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Poems On / About TOGETHER  5/24/2016 2:56:20 AM
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Together We Live.

Watching the sunset, on the beach, forever in love, our hearts will teach. One thing, I'd like to give, is ths poem, together we live. without you, at my side, causes this feeling, I cannot hide. The glistening waves, and stars in the sky, reminds me of you, and the sparkle in your eyes. Together we live, and strong will we stand, running our toes, through the soft beach sand. Holding each other, warm and close, is like a medicine, without the dose. Together we live. Sadness is gone, because we learned to share, to take the time, to be concerned and care. now our life, is one big smile, together we live, for a loving long while. On a special day, and you cannot give, just remember in your heart, Together we live..
William Breland

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The Art Of Writing

Gotta start somedamnwhere...
Put together letters to create words, put together words to Create sentences, put together sentences to create thoughts, Put together thoughts to create emotions, put together emotions To create ANYTHING YOU WANT!
Catherine Hendry

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Birds of the same feather flock together
Natures of the same kind bunch together
Roots of the forest trees hug together
Children of the same age hang together
Matters of like nature blend together
Matters of opposed nature bond together
Animals of opposite sex bond together
Minds of same kind band together, and
A huge heart holds all things together
When power of inner love pull together
Never ever least possessed by any fear
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Tushar Ray

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Immortal Lovers

As long as we smile; I promise you that we will both smile together; profoundly admiring the glory of the stupendously brilliant Sun,

As long as we play; I promise you that we will both play together; poking each other innocuously in the tender ribs,

As long as we eat; I promise you that we will both eat meals together; masticating a basket replete with succulent cherries with gay abandon and unprecedented relish,

As long as we rest; I promise you that we will both rest together; entwining our arms invincibly and stare unrelentingly at the pearly island of Moon,

As long as we run; I promise you that we will both run together; exuberantly galloping through the verdant countryside; voraciously exploring and discovering the
unfathomably colossal Natural life,

As long as we punch; I promise you that we will both punch together; caressing silken draughts of air with tons of vibrant energy; exhilarating in the aisles of
uncanny excitement,

As long as we write; I promise you that we will both write together; flooding page after page with the essence of whatever we had sagaciously imbibed and gathered on the trajectory of this planet,

As long as we sing; I promise you that we will both sing together; permeating the gloomy ambience; with the enthrallingly buoyant cadence in our voice,

As long as we dance; I promise you that we will both dance together; violently gyrating our bodies in ecstatic jubilation to the hidden tunes that lingered in the air,

As long as we study; I promise you that we will both study together; memorize cumbersome stanzas; solve mind boggling enigmas of routine life; with our minds
focused single focusedly to achieve our sole mission,

As long as we cry; I promise you that we will both cry together; mutually sharing the unsurpassable agony that uncouthly besieged our souls,

As long as we scream; I promise you that we will both scream together; inundating the perennially still ambience with the stringent roar that fulminated in our throats,

As long as we teach; I promise you that we will both teach together; unequivocally propagating the religion of humanity in whomsoever we encountered in the
tenure of our lives,

As long as we yawn; I promise you that we will both yawn together; lazily languish in the realms of surreal fantasy till the first rays of ethereal dawn furtively crept up from the sky,

As long as we lick; I promise you that we will both lick together; greedily slurping sparkling streams of water from the boundlessly deep well,

As long as we climb; I promise you that we will both climb together; assiduously clamber up the treacherous slopes with our bodies leaning stunningly close to
each other; and the resplendent festoon of stars maneuvering us towards the incomprehensibly towering summits,

As long as we dream; I promise you that we will both dream together; fantasize the most bizarre possible of things ever perceived on this planet; philander every
second into a garden overwhelmed with poignantly scented roses,

As long as we joke; I promise you that we will both joke together; erupting into a volley of tangy laughter which voluptuously struck the air,

As long as we breathe; I promise you that we will both breathe together; inhale blissful wind; incessantly deluging our lungs with all the fresh breath that we
could salvage from the atmosphere,

And as long as we take birth on this soil; I promise you that we will both take birth together; continue to exist as immortal lovers not only in this birth; but for many more births together.
Nikhil Parekh

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