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what should do on this day should i play baseball today what a beautiful day should i play in the park or should i play in the back yard what a beautiful day it today come do something today!
Maureen Furigay

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Today Like Everyday

Today like everyday, I remembered him
wonder if I will be missed, too?

Today like everyday, I called him
echoing his voice in my ears till long

Today like everyday, I forgot him
trying to hold the tears on his departure

Today like everyday, I dreamt of him
wishing all between us was a dream, too

Today like everyday, I lost him
hoping to win him from his ego

Today like everyday, I saw him
crossing my ways, leaving me behind

Today like everyday, I held him
wishing all my desires were true

Today like everyday, I desired him
alluring his sight to look for me only

Today like everyday, I met him
running into his ways to catch his glimpses

Today like everyday, I promised him
forgetting and remembering our saga

Today like everyday, I followed him
trailing his footsteps to calm my heart

Today like everyday, I brought him
flowers to his doorstep and left silently

Today like everyday, I missed him
bringing me memories of togetherness and departure

Today like everyday, I bid him
good-bye to meet him with the sunshine again!
Asma Khan

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Today; Tomorrow

It’s been five years since I have heard your voice.

It’s been five years since I have heard your laugh.

It’s been five years since I have seen your smile.

Is the saddest day for me.

I still remember like it was yesterday.

I feel numb just like how I felt five years ago.

I can still remember how I ran and didn’t want to stop.

I still feel the emptiness of knowing I won’t ever see you again.

I try and smile for you knowing that you are watching over me.

I let my tears roll down slowly down my cheeks.

I remember how you were so happy to be home.

I still know that you didn’t have to suffer no more.

I still try hard not to blame myself why you left my world.

I sit here and remember the memories I have of you.

But tomorrow
I will still smile for you.
Kimberly Santistevan

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Just For Today

Just for today, I will improve myself. For today is the sure preparation for future success.

Just for today, I will no longer compare myself to others; instead I compare only my past self so I can be able to become the master of myself!

Just for today, I will laugh at myself, at my errors and at my failures in life for these are the secret of refinement and emotional maturity.

Just for today, I will remind myself often with these words: Life is yours to enjoy. Don’t waste it. Don’t pass up living by thinking yourself into a failure and defeat. For there is always a room for opportunity and success. What you shall need to do, is to create one!

Just for today, I will cultivate myself to give its best to the world and the world will give back its best to me. For the world is a mirror of king and slave.

Just for today, I will be careful, watchful and vigilant. For the world is full of treacherous individuals. Therefore, in order not to fall in their traps, I’ll think thrice before I act and do my activities under the sun!

Just for today, I will motivate myself to be self-reliant, honest, hard working, humble, open-minded, have word of honor, respect, and originality. For these are the true secret of power, fame and integrity.

Just for today, no longer I compete myself to others, instead I compete only with my own self for here is a true secret of greatness and success.

Just for today, I will value the reading of good books. Books are gifts where hidden treasures laid given by Loving God to motivate my intellect to think and grow rich!

Just for today, I will share my knowledge, skills and talents to the world, so I can be able to lift up and give comfort to the wondering broken-soul.

Just for today, I will greet my beloved fellow human being with a sweet smile instead of frown. Encouragement instead of discouragement for “whatever a man soweth that shall he also reap.”

Just for today, I will not neglect to give praises and thanks to my Loving Creator. For He is the source of my energy, breath, strength, and wisdom. Without Him, I am vanities in all vanities under the sun!

Just for today, I will talk to Him with these words: My Great Creator, Loving and faithful Friend of mine, I am here now in your front to glorify your name. I would like to thank thee for all the trials, pains and sorrows in life you prescribed to me because it help me a lot to refine my character and views in life. I pray that you now help me to remove every single defect of my character, stands in the way of usefulness to you and to my fellow human being. Please help me to follow these precepts in my hands diligently, so I can gradually become a catalyst of change and inspiration to those people around me. Finally, can be able to bring them successfully nearer and closer to you. Thank you, dear Lord for listening and answering my petitions. In Christ name, I’ll pray…Amen.

Wish you many blessings to come and God bless!

Moises P. Reconalla

About the Author:

Moises P. Reconalla is the School Guidance Counselor and Working Students Supervisor at North Davao College, Panabo City, Philippines.

All rights reserved worldwide. Copyright 2007 by Moises Padin Reconalla

NOTE: You're free to republish this Poem on your website, in your newsletter, in your e-book or in other publications provided that the Poem is reproduced in its entirety, including the author information.
Moises Reconalla

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