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Poems On / About SYMPATHY  7/31/2014 6:26:59 AM
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is this sympathy?

The drums were beaten
And the food that was cooked
Could not be eaten

People had drunk much
And now turned drunkards
The news was so piercing
To hear
The pain was so heavy
To bear

At the obsequies
The piano composed songs in melodies
From its keys
Nothing on two legs could dance
When given the chance

Oh commiserations given to the hurt
Oh raising the elegies of the heart
Oh when there is a foresight
Of its absence in the days ahead
Is this sympathy?
Elorm Dogbo

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Autumn Cicada

It embraced the withering tree in autumn.
Time passed away and good fortune had not come.
Its sad chirping noise startled the frustrated walker.
In sympathy, he shook his head and walked slower.

From Charles Wu in Hong Kong, China.

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Charles WOO

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Forgotten Is Best

The heartaches and breakups posted
daily should engender sympathy, I suppose,
but something recalcitrant in me
says forget about it!

Get on with living your life!
Though I know that for some
bellyaching and tears in verse
is all they got to salve the sores!

Forgotten is often the best
way to go in this vale of tears!
Michael Pruchnicki

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Breaking Your Heart

As I say those words
I feel your heart break
Im guilty for ripping apart
the love you gave me
Your torn because of me
and I sit here with no regret
and no sympathy
Just a bucket of guilt
pouring over me
Your still sweet and loving
And all I can do is wonder why?
I take your heart and throw it away
but you fall deeper in love with me
As I feel your weakness makes me stronger
powerful and more independant
MeganOlivia Maxwell

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Poems On / About SYMPATHY