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Poems On / About SYMPATHY  10/26/2014 12:56:41 AM
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Listening to the love songs on the radio
I stare at the little blade of cheap metal
It can do so much damage
My scars you can see

Yet it's the only one I can turn to
Knows all my pain
Knows my broken heart
And the taste of crimson blood

The pain it causes is welcome
Over the pain they cause
My little friend knows me,
My soul, and eats it up

Sometimes I get smart and don't look
At my little blade, my friend
But I'm so predictable, it loves me
And I hate my need for that little piece of metal

Its sympathy cuts so deep
Body and soul it slices through
And though I hate that thing,
It's my only happiness
Angel Smith

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She told us she'd be ok
Don't worry
I believed her

Doctors gave us hope
Medical miracles
Too good to be true

Positive attitudes and cheer
Only on the outside
Everyone smiling

She is always strong
Ignoring the pain
Lifting us up

So many tears
In front of no one
Kleenex in the trash

Never giving in to fear
Or admitting a struggle
Unbearable anguish

Resisting sympathy
Instead sharing eternal love
Indestructable mother

Cancer isn't fair
She is unbreakable
Mothers live forever

Kristine Harper

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Family Disease

the curse of siblig rivalry,
usually arrives with the second child
Cain marked Esau disinherited
Joseph in the well

loves his brother, loves his sister
hugs them a bear's embace,
in the hierarchy of love
preference and guilt,

cancer of jealousy,
jungle of emotions
hot and furious, branding,
brotherly love and sisterly envy

struggle for affection and property,
clinical and pathological,
and yet the sclaes of justice
sing of sacrifice

sympathy and compassion,
friendship beautiful and rewarding,
why then an only child,
contracts the disease of jealousy
shimon weinroth

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It Has Been Seven Years (Tribute to 9/11/01)

It has been seven years
Seven years have gone by
We all still feel a bit winded
When we look towards the sky
A landmark once known as The World Trade Center
Is no longer around
It was shredded to pieces by people who had no sympathy
These people sadly drove it right to the ground
Ronell Warren Alman

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Poems On / About SYMPATHY