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Poems On / About TODAY  11/23/2014 8:37:30 PM
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today and tomorrow

today is the last day
today is the day i will never forget
today is the day i dont come back

tomorrow i leave you behind
tomorrow ill leave everything in this life behind
tomorrow i start my life over again

today ill cry
today we all cry
today we all say goodbye......

ill never forget you guys yous have changed me....
i love yuu all in different ways....
Xox love angel Xox
sxc babe xxx

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Yesterday is history
Tomorrow is a mystery
But this moment I pray
For the gift of today

Today is a gift, a present
It is the now, the present
Where your choices are made
Where your decisions are weighed

Today shall soon fall prey
To be devoured by yesterday
Lingering secrets of the ensuing next
We soon shall no more be perplexed

Let us treasure this moment in time
However ridiculous, however sublime
For when the morrow knocks on the door
Any redemption of today is no more

Today is the day that our will is done
When we're still blind to tomorrow's sun
Embrace today and captain your fate
For tomorrow may just be too late
Vincent Kuo

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There comes a time in life
To say stop and let go
To say let go and let it al be
Maybe today is that day

I let myself go today
I lost all control of my emotions
I met my maker and gave Him my peace
Maybe today is that day

You controlled so much of me
I made you part of my life for to long
Letting all be undone is the best
Today is that day

Some day it will all be undone
Regret is too much of a pain
Ill be forgiving you today
Ill be letting go today
Katie Pelser

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For today I will experience life

Dark depression stay away
Because today I want to play

I don't need no tears a dripping
Down my warm cheeks a slipping

In darkened bed I'll not stay
Because I want to live today

The fires of hell shall not have me
The light of life today I will see

Though in the shadows the demon hides
Today in my soul he never abides

Though he may have me on the morrow
Today he just will cause me no sorrow

For today I will experience life
And for now there'll be no strife
Noah Body

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Poems On / About TODAY