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Poems On / About SYMPATHY  4/19/2015 2:53:04 AM
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Best Poems About / On SYMPATHY
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Light Of Darkness

Risking everything in the light of darkness, surrounding
tired interior feelings, standing in corners.

Withholding sympathy from a heart filled with tears of
death for a loved one.

Nothing able to stay stationary, restless and agitated,
wanting to be with them now, never facing the loss
standing upon doorsteps of my mind.

Cautiously, finding a way back to normalcy, hoping to one
day feel joy again.
RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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Short Story About Pain Not A Poem...(This Is Why I Love My Parents So Much)

The early morning hours, she sat in the darkness, afraid to move, afraid to breath, as she listened to the sounds of life outside her door, she had grown accustomed to the sounds of two voices she had grown to hate and despise as they came closer to her room, in their mother tongue she could hear them argue as the wife reassured her husband, that her family and parents would not wake at this time, she was use to their broken pigeon English were they would speak in mother tongue then change to English, she stiffened with fear as the handle to the door slowly moved to open the door.

She saw her aunty first as she nodded her to move and follow her out the door, she could only nod in silence as she moved forward like a zombie towards the hell she knew she would go through, her aunt shrugged her shoulders as she watched her niece move, as she thought to herself, ‘the child has no idea how beautiful she is, HA she shall soon see what I see, an ugly world that will kill her soul…and make her putty in our hands, she giggled to herself as the child followed behind her.

In fear she could only close her ears and eyes to what was to happen next, her aunt had lead her outdoors to the back, as she had been doing for the past year and half when ever her pig of a husband had his urges, she felt no sympathy for the child, she could only remember her own past, men are all pigs, including her husband, she watched and her husband blindly groped her niece squeezing her here and there in her private parts before he lumbered his body on top of hers to indulge is needs, she was only grateful enough to know that, that pig would not be forcing his attention on her tonight.

The child on her part had learnt to become immune, by simply closing herself off to the nightmarish situation, but tonight would be her salvation, because her father had woken to visit their bathroom, when he heard noises coming from outside the house, all he saw was his so called brother on top of his daughter, the rage he felt inside him was beyond anything he had ever felt in a long time, he ran to pull that bastard off her as he heard his daughter whimper in fear, it enraged him even more as he pummelled his brother with every fiber of his being....mother had heard the commotion outside...she came to see what was going on...she listened as my father told her what had been happening.

Without a word she went inside...grabbed there luggage not caring how she threw their belongings in, then back outside she threw it on the ground saying quite clear in English...get off this property...leave us now before I myself will help my husband...now go, they said nothing as my aunt picked their belongings and left our house in shame and disgrace, mother motioned to my father, my dad picked me up and carried me inside, crying we trusted them as he went, mum was shaking visible you could see her anger was making her whole body shake she wanted to scream, but held herself in check, she took her daughter tenderly guided her to the bathroom and cleaned her up as best she could, what she saw was horrific, she had bruises on her upper arms and lower body, her sister in-law was able to hide them when she dressed her daughter up, she was livid she hide them well.

From that night on I was the one that mother and father would always insure that I was never far from them, but I never really noticed I just thought they were trying to suffocate me, you see I had pushed that incident way to the back of my mind, it was forgotten, I never remembered what happened that night, till I grew older, and mum had told me what her and father had did, they didn't want to tell me at first because they felt I deserved a normal childhood, but it still affected me in more ways than could be said.
Kaila George

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On the right side of leftover need,
Trying to dropp a want...
In an empty pot not heated.
And not use to steaming up,
A sympathy to catch...
An empathy others can not see,
Or feel.
This is the reality,
Of attempting to appeal
To a superficiality,
Too long fed on a diet of pretensions!
Lawrence S. Pertillar

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A Hymn Of Praise

The keys and staves demark strait paths
The restless note must travel on;
The note's the beast that carries
The burden of the sound.

Music evokes a sympathy
In willing heart, the symbol of
A presence, constantly descending,
White wings of endless love.


To Sandra
Will Barber

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