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Poems On / About TODAY  11/23/2014 10:45:11 PM
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Running Away

I considered running away today,
To leave all my worries behind,
I considered running away today,
Then I changd my mind.

I thought about running away today,
How could I get there fast?
I thought about running away today,
That plan didnt last.

I am going to run away today,
I've had enough of my life here,
Packed my bags to run away today,
Didn't go because of fear.

I got up and ran away today,
Jumped on a train to Waterloo,
But while I was away today,
I realised I missed you.

I wont be coming home today,
I'm starting my life new
Even though I wont be home today,
Remember, I love you!
Hayley Oxborough

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Yesterday I Cried

Yesterday I was,
Today I am.
Tears from yesterday are the reason that today I smile.
I smile today because of the tears split yesterday.

Today I am healed,
Today I smile,
Today I love and today I am loved.
Today I am happy because yesterday I cried.

Today I embrace my yesterday because I cried enough that my wounds are healed.
I found peace with my stitched heart.
I found love within my lifeless being.
I found hope that killed my hopelessness.
It happened yes, today because yesterday I cried.
ziyanda mbasa

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It's Music Time

It's Music Time - what shall I do?
It's Music Time today.
I haven't really thought it through
And it's Music Time today.
It doesn't have to last too long
This Music Time today.
We haven't finished our number work
We could miss Music Time today.
But Johnny and Jane will go berserk
If there's no Music Time today.
We could always sing that assembly song
At Music Time today.
I know they'll want to get the instruments out
At Music Time today.
But can I stand all that crashing about?
When it's Music Time today.
Maybe we could take turns to play?
At Music Time today.
And if there's too much noise we'll just put them away
At Music Time today.
Karen Honnor

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Live today not as yesterday, or as if there's no tomorow, but live today as today. Because yesterday was the past which you shall not dwell in, and tomorrow is the future which we have no control over. but live today as today, I say at this very moment. So we won't make the same mistakes we made yesterday, And that we won't let today or yesterday jeopardize our future. So I say live today as today, cause it is just another lesson learned. That we won't let our past harm us today, and not let our future be damage by our today's
Shonta Mckoy

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