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Short Story

That my girlfriend friend. Tanx for that pinky i apretiate it, she was'nt going to forgive me for that, that was syabςnga the short charming guy, middle class and always holding that sense of humour.he lyk to share stories with people, his lyf is bound to b dificult but no one knws that more than his diary.pinky is the most friend of his girlfriend cindy, he has knwn sindy for always b ther for him to support him if they is been a conflict between him and sindy.she is good for knwing wht sya hav to do 2 fix his relation. They spend a much tym lough together sharing jokes, talking about lyf.Pinky seems to be unpredectble whn it cums to own her love lyf. Although they ar all at the 1990's of born but it look lyk their ar younger than that, they don't take lyf too seriously. Surely sya doesnt knw much abt pinky.his lyf and love is taken by cindy, and cindy does love him a lot...what is very strange is that cindy lyk to share every moment they have with sya to her friends even if sya is around, that when he realise that him and sindy their ar also big fan and friends of each other.they spend enough tym together since their ar in varsity it all around them to decide whether they will spend the nyt together or nt. Pinky is nt just heal sya ςnly but both of them with cindy. Sindy usualy tell pinky everythng and sya also what also weird is that pinky does'nt share anythng serious of her with them. What is beautiful is that whn cindy and sya ar together with pinky they becum friends nt lovers.sya we ar hungry me and my friend that pinky to sya as usually if she is hungry...sya reply by going trough his pocket and grap R100 to his girlfriend... Iam also hungry love bring more food, you going to buy it at spar.No! Baby we all going to the mall, iwant to go with you what if they comes the boys walking alone leaving my love here lets go together bby please. Thats moment took place when pink was out for pee. Pinky we ar going to buy somethng to eat, we wil be bck soon friend ok, that sya with a nyce smile as usually. Be fast iam hungry here and going to die she laughed.in the way going to mall sindy and her love are talking about pinky. ' ilike my friend she is cool i enjoy being with her all the time that cindy. Sya watches her girlfrnd straight in the eye and smile this what he said' cindy everythng of urz is mine and ill b behind you surppoting u, iam in love with all ur problems and happiness. But iam here to make u happy, and once you are happy iam happy, you dreams ar my demands, what i mean is that i like ur friends. They stopped for awhile and holds hands. Usual sya dςn't want to show to sindy that he always get advice from pinky and also cindy dont want to tell that but they both believe in what pinky have to advice them abt their love but nt together sepparatly.anyway they got acommon thing together they all love for real and deepest sacrifices.they go out for dinner and having fun in beach but they wont left pinky.it was friday night whn sindy and pinky whr together talking about sya while he was in his house trying to clean it. Sindy was talking very seriously ' pinky my friend do you think iam doing enough to show hw much i love sya... Do you knw what my friend sya is urz and nobody can take him from you, you belong together. Is that iam afraid what if they take him away from me iwill loose afriend, alover, asister, a parent, amentor, a tutor, a teacher that will mean all my lyf. Don't be a fraid sindy sya loves you very much, he will never let you go, Iknw i can see that in his eyes and toungue.he is a smart guy he wςn't do that, how do you knw that pinky, sindy ask with wondering face. Iknw him have you ever heard him talking about somethng else when it nt you. He always impress you when he talks or do whatever he is doing, wμch means he want to be always attracted to u. yeah i do undertand my friend but which means i have to stay attracting to hm too.? Yeah friend that can work but dςn't push it far it can mess thing up. What you mean.? I mean you ar in a good position, he may think you want to attract other boys.that was distabe by sya knocking in the pinks room.. Hello friends and my love sya saluting to them, hey sya how ar you, whr hav you been.? that pink Iwas in my house trying to make it look clean since me and my girlfriend we will be hanging ther tonight..without waiting for him to finish cindy just say wow that gr8 news do you mic to be with her aln now? Ofcoz sindy sya reply with sexy eyes. Iwish that night will cum to me too, that smilling pinky she is a normal typical gal, who is real nyce and friendly.but the only thing you wont understand is that she never talk about her lover. She was left alone in his alςne when cindy and sya are gone to syas place. She was thinking and talking alone.yoh they think iam a fool, they don't knw that iam their relatiςnshp, without me they will never ever make it together, iam going to show them who is the boss in this relationship they got. She pick up her phςne a make a phone call. Obvious she was calling sya. Sya shocked Hello pink what wrong it 00.00 mid nyt nw what going on With an insecure voice' Sya they is somethng in this house i can't sleep... It lyk i've touch by the ghost, iam scared i cant sleep..sya didnt even get dressed they way he was shocked with, with a sleeping short and a vest same time and take a lift to 5th floor cuming from 2nd floor, he left sindy sleeping in his room.when he reaches pinks room he started by hugging her.. He asked what real
Goodenough Sakhile Dlamini

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Birds of the same feather flock together
Natures of the same kind bunch together
Roots of the forest trees hug together
Children of the same age hang together
Matters of like nature blend together
Matters of opposed nature bond together
Animals of opposite sex bond together
Minds of same kind band together, and
A huge heart holds all things together
When power of inner love pull together
Never ever least possessed by any fear
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Tushar Ray

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Together We Will...

Together we can weed out corruption,
Together we can put an end to racial discrimination.
Together we can fight against terrorism.
Together we can wage a war against child labour.

Together we can root out the dowry menace.
Together we can stop red tapism.
Together we can say NO to alcohol, drugs and tobacco.
Together we can bid goodbye to deceit, greed and falsehood.

Together we can respect our environment.
Together we can get rid of pollution.
Together we can prevent global warming.
Together we can preserve our dear planet.

Together we can follow the only religion of Humanity.
Together we can embrace Honesty, Truth and Non-violence.
Together we can celebrate Fraternity, Freedom and Justice.
Together we WILL live as ONE great nation.

06 June 2010
4: 40 pm
Gita Ashok

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Together We Live.

Watching the sunset, on the beach, forever in love, our hearts will teach. One thing, I'd like to give, is ths poem, together we live. without you, at my side, causes this feeling, I cannot hide. The glistening waves, and stars in the sky, reminds me of you, and the sparkle in your eyes. Together we live, and strong will we stand, running our toes, through the soft beach sand. Holding each other, warm and close, is like a medicine, without the dose. Together we live. Sadness is gone, because we learned to share, to take the time, to be concerned and care. now our life, is one big smile, together we live, for a loving long while. On a special day, and you cannot give, just remember in your heart, Together we live..
William Breland

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