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Poems On / About TOGETHER  7/10/2014 9:10:01 AM
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so rare
how that smiles gathered together
so cool,
how we all become and stay together.

With these different ours and yours
Becomes one
Together, we gathered
We have never been the same but
Can we stay forever?

- inspired by a picture with my bestfriends..
reina Lorenzo

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we hang out with different crowds
we don't like the same things
we're on different ends of the planet
our diffeerences attracting eachother
combinding us together
never thinking our differences would attract
soon becoming together unable to seprate
thinking of never being together
now were together
thinking we'll never be apart
splitting and seperating would feel like death
like you're stabbing us and ripping us to bits
never thinking of attracting now we're together
amazing on how our differences attract
once doubtful
now over wellemed
Erica Olson

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That Awkward Moment

Together we walk,
hand in hand,
together we smile,
ain't love grand,
I give him a kiss,
he is my man,
this is fluid,
together hand in hand

Together we go,
down town to a fair,
other boys walk past,
the sun in their hair,
My baby plays on machines,
and wins me a toy,
together we stand,
me and my boy

down at the beach,
we watch people catch waves,
he's not into me i know,
by the way he behaves,
a boy takes off his shirt,
i grip my toy,
the awkward moment when,
we both check out the same boy...
Jess Terry

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Promise together

you have my heart and i have yours
i dream about you and you dream about me too.

promise me will stay together
promise me will be together forever.

tell me that you love me
tell me that you need me

but most of all promise me.

promise me will always be together.

lets always be together forever

i need you and i think you need me too.

we love eachother while we care for one another

so promise me will always be together
kanako izumkui

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Poems On / About TOGETHER