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Best Poems About / On TEACHER
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Gratitude To Old Teachers

When we stride or stroll across the frozen lake,
We place our feet where they have never been.
We walk upon the unwalked. But we are uneasy.
Who is down there but our old teachers?
Water that once could take no human weight-
We were students then- holds up our feet,
And goes on ahead of us for a mile.
Beneath us the teachers, and around us the stillness
Robert Bly

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On This Teachers` Day I Salute You My Star Teachers...

SEPTEMBER 5 is celebrated in India as TEACHERS`DAY and the celebration is done on the day which is the BIRTH DAY of Late Dr SARVEPALLI RADHAKRISHNAN [THE SECOND PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF INDIA]who was a great teacher.

On this September 5 I am paying tribute to 6 of my STAR TEACHERS whom I have ever loved, respected and of whom I have ever been proud as they were and are my great teachers of all times.


She was all smiles from morning till evening
With a slightly concave frame and curly hair
She was like a guardian in the class
With no stick in hand and we all loved her.
She was perhaps very beautiful too
But I was too young and innocent to see such things!
She taught us English and Geography and
I still remember the big sun and small earth
She drew on the black board
With the smaller moon trapped between the two,
An eclipse explained but for me it was a sketch of beauty.
She was our Lakshmikutty teacher the most beloved
And I pay tribute to her sweet memory on this day.


He had huge spectacles with thick frame
And he often came into the class like a lightning
As he never wanted to be late by even a minute.
He spoke and spoke in Hindi even as we stared at him,
He taught with care and never fought with hard words
He knew almost every word in Hindi, I bet
But his Hindi was like Greek to Shakespeare.
He was ever merciful to me and my Hindi
And he stood by me when I read the stanzas
Of the day`s poem with unease
And corrected me in almost every line I read.
And he left us to chat among ourselves
Just before the bell
[During the last five minutes Salim Raj and Santhosh my naughty friends would whisper into my ears a lot of mischief about Lucy and Beena who had red lips and chubby cheeks and they sat far from us on their left benches]
He was SP sir whom we looked at with awe
I salute his memory on this great day.


He was the epitome of learning
His mouth spoke sweet Malayalam
And his heart radiated immense care and concern.
He would come near me and comment on my uncombed hair,
Then he would smile at my face,
Oh what a smile it was!
He used to ask me to read aloud each day`s part
And I still remember how I barked at the text book
As the girls sat closing their ears with both the hands.
When he left the class, we felt like a moon moving out!
He was Cherian sir our beloved teacher clad in white and white ever
I salute him on this great day with my eyes cast on the sky.


There was a handsome prince in blue or pink
Who used to storm our brains with his great memory power,
Our Haridas sir, a man pampered by his father
He would teach us how to solve half a dozen problems
In a class in the backdrop of silence all within
And he would never touch a text book before us,
He would tell jokes immortal and we would laugh to no end.
Many a time I saw him smoking alone and
I wondered why he should discolour his red lips
Our timid Lalitha madam often ogled at him
And it was how to begin her romance she thought.
But he, the prince would never look back at her, I bet.
I salute him on this great day of his breed.


He sat like a lion on the brown coloured chair
And taught us ‘Twelfth Night’ and ‘Arms and The Man’.
He sympathized with Viola and stood by reason
And his English flowed like sweet melody recited by a singer.
He would be absent once in a month
And we would look at the man in substitution
With disinterest cast on our faces and minds alike.
He used to be a socialist within
And that made him dearer to me outside the class room
When my SFI* comrades called me out
He would nod at me and I could go out.
He is Varghese sir whom I salute today.


He had an oval face and a huge belly,
His English was American all throughout.
How terrific his classes were!
That accent, that modulation and those Alaskan tales!
All were a great experience to us all
His reading into Emily Dickinson`s death poems
Was beyond what one could expect from
A Professor of his times or these times.
When he taught the Principal would pass by our class room
With a smile transcending his cloak of white fabric.
We once saw his German Shepherd sitting by him
And both of them looked like two halves of a huge lion.
He was Edmund Peters and
I salute him with my eyes cast upwards on this day.


You are all the torch bearers of knowledge and wisdom
And you are all to feel proud of being TEACHERS
I salute you all on this day the 5th of September,2013.
M.D Dinesh Nair

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Visiting The Temple Of Auspicious Fortune Alone On Winter Solstice

Well bottom deep warmth return not return
Sighing cold rain wet withered root
What person more like come to teacher
Not be flower time willing come alone
Deep at the bottom of the well no warmth has yet returned,
The rain which sighs and feels so cold has dampened withered roots.
What sort of man at such a time would come to visit the teacher?
As this is not a time for flowers, I find I've come alone.
Su Shi

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Ch 01 Manner Of Kings Story 27

A man had attained great excellence in the art of wrestling, who knew three hundred and sixty exquisite tricks and daily exhibited something new. He had a particular affection for the beauty of one of his pupils whom he taught three hundred and fifty-nine tricks, refraining to impart to him only one. At last the youth had attained such power and skill that no one was able to contend with him and he went so far as to say to the sultan: "I allow superiority to my teacher on account of his age and from gratitude for his instruction but my strength is not less than his and my skill equal." The king, who was not pleased with this want of good manners, ordered them to wrestle with each other and a spacious locality having been fixed upon, the pillars of state and courtiers of his majesty made their appearance. The youth made an onslaught like a mad elephant with an impulse which might have uprooted a mountain of brass from its place but the master, who knew that he was in strength superior to himself, attacked him with the rare trick he had reserved to himself and which the youth was unable to elude; whereon the master, lifting him up with his hands from the ground, raised him above his head and then threw him down. Shouts were raised by the spectators and the king ordered a robe of honour with other presents to be given to the teacher but reproached and blamed the youth for having attempted to cope with his instructor and succumbed. He replied: "My lord, he has not vanquished me by his strength but there was a slender part in the art of wrestling which he had withheld from me and had today thereby got the upper hand of me." The master said: "I had reserved it for such an occasion because wise men have said: “Do not give so much strength to thy friend that, if he becomes thy foe, he may injure thee.” Hast thou not heard what the man said who suffered molestation from one whom he had educated?

Either fidelity itself does not exist in this world
Or nobody practices it in our time.
No one had learnt archery from me
Without at last making a target of me."
Saadi Shirazi

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