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Poems On / About TODAY  5/24/2016 8:47:25 AM
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The Only Day Worth Living Is.......

The only day worth living is today.
Not yesterday or tomorrow.
Yesterday may have been a bad day or filled with heartaches. Tomorrow may bring you a whole new world of problems.
But today is always a good day.
You can accomplish so many things today.
Dont regret yesterday.
Dont dread tomorrow.
Live for today.
Make what you can of it.
After all the yesterdays are gone and before all of the tomorrows come.... your always left with one.
Wake up today and decide it is a good day to change things you dont like.
Fix things that are broken and work on things you have forgotten about. If you sit around dwelling on yesterday, clouds will roll in and ruin today. If you sit and worry about tomorrow, you could be hiding in the shadows forever.
Let the sun shine and the clouds float freely as you carry on with today. all you need is one day to change your whole life.
Why not today.
Tina MacAdam

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Allow our minds to ignore the months that long kept us apart.
Let us now forget the cold days at which we drew tears from our eyes,
let us forget those days.
Dance my love, today we rejoice, today we laugh, today, today is our day.
This day we shall not take as granted, for it is a blessing that
you and me are still living our passion twelve months after our love was born.
Celebrate I will, for one year with you is a great blessing from God.
When did we begin to fall in love of that I am not sure, but I am sure it was meant for us to fall for each other,
after all opposite poles attract.
I was living what was not life before I loved you
You gave me that precious lamp with wich I could see life and live it deeply.
Our love is a flower, a rose, which holds its red color through out the year,
our passion is a song which we play repeately without pausing nor stopping.
Without your love my dreams will dry, my hope will fly away,
without your love, the end of my life is more pleasent than a day without your love.
But today is no time to allow such thoughts to disturb our happiness and joy,
today is time to thank you for still being next to me, today I hold you in my arms and kiss you,
today i scream out to the world that you are mine and I indeed am also yours.
today we show the world nothing will come between us, today is our day,
today is one year of passion and feelings that with the pass of time have only brought us closer together as one,
today boundaries are broken, today children sing and play, birds build their nests, this day we celebrate,
our passion is stronger than ever,
today I love you as I loved you one year before,
my wife you're mine and im yours,
you love me and I love you today.
julio anzueto

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Today And Tonight

Today you have long day.
Tonight you have long night.

Today you have something to do.
Tonight you have done something.

Today you don't know why.
Tonight you knew why.

Today you face the shine.
Tonight you face the dark.

Today you holding on.
Tonight you missing.

Today you drive along the way.
Tonight you drive yourself crazy.

Today you should love.
Tonight you shouldn't love.

Today you thought you see nothing.
Tonight you thought you'd seen everything.

Today you are somebody.
Tonight you are shadow.

Today you are lazy lover.
Tonight you are dream lover.

Today you are in real world.
Tonight you are in secret world.

Today you wish.
Tonight you would.

Today you want someone you like.
Tonight you want your love.

Today you have the sun.
Tonight you have the stars.

Today let it flow like no tomorrow.
Tonight let it be sweet memories.
Jaxxy Lim

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If Indeed There Was Any Dearth

There was no dearth of commercialism; as boundless humans salaciously paved their way ahead; insidiously suppressing countless innocuous of their own
kind; today,
There was no dearth of manipulation; as literally every 3rd person alive; tried his best to perniciously trick you; towards the realms of horrendously dwindling extinction; today,
There was no dearth of prejudice; as an unrelenting reservoir of greed glinted with pompous luminosity in millions of eyeballs alike; disparagingly robbing the
fabric of eternal humanity; of its most priceless rudiments of mankind; today,
There was no dearth of barbarism; as even the most civilized of organism's savagely fought for each other's blood; replenishing their sordidly disgruntled
lips at the cost of vital life; today,
And sadly if indeed there was any dearth; it was of the most immortal fountain of love which had been miserably ransacked by miscreants of spurious religion; it was of compassion which had sadly metamorphosed into a lecherous
devil; today.

There was no dearth of war; as virtually every continent viciously desired to be the ultimate superpower; a force even above the Omnipotent Lord
Almighty; today,
There was no dearth of depression; as even the most innocuously sparkling of youth; were horrifically buried under the juggernaut of abominably
suicidal education system; today,
There was no dearth of racialism; as even the most sagaciously educated of household's; murderously discriminated between humanitarian sects of rich and
poor; today,
There was no dearth of crime; as the most scintillating stalwarts of irrefutable power themselves offered a flurry of unsurpassable incentives; for committing murder; extortion; blasphemous atrocities; today,
And sadly if there was indeed any dearth; then it was of the ocean of immortal love which had wholesomely evaporated in wisps of brutal adulteration; it was of priceless humanity which was tyrannically slashed even before it expelled its very first breath; today.

There was no dearth of slavery; as merciless powerhorses of bombastically infinitesimal wealth; torturously lambasted the oppressed to even the most
inconspicuous of their commands; today,
There was no dearth of morbidity; as an unendingly appalling gloom descended at all quarters; over the treacherously besieged atmosphere; today,
There was no dearth of starvation; as infinite infants having just emanated the first cry of birth; were uncouthly stuffed in garbage bins of despicable poverty for the rest of their lives; today,
There was no dearth of tragedy; as an unprecedented mass of immaculately sparkling living being; was remorsefully subjected to perilously raining bombs and gunpowder everyday; today,
And sadly if indeed there was any dearth; it was of the sky of immortal love which had been vindictively metamorphosed into the horizon of death by all those stinkingly corrupt; it was of an emotional empathy which had been lethally squashed to capricious pulp by artificial robots; today.

There was no dearth of revenge; as an incomprehensible ton of living beings devilishly slit their counterparts throat; just for being a shade better than
them; today,
There was no dearth of politics; as the so called unflinching leaders of the society languidly slept on a consortium of innocent bone and disgustingly
transient currency; all night and day; today,
There was no dearth of wailing; as virtually every dwelling under the flamboyantly sweltering and golden Sun; had become obnoxiously sensitive to its overtly fiery rays; today,
There was no dearth of death; as the most austerely abhorred tablet of preposterous suicide; had become a pragmatically routine fashion; today,
And sadly if there was any dearth; it was of the heart of immortal love which had been rendered to a sleazy machine by daggerheads of malice; it was of the
invincible adoration of the divine; which had been wholesomely alienated
by Nuclear war; today.
Nikhil Parekh

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