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Best Poems About / On TEACHER
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The Opening of An English-medium School In A Village-town; Resounding With Good Morning, Please And Thank You—The Englishmen In The Making

Good morning.
Good morning.
Good morning to everybody,
One saying it to another,
The students to teachers,
The teacher to the self-proclaimed principal,
Not the headmaster,
Of the local govt. school,
But the college principal
Of an English-medium school,
Good morning,
Good morning with a stress and rhythm,
All walking into the toes,
The toes of the principal
And good morning vibrating it,
The children to their teachers
And the teachers,
Jobless and unemployed
To their younger principal,
Yes Boss,
The giver of food
In Unemployed India
And Fateless Destiny,
Lo, the bogus and dolt clerks too
Speaking in English,
Trying to speak,
Not sure of, perfectly,
Exactly, probably,
Thank you, goodbye,
All byeing one another

And I felt it bad,
Really felt bad
In being with the speakers,
Trying to be English,
Yea, the Englishmen in India,
The Indians
Of the vernacular languages,
Trying to be Englishmen,
Good morning,
Good morning, sir,
Welcome, sir,
Hello, sir,
How are you,
I am fine,
He said, I am fine,
But God knows,
Who is fine,
Fine or not fine,
I just went on seeing
The spectacle
All that was going on?

On marking them,
The teachers
And the students
And the guardians,
Please, excuse me,
Thank you,
Sorry, sir, could not understand,
Repeat it,
The teachers entering,
Saying to the principal,
The students to the principal
And the teachers one by one,
I got nervous,
Started forgetting English,
As for my rustic Indianness,
Studied English language and literature
But could not be refined,
Felt shy and coy
Of wishing happy new year to anyone,
Bidding goodbye,
Saying thank,
Good luck to you.

Even the villagerly clerk
Who was not an English-medium student,
But a villager
Was behaving like
An Englishman in the making
In India
With please, thank you,
Good morning,
Sorry, sorry,
So sorry,
See you,
Bye, bye, met you again,
Now you can go,
Come some other day,
Meet you again
Or when we meet for the next time,
A man jokerly
And yes sirring,
Thinking himself
An Englishman
And yes sirring the principal.
Bijay Kant Dubey

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To a Teacher of Teachers (in Paediatrics)

I, your pupil know your worth;
I, a teacher know your girth;
I, a doctor know your birth
Gave doctor-teachers, mirth!

I, a colleague can world tell,
‘You had made your students swell;
You had taught indeed so well;
You had tolled the teaching-bell! ’

We, your students thank you Doc;
You were key to our world’s lock;
When we did your door ev’r knock,
You gave ken unmatched by clock!

You, a star in our life’s sky;
You were one no one could buy;
You had made our minds so high;
This is truth, whole truth, not lie!

You opened world of children;
You made Paediatrics, heaven;
You taught craft and art woven;
You now make us look even!

We thank you from depths of heart;
We are grateful for our start;
We know not the words to draft;
We hope you must never part!

“You were a doyen;
You were a giant;
You were so erudite
Teacher of Teachers! ”

May God grant you many years;
May God give you peace, not tears;
May God take away your fears;
May you live happy with dears!

(Fondly dedicated to our most beloved
‘Teacher of teachers’, Prof. Dr. M. Ramasamy A.B. (Ped)
Masonic Medical Center, CBE
By Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D., Dean, IRT PMC, Perundurai
On behalf of the Medical Fraternity on Teacher’s Day
at Lotus Hospital on its 11th Anniversary, Erode
Copyright by Dr John Celes 31-08-11
Dr John Celes

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Teacher’s Day,2011 in India

Remember all your teachers who taught you
in school and college, right from childhood days;
Revere your teachers in all things you do;
Pray God should keep them happy most, always!

They put their heart and soul to train us up;
They helped us drink ken with ease from life’s cup!
Remind yourself the toil that teachers gave;
If not for them, would we now well behave?

Recapitulate good things that teachers did;
Recollect moments ashamed, when you hid;
Realize the role each one of them well played;
Recognize their mettle, prowess, love, aid!

Recount their help they offered you in need;
Reflect on advice good, they tried to seed;
Refill your heart and mind with joy, O man!
Repay their kindness to them if you can.

What noble sacrifices teachers made!
Efforts to train us, students, will not fade;
Despite their hard-work, life gave them raw deal;
Our teachers made us wholesome and thus feel!

Dedicated to all my beloved teachers
who made me what I am, today!
Copyright by Dr John Celes 4-09-’11
Dr John Celes

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Paddling bully

In the seventh grade I had a bully for a teacher.
He was ugly and he was indeed a horrible creature.
He gave paddlings and that really got us kids annoyed.
He'd smile when he paddled because it was something he enjoyed.

He gave over twenty paddlings a day.
Even if we did no wrong, he'd paddle us anyway.
One afternoon all I did was speak to a friend.
My teacher hit me seven times on the rearend.

It really hurt when he hit me with his paddle.
A lot of kids don't squeal but I decided to tattle.
I told my uncle who stands 7'3' and weighs 250 pounds.
He said he was going to visit my school and that my teacher was going down.

My uncle told my teacher that he had no right to paddle me just because I talked.
Then he broke all of my teacher's limbs and he couldn't even walk.
I got a new teacher and I said Hooray!
My former teacher decided to stop teaching on that very day.
Randy Johnson

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