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Poems On / About TODAY  9/20/2014 3:00:54 PM
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Is today

Today is the day

In which all days meet

There is no better time


To meet your Self





We will meet

We will dance

We will sing

In our Glory


In our Grace



The only day

We really have

To express

What we truly are

Shall we?


Shall we?

Just be

Just as we truly are

This day

This Glorious Day

This Shining Bright Day

We call

None other


Michael Hopkins

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Today Or Tommorrow! ! !

Today you Struggle,
Tommorrow you no Trouble.
Today you Do,
Tommorrow you Get! !

Today you Pay,
Tommorrow get it anyway.
Today be a Labourer,
Tommorrow be a Gainer..

Today if you Sit,
Tommorrow get a Hit..
Today if you Try,
Then never Cry! ! !
Harshit Sheth

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today and tomorrow

today is the last day
today is the day i will never forget
today is the day i dont come back

tomorrow i leave you behind
tomorrow ill leave everything in this life behind
tomorrow i start my life over again

today ill cry
today we all cry
today we all say goodbye......

ill never forget you guys yous have changed me....
i love yuu all in different ways....
Xox love angel Xox
sxc babe xxx

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Today Is the Day

Today is the day,
for a better life,
for to change your life.
! Only today!

Today is not a lie,
today is a truth.
The present is here,
with you.

Today is the day.
If you are sad, smile,
because a smile, today,
could be for ever.

Ricardo Ricardez

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Poems On / About TODAY