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Poems On / About TOGETHER  11/22/2014 8:06:40 AM
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Relationship Blueprint

We eat together we sleep together
We be together We live together
I love you, you love me will we share forever
Your messy I'm immature will we last together
We argue and hurt each other will it get better
I think it can if we put in some work
I should listing more and stop acting like a jerk
And you should stop holding secrets
sometimes in relationships having love is just not enough
If your really in love you got to pay attention and do extra stuff
You got to remember love is like a two way street
You could get hurt in the street if you don't look both ways
That mean you are not only one who can play games
Jaycee Wilkerson

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We Gather Together...

We Gather Together...

We gather together...
...for there is strength in your name

We gather together...
...to rekindle the flame

We gather together...
...Your kingdom we claim

We gather together...
...Your words we proclaim

15 Jan 2008
JoJo Bean

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Fire of desire

Last night with you
we lit together
the fire of desire

last night with you
we intertwined together
for the mission of love

last night with you
we succumbed together
the union of passion

last night with you
we entered together
a new pulsing space

last night together
in this universe
there was only

Lonely Voyager

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Together We Cry

Together we cry.
together we shed our tears
of all the years
we left behind.
they would think we were blind
not knowing what had gone away
all the sh*t,
were done.
we said goodbye.
together we cry.
together we shed our tears.
we are finally together
after all this time.
were here,
right where we belonged.
forever gone

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Poems On / About TOGETHER