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Poems On / About TODAY  7/29/2014 3:39:27 AM
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Yesterdays...yesterday, oh how I yearn for
yesterday. Today, is the tomorrow we thought
about yesterday.

Today, hold close to you,
those who you love, for in the cover of darkness,
'today', will slip quietly and forever, into

Fill your 'today's' with the goodness
within you and your memories of yesterdays,
will be your salvation tomorrow.

Joe Fazio
(brief renderings) Joe Fazio

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Where Is The Poem Today? / Does It Matter?


Where is the poem today?
Why does it matter?
Write and write and write
And be forgotten anyway.
Where is the poem today
Something small and beautiful
A light for someone else
Some joy given by words in their dancing?
Where is the poem today?
A little light for someone else
A bit of hope for myself.
Shalom Freedman

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Here today,
gone tomorrow.
Written down
in tons of books.
Spreading word,
about the past,
to make sure
that the past has past.
Trying not to let the future
see the horrors of today
or yesterday.
Trying to prevent the same
mistakes that happened yesterday
from becoming the mistakes
of the future starting today.
What's done is done
what's past is past
Today is a gift,
tomorrow a mystery,
and yesterday
is already history
Carmela Kazmier

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Today is not a good day to talk
Today is not a good day to laugh
Today is not a good day for you to ask me
To do any favors
Because today I just can't deliver them
Aldo Kraas

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