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Poems On / About TODAY  3/5/2015 12:41:42 PM
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While the Planet Whirled

The sun rose for you today.
The rain rained for you today.
The sun shined for you today.
The birds chirped for you today.
The frogs croaked for you today.
The dogs barked for you today.
The cats meowed for you today.
The wind blew for you today.
The sunset for you today.
The moon shined for you today.
While the planet whirled on for you today.
Christina C Sunrise

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when i was a child

WHEN I WAS A child I thought of devouring immaculate chunks of white butter,
Today I contemplated the price before purchasing monetary gifts for pleasure.

When I was a child I clambered up tall trees; to pluck nutritious fruit,
Today I pondered on the various ramifications; which could possibly occur when the farmer caught me red handed.

When I was a child I played vociferously in mud; making inarticulate cakes of cow dung plaster,
Today I refrained from going near wet land; on the flimsy grounds of having my trousers coated with obnoxious dirt.

When I was a child I got up early in the morning; relishing cool air while walking towards school,
Today I woke up with startled jerks; with darkness fully camouflaged in the sun; to rush in a jiffy towards office.

When I was a child I played for incessant hours in the evening with my cluster of friends, Today I retired in front of the television screen; with a glass of cold beverage; at the onset of twilight.

When I was a child I demonstrated a plethora of emotions when profoundly agitated, Today I had risen to holistic degrees of self control; scrutinizing my mistakes before I cried.

When I was a child I took the supreme liberty of hiding amongst a fleet of guests arriving at our dwelling,
Today I audaciously shook hands with the same; conversed for indefatigable hours with them on matters of common parlance.

When I was a child I voraciously read a battalion of thrilling mysteries,
Today I completely engulfed myself in deciphering; intricate quotes of the stock market.

When I was a child I listened to my elders with rapt attention and intense enthusiasm,
Today I chalked policies of my own; implementing them with loads of fortified conviction.

When I was a child; beads of sweat dribbled down my nape after witnessing a ghastly scene from the movie,
Today I didn't budge an inch from my seat; after sighting the same; as I knew it was fictitious.

When I was a child I had no hesitation asking for money from my ancestors,
Today I felt thoroughly abashed; asking them to gratify my distinctly penurious state.

When I was a child I chortled into pools of uninhibited laughter; at someone awkwardly dressed,
Today I emitted out sly smiles; in order that the individual didn't feel humiliating and bad.

When I was a child I hardly had time to think about the vagaries of mystical world, Today I spent hours pondering on a jugglery of consequences that would unleash; if I wasn't careful.

When I was a child I thought the most onerous thing existing was to study,
Today I felt that it was the process of earning; that was the most cumbersome of them all.

When I was a child; those were the times I was oblivious to reality; solely living in a world of tailor made fantasy,
While today I had crossed the realms of maturity; acclimatized to the harsh reality; and desperately wished I was that unscrupulous child once again.
Nikhil Parekh

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Today - link

I am here for today,
Only today is here.
I have to do for today,
Today is the only time
With me for doing anything.

What you see, that is today,
Today is calling me
And I am going with today.
With today the sun is rising,
And with it the moon is setting.

Is today enough to measure the ocean?
Is the ocean sufficient enough
To cover today with its length?
I am unable to know the link with today.
gajanan mishra

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Today's Gone...

Today's Gone
Today's gone,
Its gone with the wind,
I don't know where its gone...
But today's gone!

I don't know where i m going,
For all i know to be left alone,
Today's Gone,
Its Gone with the wind...

I took a walk on lonely road,
To where the heart wants,
Today's gone,
Its gone with the wind...

Heart sings the tune,
It feels like June,
Today's gone,
It's gone with the wind...

Rock on, they 're all gone,
The Hendrix, Cobain and Page,
Today's gone,
It's gone with the wind...

'Imagine there's no countries' said John,
Wish the terrorism from the world is withdrawn,
Today's gone,
It's gone with the wind..

'Nothing Else Matters'; Says Met,
Strum the Guitar and play the frets,
For Today's gone,
It's gone with the wind...

I got something to say,
It was wonderful day today,
Today's gone,
Its gone with the wind...
Sam Kanabar

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