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Poems On / About TOGETHER  2/10/2016 2:01:42 PM
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Together We Will...

Together we can weed out corruption,
Together we can put an end to racial discrimination.
Together we can fight against terrorism.
Together we can wage a war against child labour.

Together we can root out the dowry menace.
Together we can stop red tapism.
Together we can say NO to alcohol, drugs and tobacco.
Together we can bid goodbye to deceit, greed and falsehood.

Together we can respect our environment.
Together we can get rid of pollution.
Together we can prevent global warming.
Together we can preserve our dear planet.

Together we can follow the only religion of Humanity.
Together we can embrace Honesty, Truth and Non-violence.
Together we can celebrate Fraternity, Freedom and Justice.
Together we WILL live as ONE great nation.

06 June 2010
4: 40 pm
Gita Ashok

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Together We Live.

Watching the sunset, on the beach, forever in love, our hearts will teach. One thing, I'd like to give, is ths poem, together we live. without you, at my side, causes this feeling, I cannot hide. The glistening waves, and stars in the sky, reminds me of you, and the sparkle in your eyes. Together we live, and strong will we stand, running our toes, through the soft beach sand. Holding each other, warm and close, is like a medicine, without the dose. Together we live. Sadness is gone, because we learned to share, to take the time, to be concerned and care. now our life, is one big smile, together we live, for a loving long while. On a special day, and you cannot give, just remember in your heart, Together we live..
William Breland

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The Art Of Writing

Gotta start somedamnwhere...
Put together letters to create words, put together words to Create sentences, put together sentences to create thoughts, Put together thoughts to create emotions, put together emotions To create ANYTHING YOU WANT!
Catherine Hendry

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Birds of the same feather flock together
Natures of the same kind bunch together
Roots of the forest trees hug together
Children of the same age hang together
Matters of like nature blend together
Matters of opposed nature bond together
Animals of opposite sex bond together
Minds of same kind band together, and
A huge heart holds all things together
When power of inner love pull together
Never ever least possessed by any fear
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Tushar Ray

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