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Best Poems About / On TOGETHER
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One Last Time

If I asked you to a dance one last time would you go ~~ If I asked you to hold my hand one last time would you ~~ Would you end all this pain and hurt in my heart ~~ Or just walk away ~~ Knowing that falling is easy ~~ Getting back up is the problem ~~ To hear your footsteps fade away brings more pain and hurt ~~ My head starts to spin as I think about what you said ~~ My knee’s start to give ~~ As I think about all the memories we had together ~~ But we can work this out ~~ Taking each other in our arms ~~ Knowing were stronger together ~~ We can work out our differences ~~ Now we can see the silver lining in just about everything ~~ I’m glad you gave me a chance ~~ Through thick and thin ~~ The fights and arguments ~~ I will always be there ~~ Waiting for you ~~ Because of how much I love you ~~ Yeah we may be young and stupid at times ~~ But us being together ~~ Can make things right again ~~ I’ll say these things one last time ~~ I will always love you ~~ I’ll wait for you ~~ Because of how much I love you.
Marla Smith

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together forever will always be through good and bad
for you and me, when your down ill always be there through bad and good i will always care. friend mean together and noting will interfair because best friend close is always near...together we will stand and fall but at the end we will be friend though it all.
pamela jarrett

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Bright Light.

My bright light went out before me, she left me in the dark. She said she’d never leave me, that we would never part. I know she had to go, I knew she couldn‘t stay, but she could have waited for a while, before she went her way. It could have been much longer, or even just a while, for just to see her smile once more, would have made it all worth while. I might have been contented, I’m not sure if that is true. Am I being selfish, or is this what Love will do? It might be that I’m just a man, but never would I thought, that this dear life before me, would be so cruelly short.

I know I must keep on grieving, I can’t say when this will end, it might be that I’m waiting, to meet my Love again. So if I should suddenly be taken, don’t pity me at all, just think that I’m sleeping, whilst waiting to be called. To find my Love before me, hands cupped about my face. It's then we’ll cry together, for the new joy that will bring, the happiness that escaped us, when her dear life did end.

We will be back together of that I am quite sure. It’s not the uncertainty that scares me, but the distant that’s for sure. My time can’t be much longer, for my baby there to wait, I know she wouldn’t want this, I’m sure she’d rather wait. I had no say in her leaving, so I know that she won’t mind, I don’t think she’s complaining, because she left my Love behind.

I’m angry at this moment, this was not within our plans. I’m sure that she’ll forgive me, as she often knew my scorn, never was it abusive, never was it for long. I could not stay this angry, not with one so fair, be dammed if I could understand, how others didn’t care. I know that she is resting, from all her troubles here. When I finally meet her, my grief for her I’ll tell and also of the many tears, that fell and fell and fell. This will be as nothing, for I am with my Love again. Then when we back together, like we’ve never been apart, it's in that moment of pure pleasure, she’ll surly know my heart.

So rest my darling angel, soon sleep no more will be and in the celebration of our Love, that was always meant to be, we’ll sing our song together, as we walk along our way, no more will we be hurting, all pain has gone away. When next we meet my darling, I know this time for good, we’ll share our life together, as we always would. I think the time before us will stretch beyond our view, no boundaries will we ever see. For the time we’ll have together will go on endlessly.
Steve Ricketts

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Creaking Rocking Chair

Fifty years together a love we've had to share. We've gone from sweet eighteen to a creaking rocking chair. In all this time together we've weathered every storm. And every night for fifty years, you have kept me warm. The past is now behind us, all it can do is remind us, of the wonderful things that bind us, you and I. Our hearts will always see, I love you and you love me. That's the way it's going to be until we die. Fifty years together a love we've had to share. We've gone from sweet eighteen to a creaking rocking chair.
floyd thomas

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