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Best Poems About / On TEACHER
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My Friend The Teacher

Your thoughtful, you’re smart, you’re wise
You’re caring, you’re generous, you don’t despise
With words of wisdom like a preacher
For you’re my friend the teacher
You’re the light, you’re the prophecy, you’re a guiding star
You’re helpful, your supportive, you care from afar
Teaching others that help has no end
For you’re the teacher my friend
Now as you look into students eyes hoping to see a sign of yearning
Knowing that you teaching is a fun way of learning
For its larger then any mathematical equation
Clearer then any English sensation
More knowledgeable then any kind of world history
Even more decipherable then any scientific mystery
More lenient then any P.E. criteria
Even more tempting then any food from a cafeteria
Because with words of wisdom like a preacher
You’re my friend the teacher
Still teaching others that help has no end
You’re the teacher my friend
Poetic Philosopher

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The Flashback Of My Primary School Days!

When we saw the stick-bearing teacher
at the far end of the long street of our village,
we would run like deers scared by tigers
and jump down and lie in a manger.
But the eighth class passed owlish teacher
would come straight and lift us up
pulling our shirts, as we do a mouse by its tail.
One slap on the cheek was enough
to flap our wings to school.
With rancid groundnut oil dripping down
from our heads, we would go to school,
cleaned already by us before the dawn.
Our school was a safe haven for the teachers,
as the inspectors could visit
either by walking four kilometers
or by a jeep driving forty kilometers.
At interval, we would jump into a nearby well,
swim, sink down and come up with some soil,
in our folded palms, and hurry up to school,
when the teacher waved his stick,
standing on the top of the well and looking down.
A nice smile tip-toes on my lips recalling those mirthful days.
Rajendran Muthiah

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Happy Nurse And Teacher Appreciation Day

Today we salute nurses and teachers and I, for one, can see
Why we would take a day to praise them collectively.

The most important lesson they’ve learned was not discovered in any school
They learned it as they’ve lived their lives...it’s called The Golden Rule.

They know a smile can brighten a day, it’s another lesson they have learned
And all they ask is that we give them...a smile in return.

They both administer to people and their roles are frequently reversed
For how often does a nurse become a teacher...and a teacher become a nurse?

They have days where all goes well and they know that they have thrived
And other days when they are happy if they just get out alive.

They know when to be hard on us...they know when to be sweet
They’re tired at the end of the day after spending hours on their feet.

They are calm in the face of adversity for matter how loud we shout
They’ve seen or heard it all before...and we will never gross them out.

But no matter what...they never give up..they work, they toil...they pray
For they believe in miracles and await them every day.

They both know what it’s like to be important and how it feels to be needed
And they know if they touch but one person in life...then in life they have succeeded.

So today we stop to thank them both...for no matter how you spin it
The life we live is a better life with nurses and teachers in it.
Jim Yerman

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What Happened To Billy Ray?

As a matter of stature, this man is not very tall.
The stories he tells could fill a shopping mall.
Bill is a word technician in a local high school.
As an English teacher, he is nobody's fool.

Generations of students have learned at his feet.
They will not face the future being incomplete.
How many of us wished we'd had a teacher like Bill?
Thinking of my English teacher still gives me a chill.

Now Bill the Great also likes to fish from time to time.
According to him, his fishing ability is simply sublime.
He worked the worm like strumming a fine instrument.
The poor bass ending up on his hook was his testament.

I write this poem to honor a simple English teacher.
Oh by the way, he once was a country preacher.
Unappreciated by others, he left his current position.
Making more money became his new mission.

In 2006, he had a motorcycle accident that was very grim.
Thereafter, another in his life began to assimilate him.
Resistance proved futile as he had finally become the 'Borg.'
As a result, you'll find our relationship residing in the morgue.
Manager Poet

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