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Poems On / About TODAY  7/26/2014 12:05:50 AM
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Today and not today
Maybe tomorrow if it's okay.
I'm already tired
from doing what's required.

My heart is now full of spite,
Cause things didn't turned out right.
There was a lot of mistakes made,
None of them will soon fade.

Today and not today,
Come tomorrow, come what may.
Yesterday is just a heartbeat away,
and the past is always here to stay.
John Paul Ang

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Would-Be Birthday

Today is your would-be birthday
You would be 23 today
but you aren't here.
You would be living a life
worthy of your legend.
You would be listening to me
tell you I love you
and that we've only got one more year to wait.
Today is your would-be birthday
You woulda been
coulda been
so much more.
But it's only your would-be birthday
You would be 23 today
but you aren't here.
Aimee Rozen

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My Baby

Today has been

The greatest day of my life

For today is the day

I bring home my new baby

My baby is happy

She is very glad to be home

She is filled with much laughter

And shows great joy in her smile

My baby loves me dearly

She shows it with all her heart

She places her hand upon my chest

Which is her way of showing me her best

My baby loves other people

Shes a very friendly child

She tries to talk, tries to chatter

But nothing seems to come out

Today I brought home my baby

And my baby is actually me

I opened myself up today

And realized who I really want to be
Mowie DeCorp

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3 days

Yesterday you were a friend
Yesterday you became a lover
Yesterday we couldn't pretend
Yesterday it was time to discover.

Today you didn't speak
Today you love someone
Today my chances seem bleak
Today I have been out done.

Tomorrow you're with him
Tomorrow I'm lying on the floor
Tomorrow my chances seem slim
Tomorrow im begging,
Don't go out that door.
Robert Trew

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