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Poems On / About TIME  4/25/2015 1:13:42 PM
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I Remember

I rememeber the times you made me cry. I remember the times you made me laugh. I remember the times you made me smile. I remember the time you broke my heart. I remember how you looked that day. I remember i cried and ran away. I remember that day so clearly and I also remember the rain.I remember lonely nights and dark days.I remember thinking I will always feel this way.I remember the good times and the bad times.I remember thinking about you day and night. I remember your warm embrace when you returned back to me that day.I remember my world returning again. I also remember me telling you I never want to see you again!
Ashley Richmond

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I watch time wondering, phasing in and out contemplating thought. Doubt, empty of holding reason; but still remains confused. With movement to walk, to run, to crawl is a struggle bending, stretching, fainting, pushing for discovery, dancing for life. Growing weak, failing, alluding strength, rested on mediation, as time sleeps. In deep sleep, time rests from reality aware of non-existence. Time's anger demonstrates pride. As if life so complacent with time, mediating space feels love has become obedient to nature. Is the ordinance of time a means of human error? Is life so consumed with certainty of pain that desire, a need, a want, a hope, a prayer is insolvent of any imposition? Is our purpose in life chasing dreams of uncertainty, misguided in direction an incongruent matter? We live in the disparity of doubt that has taught us to be indifferent to opinion, insubordinate to change, and defiant to World order, incognizant of reason, we fight, we plead, we challenge our fate, valuing the life that has taught us all to pray.
Angela Khristin Brown

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The Ironing Of One's Thoughts

Time is needed for someone to review one's thoughts and one's ideas Anytime, anywhere, and everywhere Simply because not all one's thoughts and one's ideas are appreciated with The progress of time and of days, There might be rusty thoughts or broken ideas in between those ideas Or thoughts we try to cling strongly, We need to review everything in our life because things need to reviewed and renewed like the sea's waters anywhere and everywhere, Nothing stays as is simply because life goes ahead looking for good Things while we're still on the ground swimming near the coastline, We need to iron our old thoughts and our old ideas like we do to our Old clothes just to make them looking better anytime, If we feel that our thoughts and our ideas suit our time and our days Then we keep them and we look for better ones to match our time, By ironing things including one's thoughts and one's ideas, We mean making things better and we work to reach the best, Our days and our time are both hard to accept rusty thoughts and Rusty ideas because of their influence on us, Time is like the sword if we don't cut it, then It will cut us into pieces and Days don't have mercy if we don't look for the best, so Ironing is the only cure to all our rusty thoughts and broken ideas.

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A Time To Bury Sorrow

A time for you and a time for me,
to be whatever, we choose to be;
to set our sights, to reach the peak,
to realize goals, we truly seek.

A time to dwell. on things long past,
a time to think, on things that last;
on family, friends and things that matter,
on things that endure and do not scattter.

A time to laugh and a time to weep,
a time for treasured things to keep;
a time for reflection on how we feel,
a time to mend and a time to heal.

A time to live and a time to die,
a time for joy and a time to cry;
a time to smile and a time for tears,
a time for God to calm our fears.

A time to despose of loved ones dead,
A time to get on with the day ahead;
To blot out death and face the 'morrow,
To clear the mind and bury sorrow.
david lessard

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