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Poems On / About SYMPATHY  7/31/2014 10:31:18 AM
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Every Dollhouse

The mother always humble, always there
With a smile that will last forever
No regret, no remorse, just there
To question or deny has never crossed her mind
She will always be there

The father, always strong, always there
With the power to rule his throne
No sympathy, no mercy, just there
He will always be the shadow lurking
He will always be there

The children always wise, always there
To impress and obey whenever told
Never to deny, just there
To follow is there command
They will always be there

The dollhouse, always there
Full of sheeple, doing what they were made to do
No thought, or feeling, always there
And where would the house be
In your mind, always there
Alex Zinni

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Some they avoided a poor ant's funeral

No drums, no marching and no bugles,
Not much crowd as expected
Only few relatives behind the anthill.
The President of ants has sent a deepest sympathy
That's saying; 'Sorry, I am not able to attend your funeral
As I have to be present in an Elephant's wedding.'
nimal dunuhinga

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Happiness Is Dead

Sympathy is what I lack, compassion has left me in the dark, while slowly happiness fades away like faded ink on wet paper

Damp with selfloathing, happiness seeps out like raging waters of emptyness

As the body sleeps, the mind travels along the deepest and dark roads to the co-exhistence of unhappyness,

Like a dying soul, tears of sorrow seeps through thy closed eyes of reality

Though the happiness has ceast to exhist, it is replace with more wishes,

Yet still none is granted for me, simply cause happiness died at 2.6.90.... [ The Birth of Me ]
jonathan wilder

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If I ask you to
Give me more time
To be on my own
Are you going to accept it?
God if I ask you
To have more patience
With me
Are you going to have it?
If I ask you for your sympathy for me
Are you going to have?
If I ask you for your love
Can you give it to me?
Aldo Kraas

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Poems On / About SYMPATHY