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Poems On / About TODAY  9/16/2014 12:27:30 PM
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Its hard to love myself today
eventhough i so need it, so feed me
that hunger I really need
Its hard to look into my mirror of hopelesssness
to look in that sad frown who i wish i can turn into a smile
Its so hard
So terribly hard to love
This image of me Today
This man, This lonely man, This Lonely depressed man,
whose beauty is lying inside of me practically dead
Love me today, for I cannot do it for my self today,
Please I need you today............
fabian montes

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Here today&Gone tomorrow

As i look at my surrounding's,
I realized i could be here today and gone tomorrow,
My mom's said to live my life and enjoy it,
Because i could be here today and gone tomorrow,
I always thought that life was a fairytale & i would always be a princess,
But i didn't realize i could be here today & gone tomorrow,
People always say the world would end in 2012,
But the world could be here today & gone tomorrow,
As i continued to walk down the streets & look at my surrounding's,
I realized that i'm no longer on earth,
I realized this pathway instantly when the gates appeared,
I realized that i was there yesterday but gone today,
No more suffering
No more pain
I'm gone today
Nalaysia vizcarrondo

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Today is Friday: Fabulous Friday

It's a beautiful Friday morning
It's a lovely day
I can feel it in my body already
Today is gonna be a fabulous and wonderful day for me.

God is gonna open the way for me
He will show me the way always
He will deliver me from all that I need deliverance from

Today will be the day-
I will be Free
Free from all the pains and struggles
I face daily

Today will be my Break Free Day
I will be happy

Happy in the Lord
Happy about my life

Today is the day!
Today is Friday!

Kaydian N Kerr

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There comes a time in life
To say stop and let go
To say let go and let it al be
Maybe today is that day

I let myself go today
I lost all control of my emotions
I met my maker and gave Him my peace
Maybe today is that day

You controlled so much of me
I made you part of my life for to long
Letting all be undone is the best
Today is that day

Some day it will all be undone
Regret is too much of a pain
Ill be forgiving you today
Ill be letting go today
Katie Pelser

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