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Praise Him, Nelson Mandela

Praise him, this son of Africa
He withstood mudsling’s of apartheid,
From Roben Island, to lead a nation, to set a pace.
Count him not, with other comrades,
Who cling on, un-ashamedly,
Till they are pulled, no sympathy
For subjects, heads had rolled,
Praise him, Nelson Mandela, in peace
He knew prosperity and peace
Who all he did for peace!
Charles Jagongo

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Accusing Someone For Its Own Pitiful Soul

Accuse me of what I hadn't done anything you blame on me its a none sense despicable ironic action. Don't you ask yourself that accusing is wrong and your blaming on me for your own action let me tell you that you are accusing me for nothing got evidence to proof? ! You are wrong; take your own action fool! Mother of hell I always save your back by the blame you put on me I take someone action that doesn't deserve it I'm a fool to believe you would change but I realize you never will change.

I'm fed up with you I will not be your puppet anymore who takes your own blame. Take your own action what are you afraid of hate, anger, or punishment that's life for you. Take your own action of the lies you have done. Unwise without wisdom think before reacting like a fool. You are accusing someone for your own behavioral action.

NOW TAKE IT LIKE A HUMAN FOOL! At last you are paying of the lies you had done. I am released from your chains of words I am free! Now I can move on without sympathy for you. See how it feels now! You are paying of what you had done. Never blame on someone else for your ignorant action the words can't even explain of all the lies you had done.

Be a real human who has respect for one itself and for the other. Without respect no one will take you truthfully. Be truthful to you own pitiful self as towards everyone that surrounds you in life without truth or respect you will be taking as a liar as an ignorant fool that's not worth putting someone's life to change that person for the good then the worse. Be realistic be truthful be respectful no one's help will ever change you.

One must realize and be dedicated of what they really want to accomplished in order to be taking seriously and to change for themselves for the good and if so others need to see that you are willing to change that way they can support you with whatever that is needed in order for your change of goodness towards yourself.

I had barley realize that you are worthless to your own pitiful lifeless soul to have people who willing to trust you once again they told me they showed me in words and signs you are not worth a time in the world to change now go leave me be you are not worth it to be close to me ever again until you see and realize the lies and wrong doing you had done to everyone then you may come back until then I say my last words goodbye for now….
Linda Anguiano

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On Being Stricken With Paralysis

Good friends,
Why waste your time in wailing
And in sympathy for me?

Surely, from time to time,
I shall be strong enough
To move about a bit
As for travel,
On land there are carrying-chairs,
And on the water there are boats;
So, if I can but keep my courage,
What need have I of feet ?
Po Chu-I

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Never will I be the same. You changed my life in every way, you stole my heart you lost my trust, saying sorry's not enough.

Looking deep inside of me and finding no more sympathy you've darkened me you've caused me pain with every single game you played.

I can't find any answers to the questions that I have, horror mixed with sadness, mixed with love I thought I had.

Emotions fill me deep within my heart is black and full of sin. you say you love me all the time is that the truth or just a lie.

Trying to forget you and the things you've said to me, remembering the pain you caused just leads to misery.

I'm incomplete I'm lonely and I'm drowning in your lies, Every time i think about you anger fills my mind.

I'm done with hearing all these words that you don't even mean, you hurt me and you tore my heart this terror makes me scream.

..Never will I be the same. My heart is broken, your to blame..
Sadness Inside

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