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Poems On / About TODAY  8/2/2015 5:19:39 AM
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In The Woods

In between the twisty tangle my voice has fast become all mangled, down in the twisty tangle woods today;

There's something hooty twixt the boughs and smoke all creeply in the leaves, down in the tangle woods today;

And crawlies edging on so noisily, my ghost has quickly gone quite crazy, in the twangly tangle woods today;

But light at last! All summery has found my face, almost out of the frangled dangwangled tangle woods today;

Ho! Into a glibly grinning glade, trapped evermore in the tangle woods today.
Christoph Praus

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7th Day

today is the 7th day i'm clean
today is the 7th day i haven't done anything obscene
today is the 7th day i didn't make a scene
today is the 7th day you can see me
today is the 7th and last day you can ever see me
noelani mariani

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Allow our minds to ignore the months that long kept us apart.
Let us now forget the cold days at which we drew tears from our eyes,
let us forget those days.
Dance my love, today we rejoice, today we laugh, today, today is our day.
This day we shall not take as granted, for it is a blessing that
you and me are still living our passion twelve months after our love was born.
Celebrate I will, for one year with you is a great blessing from God.
When did we begin to fall in love of that I am not sure, but I am sure it was meant for us to fall for each other,
after all opposite poles attract.
I was living what was not life before I loved you
You gave me that precious lamp with wich I could see life and live it deeply.
Our love is a flower, a rose, which holds its red color through out the year,
our passion is a song which we play repeately without pausing nor stopping.
Without your love my dreams will dry, my hope will fly away,
without your love, the end of my life is more pleasent than a day without your love.
But today is no time to allow such thoughts to disturb our happiness and joy,
today is time to thank you for still being next to me, today I hold you in my arms and kiss you,
today i scream out to the world that you are mine and I indeed am also yours.
today we show the world nothing will come between us, today is our day,
today is one year of passion and feelings that with the pass of time have only brought us closer together as one,
today boundaries are broken, today children sing and play, birds build their nests, this day we celebrate,
our passion is stronger than ever,
today I love you as I loved you one year before,
my wife you're mine and im yours,
you love me and I love you today.
julio anzueto

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Today And Tonight

Today you have long day.
Tonight you have long night.

Today you have something to do.
Tonight you have done something.

Today you don't know why.
Tonight you knew why.

Today you face the shine.
Tonight you face the dark.

Today you holding on.
Tonight you missing.

Today you drive along the way.
Tonight you drive yourself crazy.

Today you should love.
Tonight you shouldn't love.

Today you thought you see nothing.
Tonight you thought you'd seen everything.

Today you are somebody.
Tonight you are shadow.

Today you are lazy lover.
Tonight you are dream lover.

Today you are in real world.
Tonight you are in secret world.

Today you wish.
Tonight you would.

Today you want someone you like.
Tonight you want your love.

Today you have the sun.
Tonight you have the stars.

Today let it flow like no tomorrow.
Tonight let it be sweet memories.
Jaxxy Lim

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