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Poems On / About TOGETHER  5/30/2016 3:19:49 PM
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Your Body So Fine

your body so fine about time i have been wondering, wondering about the things we will do when we are together hopefully we'll be together for ever so spread your wings and fly away then you'll be gone for the rest of the day, but thats not how i want it to be see you and me got this connection, this connection every time, every time i see you, you just make my day then when i lay down at night thinking of whats going to happen but for now i will just think of you, think of you in my arms and only you because you are the only one for me.
dustiney sharkey

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Sinful Obsession

We do things together but we just tell people lies and say were just friends but in our sick and twisted minds we know that's a lie i love the taste, smell of her our secret sinful obsession we have together always and forever my love
Pointless Sixx

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Love Poem

Come, Let us roam the night together dace. I love you. Across. The Houston area moon is shining night sky is blue. Stars are great dropp of golden dew. Down the street a band is playing. I love you. Come. Let us stroll together singing and dace. I love you.
Shontonius Bell

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Forever Together

I'm urs ur mine u smile sun shines u cry skies whine ur so sweet u make my heart beat one kiss felt so bliss Ur my everything my sweet love when Wer together I feel so above we been together for 3month baby from making big mistakes u have saved me I love you more then ever! And to does other girls hasta la vista alligator
Mibsar Mejia

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Poems On / About TOGETHER