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Magazine Girl

ALL women are lovely and radiantly fair
In the magazine pages today,
They all have a mop of luxuriant hair,
In the magazine pages today.
There's not one with freckles or nose gone askew,
Or teeth that protrude, as some real girls' do,
There isn't a blemish on girls that we view
In the magazine pages today.

There's not one too pudgy or not one too thin,
In the magazine pages today;
Nor one who's just losing her tortoise shell pin,
In the magazine pages today.
'Twixt shirtwaist and belt there is never a gap,
Or a tear in the silk that is lining her wrap,
And her gloves never lack a pearl button or snap,
In the magazine pages today.

She doesn't wear pink when she ought to wear blue,
In the magazine pages today;
And she isn't run down at the heel of her shoe,
In the magazine pages today.
You never can see when she hasn't a hat,
How much is real hair and how much of it's rat,
It's only in real life that we see things like that,
Not in magazine pages today.
Edgar Albert Guest

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Today, yesterday is a history; improve it:
Today, future is a mystery; disregard it:
Today, today is a gift godly; love it:
So today is a divine ‘present' relish it.

To err is human, overlook it:
And to forgive is divine, offer it:
Forgive and forget the errors past;
Enjoy the today as heavenly mast.

Adore ‘today' as morning gift;
Be happy all the day, as spirit lift;
Say goodbye to ugly ideas and pits;
And smile and stuck in ‘today' as hit.
Tomorrow, today leads to joyous sunrise,
Ugly ideas and sight not fright my wise.
Dr. Yogesh Sharma

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Diary of a Nine Day Poet

Today (Day 1) I writed stuff I thort was pritty neet
I wanna do this poet shit, so that I can complete

Today (Day 2) I wroted tings I thawt was really neat
I one ta do these poem stuff just so I can compete

Today (Day 3) I wroted down some things I thawt was neat
I want to do some poet stuff just so I can compete

Today (Day 4) I wrote some things I thought was pretty neat
I want to do some poetry just so as I’ll compete

Today (Day 5) I’ve written things I think are fairly neat
I want to write poetically so that I can compete

Today (Day 6) I’m writing verse that is a poets treat
Expressing so poetically; you really can’t compete

Today (Day 7) One is just the best that one can be
I’m thinking other lesser folk should focus just on me

Today (Day 8) I give critique whilst looking down my nose
“One shouldn’t stand illiteracy – Does really one suppose”

Today (Day 9) Ones course is done, one writes on this and that
One’s still unread but now one wears a cloak and silk cravat
stephen stirk

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today i felt the rush of apathy
i felt the burn of boredom
i felt the drum of silence
the absence of feeling
today i knew nothing was stable
I know nothing is holy
i am ever unknowing
and ever unknown
Today i realized love is never unconditional
I am never on the pedestool(sp)
pain is an illusion
and feeling is debatable
Today i found that trust is never whole
Honesty is always questionable
Music is ever beautiful
Nothing is fathomable
Today I discovered that I am no one
My feelings are irrelevant
We are all selfish
And I am but an instrument
Today I did not cry
I laughed a spurious laugh
I did not love, I only pretended
And i did not hurt, for today
Today I just was.
I was helpless, i was hopeless
I was worthless
I was languid, emotionless
Today sucked.
Gabriella Franco

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