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Poems On / About SYMPATHY  5/1/2016 8:23:37 PM
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Fortitude (Prose)

Turbulent emotions like forceful tides banging on the gates of my heart.
I lie on the bed; looking up from my pillow not seeing the stars.
I curl up, legs and arms - a tangled mess. I shut my eyes and imagine you there with me by my side. Drag me into sweet oblivion.
I go to sleep; his wide red eyes coming closer in the shaded space gazing at me.
The danger of its breath burdening the air on my face.
I see myself dipped in black blood his head eclipses the silver moonlight
This is me, I swallow the pain, grovel on the floor in fear and knock my head against the cold walls in anger.
Surrounded by twisted shadows that feast on sympathy and agony.

Heavy breast I know this place, been here before, I can direct my bare feet cross the floor blindfolded; I flew around desperately till I fell exhausted and bashed my skull
a temporary state soon the sun came up towards my bruiesed body and poked it with a golden ray; I rocked and twisted around myself the morning breeze picked me up, opened the window, then opened its hands and released its grip.
Sameera Alshaikh

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Wounding Words

With icy stance waiting to embark
And like darts pierce a heart
And sympathy shown to none
Hurtful syllables one by one
Wounding words linger on and on

With no words of comfort to the soul
And bitterness rough and cold
And injury felt so prime
Healing only in passage of time
Wounding words are imbedded in a child's mind
Ron Pate

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If Only You Knew

If u knew!
You yelled at me i made my self strong
While i knew dat am shattered inside
You told me that you don't care yet you still look up to me for help
If only you knew that i wet my pillow just for you every night
You made me your doormat while you tell me that am your wife
If only you knew that you are bruising my heart
You told me how useless am i to u but you always need my help
If only you knew that you caused hatred in my loving heart
I cried while you were smiling you left me in the dark not concern about the useless human like me
Until you realised that you really need me that life is not easy without me but it was too late for that because you made me an animal with no love and sympathy but cruel to be kind if only you knew you wouldn't continue....
malibongwe bobo

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Poems On / About SYMPATHY