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At School

It was my first day over there With the newcomers of my first school, It was a long, long time ago that I came to school by myself while The other newcomers came accompanied by their kins, I was very happy, so My school was the first step towards a better tomorrow, Some newcomers (kids) cried loudly because They were not accustomed to be alone when their kins left them, For me, I felt differently because I loved school too much, My first school was within a hair's breadth from our house, I was the third kid who went to school in succession, so It was not something new to me, Our school was an old building That was one day a palace for a rich and wealthy family, Schools, at that time, Were old buildings, but they were fabulous, Anyhow I loved my first school at that time, It was the first day when the principal rang a hand's bell and Attendants came together, then All in order went to their classes happily, Every class had its own teacher who cared about the pupils in it, We all sat on our desks, then We had a teacher read our names as a gesture to know each one, We were very happy that we all occupied our places happily, then Time ran out gladly and we were asked to go home to come back in The next day.

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My Life

my name is cody almond an im 17 yrs old and mmy childhood was great until i met my stepdad rick he was ok until he became a cop and then it all started well its like this everytime i would get into trouble he would would take me in the garage and wep me with anything he could find and sometimes he would make me fight him and he has also killed me three or four times now i have a good my mom and aunt found my real dad and now i talk to him as often as i can im really glad i recently spent the summer up there i had so much fun wellb4 i went up there i transfered schools and ater a week i got expelled for flipping the teacher of but iinstead of the teacher seeing it the vice principal was in there observing and he seen it and said you are suspended until ur hearing then at the hearing they expelled me then i tried gettin my ged that didnt work so now im tryin to get back into regular school sometime next month now a adays i just stay home and thats what i hate about my life i think im just wasting my life a way sitting at home everyday and cleaning up behind everybody when they can clean up behind themselves so my life sucks really bad and what about yours
cody almond

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My Old School

A school is not any building, but It's a pretty entity that elevates Us up in life anytime... We don't go to school just to sit In there, but We learn from what our teachers give Us anytime... I did love my old school that enriched Me with all kinds of knowledge... I loved all my teachers who taught me How to be or not to be... I loved my classmates who accompanied Me through those years of learning... I loved my whole books and my whole Notebooks that I lined in them all my Pretty ideas and all my wonderful thoughts... My old school contained everything that Helped me to be a pretty figure among My whole friends and my whole companions... I do keep my old school's memories in My heart and in my mind for ever and ever... ______________________________________________________________________

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As A Child

My child hood as I grew up was so vary hard, the youngest age that I can remember as a child was nine years old, in I can only remember that because its the year that my mother died, life was vary unfair as a child, as I got a little older my school had a mother daughters day fair, what was I to say to my teacher at eleven years old, so I said nothing to anyone in did not show, in I came to school the next day just to be teased by my class mates, I could only cry all day long as the teacher did or said nothing, I wanted to go home, but she would not let me, she said that kids will be kids to me, but its not the same when you are a kid your self, In I still think that she didnt understand, I knew about sticks-n-stones but who cares about that at eleven years old, all I knew was that it hurt to be teased that you do not have a mother. It brings tears to my eyes everyday to no that I still have nightmares about that day.
Sanita, Lawon Lay

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