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Poems On / About TODAY  10/22/2014 10:02:05 PM
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You Don't Even Know

I saw you today,
My heart jumped,
I've missed you so,
You don't even know...

You held me today,
I could only smile,
For how long I've wanted this,
You don't even know...

You kissed me today,
I cry happy tears,
Much wanted for the longest time,
You don't even know...

You made me the happiest person today,
But you don't even know...
Kiersten Reilly

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Today new
Tommrow old...
Yesterday new
Today old...
Tommrow new
Today old
Yesterday old
Today new....
If anything
Each and
otteri selvakumar

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No sound is lovely to ear today
No sight pleases the eyes
Time seems to be moving
To the dead end
That is just few days
Long to reach

Birds chirpings today are
Just keeping the silence
The silence of the still water
Which inspite of living
Is motionless

No morning is there
For tonight forever
These moments seems
To be an everlasting phase
Without any cease

Such haps never occurred to me before
Then y today
The world seems so far to me

Like living without life
Breathing without air
Words without alphabets
Sun without sunrays
Moon without shinness
Nature without greenery
Rainbow without colours

My life has lost its fade
In no light tonight
Y today
The world seems so far to me
kriti krits

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Come Today

Come today,
I will watch sadness melt away,
Come today,
I will light my sunny ray,
Come today,
I will my dutiful respect pay,
Come today,
Is all that i will say.
Nick Hilton

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