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Poems On / About TODAY  11/28/2015 8:49:48 AM
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Even Though Your Gone I Saw You Today

Even though your gone; i saw you today
i saw you in my memories, memories so far away

Even though your gone, i saw you today; i saw you in my heart
my heart thats broken in peices

Even though your gone; i saw you today, i saw you in my dreams
those sweet bitter dreams

Even though your gone; i saw you today, i saw you in a picture,
the only thing i have left of you.

i dont know where you are, but i see you.
you will always be a part of me.
rhynik hallow

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The New

Today new
Tommrow old...
Yesterday new
Today old...
Tommrow new
Today old
Yesterday old
Today new....
If anything
Each and
otteri selvakumar

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Today Is A Day Of Healing

Yesterday, a bird outside my window could not fly
Today, the bird tried again, and flew high into the sky
Perhaps time is one of life's miracles
Time seems to help those who preserve and care.

Today I saw a world of beauty, and a heart of feeling
A fragrance in the air, today is a day of healing
I sighed, as a white cloud floated by so bold
Shall I help someone in, out of the cold?

Yesteryear, my world was lying covered with snow
Today the sun will shine, and fill my world with glow
Should I call a friend, that is feeling low?
Today is a day of healing, I just know.
Ludema Mills Garza

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If Tomorrow

if tomorrow becomes your last day,
dont worry,
you have today.

if tomorrow you see no sunrise,
dont worry
you saw it today.

if tomorow you have no word,
dont worry
you have thousands today.

if tomorrow is your last breath,
dont worry
you have hundreds today.

if tomorrow there's no tomorrow
dont worry
you have your life today.
ritu gangele

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