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Poems On / About TEACHER  5/26/2016 11:30:14 PM
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Back To School

Back to school is great and wonderful Simply because it's the movement from One's first house into one's second House greatly and wonderfully when any School opens its pretty gates to all Newcomers and to all who will resume, It's bringing one's schoolbag anytime With a great and lovely desire to be A pretty student, a pretty teacher, A pretty principal, and all other pretty Employees anytime, anywhere, and everywhere, Back to school always brings back love And all other kinds of co-operation and All other kinds of co-ordination among All students, all teachers, all employees, All parents, all friends, and all other Concerned people when the school opens Its pretty chest to receive all people, Back to school means that any school Opens its first and pretty page towards A happy, wonderful, and great year for All those who share school's pretty life. ______________________________________________________________________

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At School

It was my first day over there With the newcomers of my first school, It was a long, long time ago that I came to school by myself while The other newcomers came accompanied by their kins, I was very happy, so My school was the first step towards a better tomorrow, Some newcomers (kids) cried loudly because They were not accustomed to be alone when their kins left them, For me, I felt differently because I loved school too much, My first school was within a hair's breadth from our house, I was the third kid who went to school in succession, so It was not something new to me, Our school was an old building That was one day a palace for a rich and wealthy family, Schools, at that time, Were old buildings, but they were fabulous, Anyhow I loved my first school at that time, It was the first day when the principal rang a hand's bell and Attendants came together, then All in order went to their classes happily, Every class had its own teacher who cared about the pupils in it, We all sat on our desks, then We had a teacher read our names as a gesture to know each one, We were very happy that we all occupied our places happily, then Time ran out gladly and we were asked to go home to come back in The next day.

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The Teachers

The prophetic eyes of your Teacher
Could see your success in your life
Could guarantee your shining future
Could open the vistas in your life

Respect is the only thing They deserve
With witness, He is your well wisher
Your regards could make your future preserve
Aa! lead your dawns to the shinning noons through your Teachers

The things you do in life, could be more better
If you have a proper Teacher as your supporter
In front of your Teacher, for every moment,
To feather your nest, you have to ponder
God had given your future into the hands of your Teacher
You can serve Him to pick down your stars from the Heaven
amir khan

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For A Teacher

teacher o so wise all do cry of the
bounty sweet words flowing ever
from your lips.
teacher of the bright lights in Brazil
such students are thrilled by
your love of them.
teacher so skilled wayward the
path you haven chosen
to share.
teacher high in canopy tops from
the winds your hand does hold
the keys for tomorrow.
Teacher, its me now, I am full of you,
still you must teach me more, I wait..
Is It Poetry

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