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Poems On / About SYMPATHY  9/23/2014 3:19:57 AM
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How do you reckon
With, I can't do it anymore
Sit down and cry
Lament and moan all those Cans

Throw yourself on the ground
In a tantrum wail and groan
Or take pride in complaining
Throw up your hands supplicating

Seek sympathy and clucking tongues
And worded empty identity
Or simply retort, I can't anymore
To become a frustrated bore

Or be brave and try
To do what can be done
shimon weinroth

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There is a spirit that lives in me
There is a light that shines in me
There is blood that runs through my thick veins
There is some energy that runs through my body
There is a pure smile in me
There is some love in me to give to others
There is some sympathy in me for others
There is some gratitude in me
There is some kind of understanding in me for others
There are some good qualities in me
There is some openness and honesty in me
There is a God that lives in my heart
There is a special gift in me that God gave me
There is a beautiful human being in me full of feelings
Aldo Kraas

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I want to write

I want to write on something
Make you to hear my painful
Screams of my heart and
Tormented soul
Screams of those yearnings which
Never yearned

I want to write on feeling I
Make you to feel my inner
Pain of loneliness and
Shattered dreams
Pain of the lost love which
Never ought

I want to write on my dying
Make you to weep just single
Tear drop
Tear for the rhymes I wrote
With blood
Tear of sympathy of not
Being loved

I want to write on death
Make you to smile and toast
Thou raised
Toast for the death of another
Useless being
Toast for the broken heart with
Hushed screams
Asif Baloch

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I dont know what happened, my mind, unraveled
The decision is made, the only sound is the gavel
I sink to the dark, try to escape
But it would seem that the world has decided my fate
My ability has failed me, no way to succeed
No sympathy as I continue to bleed
Doomed to hellfire, I try to resist
But my name has already been scratched from the list
Pain and fear creep into my being
Things that Im not used to seeing
My heart and soul are filled with disgust
A requiem played as Im given to dust
Macklin MacKenzie

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Poems On / About SYMPATHY