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Poems On / About SYMPATHY  7/28/2014 5:30:44 PM
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Dead Life

She's invisible to the ones that make her that way
A mask is worn over her
Her eyes are a dead black
And no one dares to look into them
Lifeless and Numb, sorrow stretches through her
Yet she still captures air
Red ice pumps through her veins
There's no sympathy for her heart
Lonliness fills her soul
As it is plucked from her
She rests beyond the grave
Where the souls of dead live
Candy Lemons

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I Will Never Understand

I will never understand the pain that he felt,
I will never understand the feeling he felt,
I will never understand the sympathy he had,
I will never understand the grief he had,
I will never understand his love and passion,
I will never understand the freedom that he faut for,
I will never understand War.
Amanda Prokopowicz

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Difficult Issues

Life is a story
Of pain and pleasure
Where we get a chance
To collect valuable treasures
Tresures that include
Sympathy, help and love
For that is what we all
Want and deserve
And remember whenever
You encounter a difficult issue
Try to solve it with
The patience tissue
And offer your love
Your hand and your smile
For that is what will go
With you long miles
And know that all those
Aches and pains
Comes from God Almighty
To test your gains
And if you're strong
And help others in test
Then you'll be rewarded
With joy and zest
And all your troubles
And your pains and tears
Will be healed with
Infinite peace layer.
Seema Chowdhury

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The Meaning of Sport

If our lives are written in sport,
Endless lines that reach the nethers and tort,
In sympathy and affection; loyalty gone for the reasons of our team,
Are we not tropes of a wider kalideoscope
Where what is not important is transferred to the pub or terraces,
So we can sit it in bars for the sake of a hopeful win
That ends in the tapas room and bearpit
Where we feel locally loyal or nationally proud
And throw our drunken weight, outside, inside
And feel better at the end of an everchanging, inconsequential tide.
David Levitas

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Poems On / About SYMPATHY