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Poems On / About TODAY  11/26/2015 8:47:29 PM
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The Only Day Worth Living Is.......

The only day worth living is today.
Not yesterday or tomorrow.
Yesterday may have been a bad day or filled with heartaches. Tomorrow may bring you a whole new world of problems.
But today is always a good day.
You can accomplish so many things today.
Dont regret yesterday.
Dont dread tomorrow.
Live for today.
Make what you can of it.
After all the yesterdays are gone and before all of the tomorrows come.... your always left with one.
Wake up today and decide it is a good day to change things you dont like.
Fix things that are broken and work on things you have forgotten about. If you sit around dwelling on yesterday, clouds will roll in and ruin today. If you sit and worry about tomorrow, you could be hiding in the shadows forever.
Let the sun shine and the clouds float freely as you carry on with today. all you need is one day to change your whole life.
Why not today.
Tina MacAdam

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Today Somewhere

Today somewhere
Today somewhere a gun killed somebody. It does not really matter who it was that did it. It could have taken place on the streets of the USA or in some war hating country overseas. But the question my friends is. Do we give up our rights to bare arms here to save a life or to let some war hater kill us?
Somewhere today we lay to rest. A child, a bother, a sister or our father and mother.
Today somewhere a gun goes quiet! A body lays dead, A person cries, ' When will this stop? '
Today somewhere in this world.
Harold R Hunt Sr

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In The Woods

In between the twisty tangle my voice has fast become all mangled, down in the twisty tangle woods today;

There's something hooty twixt the boughs and smoke all creeply in the leaves, down in the tangle woods today;

And crawlies edging on so noisily, my ghost has quickly gone quite crazy, in the twangly tangle woods today;

But light at last! All summery has found my face, almost out of the frangled dangwangled tangle woods today;

Ho! Into a glibly grinning glade, trapped evermore in the tangle woods today.
Christoph Praus

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7th Day

today is the 7th day i'm clean
today is the 7th day i haven't done anything obscene
today is the 7th day i didn't make a scene
today is the 7th day you can see me
today is the 7th and last day you can ever see me
noelani mariani

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