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Poems On / About TODAY  7/26/2016 8:48:28 PM
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yesrterdays life was not so good.
yesterdays time will be no more.
yesterday is just a bad memory.
but todays life will be good
todays time will go by.
todays past will be a good memory.
tiffany isturis

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God Is Going To Perform Blessings In Many People's Lives

God is going to perform blessings in many people's lives today
That all the people will see their lives changed for once today
Because if they are ill they will be cure today forever
And if they are lonely God will tell them that they have him
But if they are poor God will offer than a job so that they can work and Earn some money and be a responsible citizen of this country
Aldo Kraas

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Who Am I Today

Who am I today
Not that monster of many years ago
Who am I today
Not that healthy young men
Who am I today
Not that skiny and handsome men
Aldo Kraas

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May 6,2003

I believe thing and life situations would work out a lot
differently today May 6,2003
If some people would admit I'm a player and do it today May 6.2003
In my own MIND!
at least that's vibe thy are sending out today May 6,2003
Sylvia Loven Carter

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