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Best Poems About / On TEACHER
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My Teacher

My teacher is my knowledge bank
If I do not know anything,
I do not hesitate, I am always free & frank…

My teacher motivates me a lot....
That actually helps me,
To improve my power of thought...

When my teacher says, “Well done! ”
I get thrilled, I feel flattered...
I never like to show her my home work undone...

When I forget my lunch, she shares her tiffin
When I am tired, I feel sleepy,
She does not mind to write my next day’s routine...

My teacher never scolds me if I am wrong...
Rather she shows me the way
How to make that part strong....

I always want to impress my teacher...
Not only in studies but everywhere,
Every day I want to perform better...

I love my teacher, I respect her a lot
I should never disobey her
As she teaches me what to do and what not...
Sumita Datta

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Honored To Teacher Salah

In the hands of a gifted teacher
a classroom is a magical place
in the hands of a gifted teacher
There is a smile on each child's face
In the hands of a gifted teacher
Creative energy is everywhere
happiness and love spread all the way
god understood our thirst for knowledge,
And our need to be led..
That's why he sends us creature like this
That by being the right person at the right time
That may be enough to change someone's life
A teacher is a world by itself
That hold hope for anyone else…
A teacher is someone who could see potential
and believe in the best in others
a person that can understand you when you eyes blink
a great teacher is a person deserve to be blessed.
Aya Abbas

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Sonnet: Students’ Duty to Teachers...

Most teachers share knowledge with students all,
And help them learn the things they ought in life,
And train and groom them for the exam-hall,
And eke a livelihood, avoiding strife.

How should students repay their sacrifice,
Devotion, love and labour, teachers lend?
–Obedience, industriousness suffice,
With reverence to teachers till the end.

One can’t repay a teacher’s service, love,
Or priceless time, attention rendered free;
When students toil to rise in life, and prove
Much greater than their teachers tend to be,

It fills a teacher’s heart with joy to know,
His work was useful to students somehow!

Dr John Celes

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Nasrudin's donkeys

it’s graduation day
and the teacher gives awards
to each:
a book to one
a staff to another
silk or precious stones;
and to Nasrudin
the teacher
gives a donkey

It is some years
and the teacher
hears of Nasrudin’s fame
and comes to visit
the House of Prayer Nasrudin oversees
and to pay homage to the Saint
buried just beside

O Nasrudin,
says the teacher -
how great your fame
and vast your following
Tell me, which Eminent Saint
is buried in the mound
beside the House of Prayer
you oversee?

O Master,
says Nasrudin
It’s the donkey
you gave me
It died just 4 years after
and I buried him here
And everyone wants a Saint
so I have not disabused people
of their faith

The teacher nods with a smile
and Nasrudin continues:
But tell me Master –
which Eminent Saint is buried in the mound
beside the House of Prayer
you oversee?

Ah, Nasrudin, says the teacher
though people believe it’s a Saint
it’s really your dead donkey’s mother
Raj Arumugam

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