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Poems On / About TOGETHER  10/24/2014 7:42:50 AM
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We go together

We go together like bees goes together with honey
Like milk and cookies
We go together like a drummer and his drums
Like a pen finds paper
Lets just face it we go together

Your my bee and im your honey
Your pen and im your paper
Your my rockstar and im your fan
Your my oreos and im your milk
Lets just face it we belong together
Misty moon

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Always and Forever

Everything is right in the world
You and me are back together
Together always and forever
I could never ask for anything better
Not everyone may feel the same
All we need in the world is eachother
Lets run away together
Together always and forever
There is nothing anyone can do
The love we have will keep us
Together always and forever
Ashley Wakefield

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we hang out with different crowds
we don't like the same things
we're on different ends of the planet
our diffeerences attracting eachother
combinding us together
never thinking our differences would attract
soon becoming together unable to seprate
thinking of never being together
now were together
thinking we'll never be apart
splitting and seperating would feel like death
like you're stabbing us and ripping us to bits
never thinking of attracting now we're together
amazing on how our differences attract
once doubtful
now over wellemed
Erica Olson

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We sat together in the chill of a desert night
dreaming of the days to come
as we heard the call of the wild
bringing us closer to home tonight
Staring up at a star lite sky
hearts warmed like the comfort of a child
with the nightmares gone
like Angels together we would fly

Letting go the pains of yesterday
each knowing the exact words to say
waiting together for a new dawn
and what together we would become

Tears now that are forever left behind
forgotten in the joys of tomorrow
drowning away the sadness and sorrow
in what together we would find
Spiritwind 2013
Spiritwind Wood

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Poems On / About TOGETHER