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Poems On / About SYMPATHY  8/1/2015 3:15:52 PM
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B: Xx: Wake In Fright

A chameleon amongst the stars
Unable to hide any more.
(It happens every morning) .

A lord takes o'er,
Reawakening fear of The Yabba.

A dark sympathy arises,
Containing all memory,
And generously,
Vermilion surprises.
douglas scotney

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The Touch Of A Rose

As I sit here, alone, in the darkness, awaiting to hear your voice once again.
I remember those words that you once bestowed upon me. With such sweet sympathy.

'Everything dies.
Even love.
Like the decaying petals of a rose. a rose with a voice no less. each petal screaming louder than the last, desperate crys, pleading for there lives. Holding on to that last bit of colour, hoping that they can once again be beautiful. An image, soiled by death.
For you see.
Nothing lasts forever.'

~Wilson Hay Kinley
Wilson Hay Kinley

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It hits me like a poisoned arrow,
Burying itself deep within my heart,
Go now, my love,
For the darkness, it does not care whom it catches,
Take your good intentions, and your fraudulent sympathy,
You were nothing but the devil in disguise,
Now I see,
They say love leaves you blind, but no, not me,
You broke my heart, leaving it in nothing but shattered pieces,
I shall cry, but not for long,
For did you hear them say that revenge was also sweet.
Jemmima Hayes

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Poems On / About SYMPATHY