going chase,
We dedicate our muse,
For a great no. of readers
Through Poemhunter.

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words to pretend

She writes a letter to a friend
words to pretend
all is well
her sad tale
is met with sad eyes
no advice

her quest for sympathy is done
silence begun
all is hell
love is dead
was it not guilty eyes that let her die?
Jill Barron

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Sympathy For The Soldier

I have never seen a wounded man
who lies on the ground from a bullet wound
I have never hated a war so much
and loved our soldiers more
They are in a catch twenty-two
and there is nothing they can do
but wish to see their families
For firing a gun at a man
must seem unappealing
to one's heart
Maybe they are brainwashed
out of thinking that they have a heart
or maybe they try to get rid of it
but for some it just won't die
This confusion to me can only turn to sympathy
for I am unable to give empathy
where empathy cannot be placed
Cokbod Lodwogo

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A Smile

A smile for hello
for good morning,
and good night

A hug for I am sorry,
for good job,
and please don't cry

A tear for death,
for sympathy,
and for joy

A scream for how could you,
for I'm hurt
and please don't die

A bully for i hate you,
for your weak and have no friends,
and for a broken heart

A friend for I like you,
your fine for who you are,
and for the power to heal a broken heart
susan Johnston

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Poems On / About SYMPATHY