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Poems On / About TEACHER  2/9/2016 6:35:48 PM
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Old Female Teachers With Poloroid Cameras Can Catch You Smilin' Surprised.

I once had a substitute teacher with hair of blue...
This fact that i tell to you remains factually true.

One time other i had a female home room teacher with a hairry mustached upper lip...
It gifted her with a five o'clock shadow just under her noses tip.

I once attended a classroom inside a make-shift circle of cabinets
and book shelves and a portable black board.

All this shelving like wagon trained formed inside a school's gymnasium basketball court...
This female teacher, when after we've misbehaved.

T'would fastly whip out her Poloroid Land Camera...
So that she could inform our parents when we were bad, with a
split second visual report.

She was a party pooper this female teacher of ours...
She was a poor sport and also was kind of fat and olden and even
real tiny like short.

So the next time you think that you always have a bad school day...
You could be enrolled in my old alma matter and that of your valuable freedom, you'd have to give up and with pay.

Now you do know what kind of matter this truly does be....
No more free days-only more to be shortly real crappy.

Is that a bad school day? ...
You bet your ass you might kind of say.
Michael Gale

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Teacher Love

My mother is




Teacher is




Father is




Teacher is

School father...

Female or male...

Not differnet for


And Teaching....

Any thing fals...?

No problem....!
otteri selvakumar

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To My Teacher

You are there when we need you

You are there when we are sad

But most of all you care that we succeed.

You are the type of people we look up to

The people we trust,

And and turn to for help

You will always be in my heart and in my prayers

You are the teacher I will never forget

I am sad this will be my last year with you

Know teacher will ever be the same

I will be there for you untill the very end

I really don't want another teacher but you

You know how to get through to kids

You are funny, happy, and crazy but in a good way.

You are the best teacher any

kid could ever ask for

I will never forget you!
Emily Kurete

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The Sisters Jayne

When I went to high school for my secondary education
I was nervous and I was scared and I was also full of hope and anticipation,
I was afraid of no one, especially bullies, so I proudly sat on the bleachers
But, what really terrified me, was the knowledge known by the teachers.

It has been over thirty years since I had graduated from high-school
But, at times I still feel ignorant and sometimes I still am that fool,
I still remember that first day and the gossip and the rumors and the pain
That was inflicted upon the new students, by two teachers, the sisters Jayne.

Singularly and together they taught both English and mathematics
Which had opened my soul and my brain and gave my life its schematics,
Because of them I don't need to count on my fingers or my toes
They taught me how to understand, and also to enjoy poems and write prose.

I believed that they were terrifying, but that was before I took their classes
They were committed and stern and caring; maybe that is why they wore glasses,
With their help along with other teachers, from high-school I finally graduated
Now my words and my future they are now easily read and calculated.

Knowledge it is a gift, it is the opening of the soul and the mind
Without learning from our teachers we all would be scared, and frightened and blind,
I still see the sisters together, one pushes a buggy and the other carries a cane
They still can inflict their knowledge and their damage; they are the sisters Jayne.

Randy L. McClave
Randy McClave

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