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Poems On / About SYMPATHY  7/24/2014 6:24:54 AM
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Something about silence.

Under a shattered cloud sky
Words spoken that will bleed you dry
Of sympathy and charity
It will all be swelled to burst
And the bag will resonate
Across your remaining years
Never able to forget the words spoken
And the emotions following
Then the screaming emptiness
That silences it all
Judah Quintana

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the boy born blind

how do you
explain to him
what he is missing,

how do you explain
to one who has no crave
for Him.

to a born blind boy,
are in the tips of the fingers,

love and sympathy
in the ear drums,

every thing else
in the mother's clasp.

still then
no amount of
tracing in the fingers,
no amount of explanations,
no amount of claspings
to the closest beat
of mother's bosom,

would explain to him
the concept and workings
of somebody called
samyak jain

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Write, type, write, type,
Punch away to glory,
We hunt for the readers
Of sadness, happiness,
Separtions, loves,
Hatred, sympathy, emathy,
Nature, vulture,
Jealousy, melacholy,
Harmony, praises, races,
Sex, vex, maximums,
Mininmums, youth,
Booths, breast, bums,
Paradise, heavens,
Satans, gods,
Madness, psychos,
Leavimgs, bereavings,
Breads, roads, ice, mice,
Babies small, big,
In ever going chase,
We dedicate our muse,
For a great no. of readers
Through Poemhunter.

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Die away

Die away, my lost love
And show your false sympathy
Through your teal eyes.
A lie of a love that was never true,
Only blind.
You broke my heart,
Time and time again,
Like a glass swan,
That is put together each time it is shattered.
Many loves, distractions.
Die away.
Satan's Sibling

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Poems On / About SYMPATHY