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Poems On / About TODAY  2/10/2016 6:19:27 PM
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Today And Tonight

Today you have long day.
Tonight you have long night.

Today you have something to do.
Tonight you have done something.

Today you don't know why.
Tonight you knew why.

Today you face the shine.
Tonight you face the dark.

Today you holding on.
Tonight you missing.

Today you drive along the way.
Tonight you drive yourself crazy.

Today you should love.
Tonight you shouldn't love.

Today you thought you see nothing.
Tonight you thought you'd seen everything.

Today you are somebody.
Tonight you are shadow.

Today you are lazy lover.
Tonight you are dream lover.

Today you are in real world.
Tonight you are in secret world.

Today you wish.
Tonight you would.

Today you want someone you like.
Tonight you want your love.

Today you have the sun.
Tonight you have the stars.

Today let it flow like no tomorrow.
Tonight let it be sweet memories.
Jaxxy Lim

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Yeasterday, Today And Tomarrow

Today was born from Yesterday
tomorrow will be born from today
this is lives circle.
Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
you say I should have done that yesterday
but I decided to do it today but today turns
into tomorrow, and it never gets done.
Everyone puts off today what can be done tomorrow.
Never put off today, because tomorrow may never come.


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I Saw You

I saw you today, and my heart jumped
I saw you today, and I ran away
I saw you today, and you didn't look too bad
I saw you today, and I wanted to die
I saw you today, and I couldn't help but smile
I saw you today, and I avoided you as much as I could
I saw you today, and I wanted the world to swallow me whole
I saw you today, and I swear I felt my legs give way
I saw you today, and I wanted to scream
I saw you today, and you didn't see me

Ever since we broke up I have wanted to see you
When I saw you, you looked right through me
It was today I realised that I missed you
I also thought that maybe, just maybe
We made a mistake, gave up too easily
But I can't tell you this because my pride is too strong
So I'll write it all down and hope
Maybe, just maybe
You'll come back to me.
Turuz Hautapu

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The Banshee's Wail

Today, I listened to the banshee's wail
Some believe that to be an old wives' tale

Today, I heard the ringing of the death knell
Dry your tears and say your fond farewell

Today, I grew weak and expired
Another soul, the Grim Reaper acquired

Today, I drew my last breath and died
Burying your face in your hands, you cried

Today, I quietly passed away
Leaving something I failed to say

Today, I met my untimely demise
We didn't get to say our final goodbyes

Today, I silently gave up the ghost
No longer tied to life's whipping post

Today, I came to my life's end
It's a tough thing to comprehend

Today, I went to the hereafter
Think of me only with laughter

Today, I died due to the fall of man
The good Lord has a master plan

Today, I was committed to my simple grave
Rejoice, oh rejoice! Only Jesus can save
Charles Hancock

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