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Poems On / About TODAY  3/1/2015 11:00:38 PM
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I Saw Today

I saw today my baby's start
Opened her eyes and stole my heart

I saw today her smile at me
We brought her home, safe as can be

I saw today her tucked in bed
Gently leaned over to kiss her head

I saw today my baby weep
Snuggled her gently back to sleep

I saw today my baby eat
Covered from head to little feet

I saw today my baby sit
Then fell over in a giggle fit

I saw today my baby crawl
Tried to escape down the hall

I saw today my baby stand
Holding my finger in her hand

I saw today my baby walk
Then soon after began to talk

I saw today my baby run
Laughing and screaming, having fun

I saw today her surprise art
The wall and it shall never part

I saw today her bruise her knee
Climbed too high and fell from the tree

I saw today her play tattoo
0n her belly, red, green and blue

I saw today her find a cat
Opened the door and that was that

I saw today her ride a bike
Though too young to be off her trike

I saw today she learned to swim
Tub's full, splashes over the rim

I saw today her play a song
Tiny violin with bow so long

I saw today my baby grew
She had to shop for something new

I saw today her off to school
Not holding hands, acting cool

I saw today she was funny
On the coach napping with bunny

I saw today her go to the dance
Just for fun and not for romance

I saw today her drive a car
I hope she doesn't go too far

I saw today her graduate
Then off to college, she'll do great

I saw today my baby grown
Off to the city, on her own

I saw today her new career
Making art for people to wear

I saw today she's just like us
The best of both, with little fuss

The End

Steve Kittell

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I cried Today

I cried today...and not cuz ur gone but becuz i thought feelingz were strong

I cried today...and not by myself but wit that Keyshia Cole Song

I cried today...and didn't know what to do for the 1st time in my life

I cried today...It was worst pain then gettin shanked wit a knife

I cried today...about u and me, and where we go frm here

I cried today...wit so much PRIDe it was HARD to hold bak tears

I cried today...I wrote a poem I even rote a rhyme

I cried today...As if I weren't used to dis I cry all the time

I cried today...Thinking about the love that we once shared

I cried today...I cudn't see clearly..as if my vision's impaired

I cried today...And I really don't care how much they call me dumb

I cried today...cuz they dont know what it feels to be REALLY in love

I cried today...without a sound but, wit the reality in my mind

Tellin me I don't gotta cry TOday....cuz love will only TAKE TImE!
Nesean Coombs

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Today Like Everyday

Today like everyday, I remembered him
wonder if I will be missed, too?

Today like everyday, I called him
echoing his voice in my ears till long

Today like everyday, I forgot him
trying to hold the tears on his departure

Today like everyday, I dreamt of him
wishing all between us was a dream, too

Today like everyday, I lost him
hoping to win him from his ego

Today like everyday, I saw him
crossing my ways, leaving me behind

Today like everyday, I held him
wishing all my desires were true

Today like everyday, I desired him
alluring his sight to look for me only

Today like everyday, I met him
running into his ways to catch his glimpses

Today like everyday, I promised him
forgetting and remembering our saga

Today like everyday, I followed him
trailing his footsteps to calm my heart

Today like everyday, I brought him
flowers to his doorstep and left silently

Today like everyday, I missed him
bringing me memories of togetherness and departure

Today like everyday, I bid him
good-bye to meet him with the sunshine again!
Asma Riaz Khan

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Perhaps today is a good day to die

If I die today
I die Happy
If I die today
I die Sad
If I die today
I die Lonely
If I die today
I die Upset
If I die today
I die Comfortable
If I die today
I die Without pain
If I die today
I die Without remorse
If I die today
I die with you
I die alone
I die
one who waits

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