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Poems On / About TODAY  11/1/2014 12:57:26 AM
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Today I want to thank God for giving me a new day

Today I want to smile at everyone on my way

I want to spread this smile far and wide

Today I want to visit the orphanage

And play with the little kids

Today I want to give them more care and attention

Today I want to bring a smile on their lonely faces.

Today I want to help the poor and needy

Today I want to assist the sick and ailing

And show them that we care.

Today I want to thank God

For giving me little treasures of love

In the form of family and friends.

Today is just like any other day

A day of ups and downs

A day of lows and highs

A day of rights and wrongs and

A day to be grateful for

But today I want to thank God

For giving me new thoughts and words

To write a better poem in simple words.
Debra Masky

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I must live for today
For tomorrow I will die
I must stay for today,
For tomorrow I will leave,

I must eat for today,
For tomorrow I may starve.
It is for today that I'll enjoy my live
For tomorrow I may suffer.
Today's love may tomorrow's fate.

A place for today I have on earth,
But tomorrow I may leave to a land where
no one will ever talk to me,
A land beyond light,

Today is as a result of yesterday
Today maketh tomorrow;
And today is the only reality,
From don to dark I will make my

I may fall to eternal sleep tomorrow,
and so today I must live love and enjoy.
Moffat Mbuzi

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Today, just today
let your heart dance
dance away...

Call your dance partners
Feet, your feet
join in,
Eyes, your eyes
come together,
Smile, your smile
Shine on

Today, just today
let your heart dance
Every good part
Embrace your feelings
Your body
Let your heart dance
all day long
Today, just today...
Marco Adade

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Today I Am, Tomorrow I Wont

today i am..
tommorow i wont..

time passes...
my trail fadess

every moment we shared...may echo today
tomorrow...nothin will stay

today i dare to care..
tomorrow i will have to pay missin fare

today u taught me to smile
tomorrow u wont see me for long mile

today i seek n move towards my goal...
tomorow here.will be lying my dead soul

today i am live n fresh...
tomorow i will be forgotten vish
Vishal Kumar

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