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Poems On / About SYMPATHY  7/13/2014 9:01:13 AM
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Emotions of loss

Emptiness, sadness hollow like eggs
Siblings once close, now far from near
Orphaned by nature, like a hurricane it hit
News like a howling wind
Destruction its path

Sympathy and condolences
Its what every one expects
Ears shut down, I don't want to hear
Child have faith she's watching from above

Words of comfort, yet how do they know?
Is there a ladder to heaven for adults alone
Mother if there is then please climb down
Like jack and the bean stalk
We will then cut it down
Dianne jennifer Stephens

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A Virtue Well Tested

'Patience, my child'
said with a loving touch
to calm the little one's restlessness,
that time is not moving quite fast enough

'Patience, my child'
said with a time tested grin
to teach another of time's leisureliness,
that eventually, life will begin

'Patience, my child'
said with a knowing heart
to mend the young one of their brokeness,
that one day, love will start

'Patience, my child'
said with much sympathy
to give insight to life's wretchedness,
that Providence remains almighty

'Patience, my child'
said to a tired heart and mind
to soothe the pain of his lonliness,
that soon Rest he will find
Katherine Rhodes

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There is a spirit that lives in me
There is a light that shines in me
There is blood that runs through my thick veins
There is some energy that runs through my body
There is a pure smile in me
There is some love in me to give to others
There is some sympathy in me for others
There is some gratitude in me
There is some kind of understanding in me for others
There are some good qualities in me
There is some openness and honesty in me
There is a God that lives in my heart
There is a special gift in me that God gave me
There is a beautiful human being in me full of feelings
Aldo Kraas

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She is....!

She is the Symbol of many.....!
Her life has long history
She is.......
Beauty, Gratitude
Grace, Admiration, Sympathy
Innocence, Purity, Secrecy, Friendship...
Plotonic Love,
Passion, Calm
Slavish devotion, Protection, Good Luck
Reverence and Humility, Feeling of Love, and goddesses
Above all Superstition......
blood of the Christian martyrs, Virgin Mary.Tear of Prophat
She is bit Tall
Her nails are sharp thorns
She wear petals and sepals
She is none but ROSE.
Syed Ali Sagar

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