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Poems On / About TIME  2/27/2015 9:18:48 AM
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Best Poems About / On TIME
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A time to bury sorrow

A time for you and a time for me,
to be whatever, we choose to be;
to set our sights, to reach the peak,
to realize goals, we truly seek.

A time to dwell. on things long past,
a time to think, on things that last;
on family, friends and things that matter,
on things that endure and do not scattter.

A time to laugh and a time to weep,
a time for treasured things to keep;
a time for reflection on how we feel,
a time to mend and a time to heal.

A time to live and a time to die,
a time for joy and a time to cry;
a time to smile and a time for tears,
a time for God to calm our fears.

A time to despose of loved ones dead,
A time to get on with the day ahead;
To blot out death and face the 'morrow,
To clear the mind and bury sorrow.
david lessard

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It's About Time

Yesterday I was thinking about tomorrow,
and now tomorrow is today.
Today I need to save time to make time
'cause I don't have time to waste time.
I try to go back in time
searching for Aristotle, Isaac, Einstein,
and H.G. Wells with his timeless Time Machine.
Time is of the essence, they say, so I take a brief time out,
not knowing how much time I have
I fast forward to the future
wishing I could speak with Stephen
about how time changes things
and the time for every purpose.
If time stood still, perhaps it is the end of time,
or maybe it'd be the beginning of time, just what is time?

I only know time flies and now I'm out of time,
so, until next time,
Remember, time will tell.
Cindy Thacher

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Terrible place

There is time to smell the flowers,
There is time to drink the wine,
We have time to sit and think
About the love we left behind.

There is time to be romantic,
There is time to say goodbye,
We have time to hear the music
Of the babies when they sigh.

There is time to feel remorseful,
There is time to heal old wounds,
We have time to learn the lessons
From the wars that brought us gloom.

There is time to feel excitement,
There is time to trust a friend,
We have time to love each other
In this world that we must tend.

There is time to watch the sunset,
There is time to sit and stare,
We have time to whisper softly
To the ones we find most fair.

There is time to see the heavens,
There is time to praise the Lord,
We have time to take slow walks
Across the fields that we adore.

Please let this be a lesson learned
Treasure each and every trice,
For time holds no one to itself
It’s lost at a terrible price……
Char Pattrick

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This is the last time....

This is the last time

The last time you will ever see me
The last time I will look into your eyes
The last words we’ll ever exchange
And the last memory I have of you
This is the last time…

The last time I believe your sweet lies
The last time I remember our past
The last time I thank you for your friendship
And the last time I hate you for leaving me
This is the last time…

The last time I blame myself for this broken heart
The last time I cry over you
The last time I feel our past happiness slipping away
And the last time I see you as anything more than a stranger
This is the last time…

The last time I’ll ever give into my delusions of you
The last time I’ll say your name with such recognition
The last time I’ll erase the future I had drawn in my mind
And the last time I’ll ever bother you
This is the last time… I promise.
Nikki Taboada

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