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Poems On / About SYMPATHY  1/29/2015 4:17:17 AM
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Whisk My Soul Away

This pain,
My pain,
Falls down upon the city,
In sheets of rain.

I look not for your pity,
Or sympathy,
But I look to you,
For light,
Not smite,
I look to you,
For relief,
From this grief.

Stop the rain,
Stop my pain,
And whisk my soul away.
Hikari Sonzaku

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Shed New Light

Shed new light on this earth
Prove all your talents and worth
And tell how much you can show
Your kindness and love and sympathy in woe
For this world is walking on the feet
That is holding the world but cannot meet
Whose path crosses all hills and dales
Hands in hands with courageous vale
So always stay prepared and see how you can
Act as a nice and a kind man
And show others that you are worth
By shedding new light on this earth.
Seema Chowdhury

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Poems On / About SYMPATHY