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Two Years Today... For Angel Jk

Two years its been-painfully we struggled through the first half, barely survived the second half quite like a dream, trance like...going with the flow not caring where that flow may take me! Two years already...wow it seems like yesterday you told us your stay on earth is complete. You must return home where our Creator calls your name! 'Time flies when you're having fun, Go big or go home was s...ome of your favourite expressions' well Angel J..our Angel of smiles I can testify that time not only flies but it Jets by when you're in sorrow and the paradox is for most of us time stood still that dreadful july day...2yrs today! Who knew The biggest thing to do is to go home...that ripping of soul july...two years today! The questions with no answers still cloud my thoughts. Two years today...I still hear your laughter -your monkey giggle, your crazy theories shared to confuse, bemuse...and to the few who knew and got it...provoke thoughts deep like only you could! I miss sharing my thoughts with you. Like how if time stood still that heart wrecking, shattering shrapnel july, two years today...how could it jet past stealth in its movement but felt to its core every second in its second. If going home was going big are you doing it like you doing it for mtv...or would that be GTV(God tv) ... Guess I need to know are you giggling and happy...have you met my mom and taking care of Adu...have you greeted nana and shoems dad...playing with carmies little ones- I need to know will I see you all again? I hear you telling me 'jassie jy dink baie for someone who failed grade 1' Its things I need to know... I miss u JK today tomorrow forever...I'll miss u and love u until the day I see u again...and u better have it going on! Two years today...its that horrid july again but I smile through my tears coz I feel you here...right here where I carry you...right here in my soul! Shine bright our Angel of smiles...Fly high! Love infinity From all you touched even for the briefest of moments...you will never be forgotten.
Shaakiera Schroeder

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The Old Woman And Today

She awoke early with a pep today
A glimmer in her eye and strong step today
She thought of a menu that would bring a smile today
as she thought of her husband so lovingly today
She cracked the eggs and placed them in the pan today
Se buttered his toast and peeled his fruit today
She poured his glass so full today
She placed the flowers n her favorite vase today

She slowly sat down at the table today
the realization hit her like a cement truck today
She lowered her eyes as she thought of the day
You see, the old man had long been dead by today

The disease of old persons made her forget today
Made her cook breakfast for three today
When I entered the room, I asked her sadly, 'What's wrong today? '
She said, 'I'll greive just the same as I did that day
because my soulmate just died again today.'
Complicated Simply

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Today Is Today

today is today
is shine
today is special
today is bright
today is cool
today is today
so nice and cool
day nice today
remember what is to today
mary hartley

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While The Planet Whirled

The sun rose for you today.
The rain rained for you today.
The sun shined for you today.
The birds chirped for you today.
The frogs croaked for you today.
The dogs barked for you today.
The cats meowed for you today.
The wind blew for you today.
The sunset for you today.
The moon shined for you today.
While the planet whirled on for you today.

Written by Christina Sunrise on September 17,2011
www.suzaechevalier.com www.christinasunrise.com
Christina Sunrise

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