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Best Poems About / On TOGETHER
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Invocation To Kun, The Receptive

It’s not easy to address you. There is so much going on within you, yet you present no form. You are the ground under the feet of things. You are not just a neutral featureless groundstuff. Any ground from which things emerge must be fertile. Being fertile means that you have secrets of internal circulation. You have tendrilled rootlets, you have a tangle of fibers like a blanket of horsehair felt. You have interlocking metabolic cycles; you balance thousands of enzyme reactions in homeostasis. How can I start telling about what has already been accomplished- -all the things we take as given when we make our departures? You are not some homogenous, dark, passive stuff. You differ according to the platform that has been achieved. You are a quilt made with a hundred patches of cloth, but in sleep we only feel your warmth. You differ in all your ways of mothering us. Sometimes you are the formal matrix, where we solve the new formula or postulate an elegant theorem. When we understand the new theorem, we see it was built into your matrix of rules from the start. Sometimes you enclose us in your incubation chamber, feeding our embryonic ferment with your richness, and isolating us from the storms and shocks outside. When we stay too long, this is not always good for us.
You are as busy inside as the snow on a television screen. But your snow is not seen, because all the dots follow each other within you. You have completed the community of your inner agents; you have tied the strands of flow together; you have joined the knots into a carpet for our feet.
You exist as the celtic knot of living fabric. The moment when your labyrinth came together must have been accompanied by a breakthrough of light, but we cannot see past your “darkness”.
In one of its wonderfully elliptical insights, the Book of Changes characterizes you as something “simple” that “clumps together”. This simplicity means you are so well woven we come along and simply use you as a fabric. You “clump together” because integration is what you eternally offer.
The macramι knot of life could not have been tied easily. Normally, in our flashy, fleshly theater of consciousness, we see only a few strands getting tied together. In our theory of evolution, we say they got tied together incrementally because they were of use to each other. But the basic metabolism of life is made of thousands of strands. Each strand is an enzyme cycle- -a feedback loop that takes energy from metabolites or builds a protein. Each strand depends on the others, but if the loops had not been closed, their incomplete cycles would have been useless to the others. It’s not something that happened by gradual improvements. Once they were tied together, they became reliable germ plasm for the phylogenetic tree. The coalescence of cellular protoplasm is the hidden prelude to the panoply of evolution that fills niches and expresses a myriad forms. What a flash of light must have accompanied the moment when it came together! So some would say that the living fabric was conceived by Qian the Creative. But looking further toward the source, below that flash of light, what a deep matrix of concentration had to have been accomplished to let Nature’s insight flash forth! Below every breakthrough there is a deep Kun matrix of samadhi. Samadhi is the intuitive, preparatory weaving that conceives the actual interweaving of threads.
And there is no limit to how deep that samadhi-concentration goes. Below the integration of an individual mind is Nature’s integration that allows intelligent beings to arise. And below that is the great samadhi of the universe that conceived the laws of matter.
The substrate of matter is not a grab-bag of neutral building blocks: it is full of countless enabling tricks. The interlocking scheme of elements was a breakthrough that paved the way for emergence of life. While the laws of matter were being conceived, there must have been a very deep level of enmeshing. The vacuum of space is filled with energy fluctuations that appear to cancel each other out. According to string theorists, it took thousands of levels of integration to get from strings to matter. Symmetry built upon super-symmetry, until a singularity came and hatched matter out of sheer energy and mathematics. But from the perspective of Kun, the deep samadhi of world-nurturing is eternal, without beginning or end, regardless of any abrupt leaps into history. Kun always goes further down, preparing the Way, not just for the next breakthrough, but for all future breakthroughs!
Of course, we cannot get close to appreciating what Kun has done. We watch the work of nurturance from way up here on our high platforms of the world-tree. We feel the limbs rocking in a storm. We cannot see very far down. Mostly we feel her in our nurturing bonds, in our community. But now we see Her being interrupted and chopped up by constant new developments, because things are cooking up now on our platform. We play along with the breakthrough, the flash, the happening. Our consciousness is tuned to detect the 1% change against the steady 99% backdrop. But always, and at whatever level, Kun is there knitting transient things together, laying the groundwork for something that will weather the changes, preparing a seedbed for breakthroughs that won’t exhaust themselves on their first try.
Denis Mair

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Synchronized Heartbeats

Just like a poem, with a
simple rhyme, our hearts
beat together in synchronized
time. Like a scheduled
train going down the line,
we move together in
synchronized time.

Together we laugh.
Together we sleep.
Our hearts beat together,
in synchronized beats.

Synchronized Heartbeats,
synchronized time.
Together we live,
together we die.
Jamal Brown

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Where Is My Spring Season.

Aplenty to talk together,
aplenty to share together,
aplenty to cry together,
aplenty to laugh together.

Aplenty to walk together,
holding our hands together;
aplenty to watch together,
the Spring season coming.

Aplenty everything aplenty,
not one and two, but three, four,
mobiles, facebook, skype, gmail,
not a soul on the other side.

Aplenty a lot everything,
aplenty a lot to talk,
aplenty a lot to laugh,
but Where is my spring season.
Bhupesh Balakrishnan

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Jumping Rope

We are jumping rope together
we are jumping rope together
unwinding naughty knots of tether
we are jumping rope together

We are jumping rope together
we are skipping beats together
pouting panting chasing chants
unraveling rigid wraps to sever

We are jumping rope together
we are jumping rope together
jointly jogging jagged breath
suddenly we

Gadooks (online 2006)

copyright Randy Resh 2006

video by poemhunter.com is non-credited & unauthorized
Randy Resh

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