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Poems On / About TOGETHER  2/1/2015 1:41:07 PM
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Layer my life upon sediments of rust
Among my friends, among the rest
Together, viewed; together we are.
Together, viewed; together we are.
jonah gustafson

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together through thick and thin
together till the end
nothing can come between
im sure you know what i mean
from the first time you said hi
i felt my heart begin to fly
and the fact that your around
i find it hard just to frown
as your with me for a while
all i can give is a smile
as you leave to go home
i began to feel all alone
but i know it's not for long
though to me it's a sad sad song
together we'll be together we'll stay
that is all i want you to say
Heather Williams

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But we go to a horse ride

Go together for a horse ride
we will meet our fate there
we will one without the other never go
bond together for this ride
No treaty to our border land
No treaty for our power share
No treaty for our water share

we know our rivers
Know rivers tell our past
Flow that made better dear
together we bathed here
and singing of Yamuna
where lies our
Bappu the love...
we know where all rivers flow
All leads to ocean
But not break the path
and it run for nation
and it run to horizon of hope
but we go together for a horse ride
Thampi KEE

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Christmas All The Time

Another end of year has come,
Gifts was prepared,
Joyful is in the air,
It's happy all the time.
Family gathered at home,
Enjoying all the time together,
Having supper together,
Having joyful together.
Well it's christmas time anyway,
Let's have joyful together,
Waiting for the born of Jesus Christ,
In the night of Christmas.
Merry Christmas guys
Marlon Irwan Ranti

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Poems On / About TOGETHER