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Poems On / About TODAY  9/3/2014 2:02:17 AM
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Guess what's on the news today
another young life wasted away
boy,16, shot in the chest
should everyone walk around in a bullet-proof vest?

Guess what's on the news today
another young life wasted away
girl,14, stabbed in the heart
teen death rates soaring off the charts

Guess what's on the news today
more lives have been wasted away
2 boys in their teens
unfulfilled, broken dreams

Guess whats on the news today
more and more people just turn away
hiding their faces from any spot of light
we all live in darkness, we all live with fright
joanna xxx

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tomorrow never gets here

Why say wait till tomorrow,
Tomorrow never comes,
you get up you go to sleep,
And its today and always today.
There`s no tomorrow.
So why is it called:
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow,
Tomorrow never gets here.
we are stuck on today for ever and ever.

Wrote about what everyone does :)
StaceyLeigh Olner

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Carpe Diem

the shadow of today
clouds our minds
forgotten thoughts
of yesterday
hopes of tomorrow
crushed today
memories of todays yesterday
quickly fading away

lessons learned
lost by the time of a new day
every day has its own pain
todays different than tomorrows
the shadow of today
covers our souls in deep gray
for today will just be another
forgotten yesterday
Scarlet .....

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So far away
It seemed yesterday
You were the one for me
But problems escaladed
Higher than the clouds could reach
I heavily breathed
As I stopped the crying
You faded away
She made me mad again
An enemy once a friend
Committing so many sins
As I turn to look
It is all happening too fast
I laugh to ease the pain
But the truth is I have nothing to gain
So tonight before I sleep
I hope tomorrow will bring
Something that is much more fulfulling
Than madness and crying
Something more fulfilling than today's black shining
Let me live another day
Pamela Mote

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Poems On / About TODAY